Devotion: Increase capacity to receive


Now that the wishing season is coming to a close paving way to reality, what are you going to do? During the Christmas and New Year holidays we see so many liars and pretenders; “smallhouse” wishing the mother of the house a “merry” Christmas and a “prosperous” New Year and those that do not really love you, but like your money are wishing you success.

They even give you a calendar, diary and a hamper just to make sure you won’t forget them.

My issue today, however, is not pretence, but now that the storm and hullabaloo of the festive season is over the real and practical life is waiting to be lived. You no longer need fire crackers, but real explosives.

With the list of your resolutions — or are they wishful thinking? — or daydreaming and all those does and don’ts, here is my advice to start the year with hope and end it without disappointment.

When you enter into a new season and dispensation there are things you need to be aware of and address early.

Many of you are trusting God for a better year and God is able to do that. In this two-part series I will presently deal with increasing capacity to receive from God and next week I will handle impediments to receiving from God.

You need to know that God will not grant your desire unless He is satisfied you will be able to handle the blessing. He knows the intent of the heart and is not wasteful to give you beyond your capacity.

The measure of the blessing of God is premised on your capacity to handle and the level of responsibility to manage.

He won’t give you that job, car or house if your motive is paying back by showing off to your detractors or your former boss or landlord or lady.

He won’t give you that car to go out with other men’s wives. If you want that promotion and extra income to get an apartment so that you live alone and have sex at will before marriage, God will close the door until you reform.

Don’t even try to bind the devil, he is not involved, it is the doing of the Lord; He is protecting you. Don’t use God’s blessing for evil.

Faith is the vehicle to receive from God, but above faith is management. When you get that breakthrough and those things, faith will not handle them, but management will.

You need to prove to God that you are mature and capable; He will not allow His name to be brought into disrepute.

By God’s grace and favour, you may get a job that you are not qualified for. After that happens you have to mix your faith with wisdom and acquire the necessary qualifications.

There are so many colleges and universities around including online study programmes. Your prayer therefore should not be just to get a new car, house or to be married, but pray for grace and wisdom to manage.

Your capacity determines what you receive from God. It is easier for God to grant you the desire of your heart than for you to be a faithful and trustworthy steward.

Prune your relationships, offload timewasters and add committed companions. In this season in which many of you are fasting and praying, you don’t need those that tell you to break your fast before time.

If you are expecting to go to a higher level of life look for an opportunity to share a moment with those you aspire to be and get the impartation.

Your toy world is challenged when you face the real world of giants. You would be stretched and your capacity increased.

Many times I meet people that want to be pulled up, but don’t want to leave the comfort of their familiar level and mediocre lifestyle.

If you want to go higher, be prepared to forego your present likes.

Be humble and obedient and accept lifting up — and those that are helping out please do so with a clean heart. I advise all of you to pray through 1 John 2:19 so that God gives you good company:

“They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us. But they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.”

God has to chase away unwanted people and bring in the right ones. Remember, “You are going somewhere.”

All Scripture quotations are from the King James Version of the Bible.

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