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You can’t serve God and mammon


In Matthew 6:24 Jesus unequivocally states that one can’t serve God and money at the same time, but what we see today is a sustained effort by individuals, particularly cult leaders and self-styled prophets, to prove that this is possible.

In the process, many are led astray. Serving God and money is as impossible as living in the north and south poles at the same time.

The irony is that those who pretend to be serving these two antagonistic masters shamelessly display hypocrisy and an insatiable appetite for money and material things.

It is becoming increasingly clear that those who pretend to serve God are not being criticised for being totally immersed in the pursuit of heavenly rewards, shunning worldly things in the process; they are criticised for the opposite.

We have seen people standing on the highest pedestals proclaiming to be serving God, but they have turned out to be nothing other than moneymongers, rapists, exploiters, human traffickers, asset-grabbers and wife-bashers, among other things.

We have seen such people gaining the world and losing their souls, taking thousands of innocent people along with them.

For the love of money, such pretenders have teamed up with politicians to exploit the majority or to perpetuate their suffering. Some have even forced their followers to toe certain political party lines in a bid to protect their ill-gotten wealth.

They have formed unholy alliances with crude politicians who, like them, are obsessed with the singular idea of pursuing mammon.

While such people are always in pursuit of money and its trappings, they want to sell the false idea to many that they can have both the things of God and the things of the world in equal measure.

And they do not want to be questioned about their evil intentions; that is why they rush to make unholy alliances with politicians who provide them with State machinery such as the police and the judiciary so that they continue along their iniquitous path with impunity.

The love of money, as it inevitably does, makes such people dishonest and friendless (as evinced by the numerous acrimonious splits in churches) and makes them take off their clothes and sin, triggering their ungodly propensities to turn them into serious criminals.

What is irksome about these hypocrites is the way they dupe and exploit millions who are innocent.

They feed on the innocent as it were, while lining their pockets. While pretending to be men and women of God, they love no one and nothing except the feel of money in their bottomless pockets.

But the truth will always remain: God and money are opposites and people must stop exploiting others to make money in the name of God.

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