Chamisa is a typical G40: Mugabe’s party

NATIONAL Patriotic Front (NPF) spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire has sensationally likened the MDC Alliance’s Presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa, to members of Zanu PF’s erstwhile Generation 40 (G40) faction, who were ousted from the ruling party last November.


Speaking during a Zimbabwe Election Support Network political debate yesterday, Mawarire said NPF has thrown its weight behind Chamisa in the coming polls because he perfectly fits the characterisation of the G40 members who now constitute the NPF.

“Deliberately, we are supporting the MDC Alliance, presidential candidate Advocate Nelson Chamisa. Mind you, NPF is coming on the backdrop of a very robust position that was pushed by most of our members when they were in Zanu PF. We are the ones who were pushing for G40 and Nelson Chamisa actually fits the characterisation of the G40,” Mawarire said.
“He is 40 years old, very young and represents the kind of leadership that we are looking forward to, not the 80-year-old crocodile (President Emmerson Mnangagwa) that we see Junta PF (Zanu PF) throwing around.”

After firing its interim president Ambrose Mutinhiri, NPF went on to field only parliamentary and council candidates for the coming election and for the presidential candidate they openly endorsed Chamisa.

The move, however, raised questions with some interpretations highlighting that there is a covert arrangement between the two parties to bring back former First Lady Grace Mugabe, the alleged de facto leader of the NPF, to deputise Chamisa, should he win the presidential polls.

Mawarire, however, dismissed such suggestions as mere “rumours and propaganda”, underlining that NPF’s support for Chamisa was only out of logic.

“Those are not reports, those are rumours and propaganda that are being thrown by Junta PF. It is consistent with how they managed to justify the coup. Every time Junta PF doesn’t have a correct message to send to the people they drag Grace Mugabe into the arena, Dr Mugabe is not part of the NPF,” he said.


  1. Jealous’ choice of Junta Pf seems to suggest that there is real Zanupf which is G40. The question that bothers us is whether NPF or G40 still subscribes to Zanu culture. Fear is that G40 is seeking temporary shelter in the opposition ! so we need to watch out !!

  2. No wonder NEWSDAY hid in its inside pages this revealing report about Chamisa being double-faced and compromised.

  3. Where Grace is, Mugabe is there being tagged along, so this Mawarire should not take us for fools.

  4. I cant believe mawarire actually said “Dr” Mugabe. Rinemanyanga hariputirwri

  5. I can’t believe mawarire actually said “Dr Mugabe”. Rinemanyanga hariputirwri

  6. ko tisu anhu achoo kaaa

  7. Kokerai Chisvo

    NPF dzacho dzambova nganiko …Mutinhuri arikut handidzingwe … wats really going on

  8. Tman zimbabwe

    Mbuya Gire is persuing politics of revenge only. Dreams of ED elimination

  9. kid marongorongo

    Mawarire you are a losing poor party you want to attach yourself to chamisa thinking he is going to win the election so that he may consider you in his cabinet, but you are betting for a sick horse. You are going to be shocked, Chamisa does not even consider you, in case he wins zimbabwe will never be peaceful because all of you are power hungry that’s why you see the former Zanu Pf G40 doesn’t want to relinquish power, Biti and Ncube are also waiting to scramble for cabinet post let alone mwonzora, mudzuri and many others there will be anarchy in Zimbabwe and the military will temporarily take over till you are organised.

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