Devotion: 2012 – a year of order


As we enter 2012, we need to know what the year has in store in order to tune in and adjust accordingly.

Human nature is so obsessed with knowing the future which is the reason why people engage in evil practices such as following horoscopes, palm reading, visiting witchdoctors and false prophets.

Get the future from the Bible. Correct interpretation of times and acting accordingly gives you success.

The line between success and failure is very thin. Conducting yourself outside your time means your God-ordained purpose will never be realised on earth; do the right thing at the right time.

This week I give you my understanding of the year 2012, the full text of which is available on

2011 was an eventful year both in the corporate body of Christ and the world at large. We witnessed internal strife in churches and many church splits were reported, with some being violent.

Nations experienced civil strife as many uprisings were reported globally, notably in North Africa and the Middle East. Indeed the significance of number 11; that is confusion, disorder, disorganisation, imperfection and disintegration came to reality. However, the year also saw positives.

Many souls were won to the Lord globally and many were delivered and healed by the power of God. Against this backdrop many would want to know what the future holds.

The shakings that occurred in 2011 were good based on how you perceive them. The unsettled state of affairs will give rise to the emergence of the order of God. 2011 revealed what is going to manifest in 2012.

God exists in the realm of eternity/timelessness, but on earth we live in time as supported by Genesis 1:14, “And God said: “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years.”

Our duty is to interpret the signs correctly. The beginning of the year marks a beginning of a time span.

Resolutions, new commitments and agendas which may be kept are made, but unfortunately others fizzle out after failing the test of time. Some of these are prophecies from the Lord while others are mere visions and aspirations for the New Year.

The themes differ from one church or ministry to another. I urge you to stick to the theme of the vision, ministry or church you subscribe to. For more on this, please read, “Of themes and fasting” that I wrote for NewsDay on January 29 2011.

Based on Biblical numerology, 2012 is a year of divine order. Twelve is a perfect number signifying governmental perfection or governmental order.

The number 12 implies structural beginning or foundation of organisation.

The nation of Israel comprised twelve tribes representing a physical type of God’s government on earth.

The twelve apostles were chosen by Christ to serve as the foundation for His Church.

I therefore proffer that as our solar system enters the year 2012, it is now in symmetry to manifest the governmental order of God on earth.

It is my hope that there will be order in the governance of nations, organisations and individual lives.

The starting point is the individual or personal government. Turn away from evil and allow Jesus to be your Lord and Saviour. Christ is shouting (Matthew 11:28-30) loud enough for all to hear saying, “Come unto me.”

Order starts with simple things like combing your hair, brushing your teeth — even if you have one tooth — and making your bed. At municipal and government level, misuse of public funds should cease.

Nepotism, corruption, bribery or kick-backs and fraud should be eradicated. Bureaucracy should be done away with and efficiency embraced.

There should be order at passport offices, border posts and at offices that issue out drivers’ licences.

It is our prayer for order in agriculture, mining, industry and commerce. Nations should begin to exist in peace and tranquillity.

Tribal wars and civil unrest should end. Aggression should cease so nations can live in harmony making the global village habitable. We beseech God to halt natural disasters; earthquakes, floods and droughts.

We have countless intercessors praying and fasting for this to come to pass, but the theme remains mere wishful thinking and will not work in your life unless you embrace it and act on it. The blessing comes by doing what the Word says, not by merely knowing what the Word says.

Remember our motto: “You are going somewhere.” The final picture is not the current circumstances and predicament; you are not stuck where you are. Whatever it is; looking for a spouse, job, college/university place, sick, broke, etc, just say, “I am going somewhere!” I command disorder out of your life in Jesus’ name. All is in order.

All Scripture quotations are from the King James Version of the Bible.

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