Keep your head up!

Jonah Nyoni

HOW do you strive in hard times? How do you keep your head above water? Zimbabwe is going through an abnormal situation. The current problems make one question their faith. They make the confidence in one to grow lukewarm. In such a situation, we still need to rise and become better.


Winston Churchill once said: “Kites rise highest against the wind — not with it.” It has been said only dead fish flow with the tide. When we strive for success, challenges are inevitable. But we should face them head-on as my poem below would say:

Don’t give up!
Strive your way up!
The force of gravity
May try to pull you down
But cry in bravery
Don’t be vexed
But be blessed
Because as always, dawn
Yes, I say dawn
Will break
To be blossomed
By that bright, breezy day
Adorned, infused, enthused and decorated

By a pearl-like opalescence
Rippled in waves of iridescence
And your rapture will rise
And you will feel a tingle-like sensation
Tailoring down your spine
And melting your bones
As if you took a chill pill
No! I say NO!
Only because I know
That the storm rolls in
For you to come out
Strong, with triceps
Tough like teak
And biceps bulging
And better for bigger burdens
Strive your way up!
So as to enjoy the grotto- coolness
Of your golden cave
Don’t stop to pave
Swim against that wave
And you will be on the crest!

There are tough seasons that everyone goes through. Every dry season has its significance. In most cases, such times prune our bad character to bring the best out of us. Such times herald the new season that we are about to enter.

When we fail this step, we cannot graduate to the next level. The bad behaviour we cannot conquer when we are in tough times determines how long we stay in the desert.

Your dream will, at one time, make you stand in “the midst of a fiery furnace”. This is good! You have to go through the tough and the rough times.

Elisha Goodman illustrates it so painfully frank: for David to reach the top, there was to be a Goliath. He further said: “Your enemy is as important as your friends. Friends create comfort, while your enemy creates rewards.”

Do you want to be rewarded? Then there has to be a test. Tests, trials and tribulations give birth to testimonies and triumphs.

Storms are unavoidable, but misery (when passing through those storms) is what is optional. In this instance, when things seem gloomy, that is when many people give up, not realising that it is like a woman giving birth. If she stops pushing, the baby may die or be damaged.

Some people have failed in the process, thereby aborting the dream that God intended them for.

For David to be a wise, great and gusto-packed leader, he had to confront a Goliath and face the harsh conditions of being a shepherd boy. He conquered the giant Goliath, so as to become the giant himself.

Do you want to break into the limelight? Kill the Goliath that is menacing in front of you. Whether you are from the sacred or secular world, you will agree with me, that those who are successful in life will tell you that what they dreamt, made then go through some kind of test or trial. For gold to be called pure, it has to go through refinement.

Now, we stand on the edge, with two options to embrace. One option is to abandon your dream in fear of the tests, and the other is to dive into the dream and be refined and find yourself in the history books, standing with the great.

Life; there are two basic people that we have on earth, connotatively, those that dream and those that sleep.

Dreamers are those people who have been branded by society as being ambitious, who love to see things happening and always want to make this world better than they found it; by making their own contributions.

Be an engineer of your own destiny. The dreamer is innovative and creative; the sleeper is imitative and would want to maintain systems, like some managers who have not grasped the power of leadership and change.

There are people who cause action, those who watch action and those who are reeling in confusion. They do not even know what causes action, how it is caused and they do not bother learning how to bring about action.

They specialise in gobbling what others have toiled for. They do not necessarily get positive tests, but they just would want to always taste what others have done. Stand up, face your storms and be a star! Keep your head up!

lJonah Nyoni is an author, success coach and certified leadership/business trainer. He is the author of Inspiration for Success and Success Within Reach. Contact details: Tel: 0772 581 918. Email: Twitter@jonahnyoni.