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Tracy Mutinhiri farm invasion just politics


One finds it beguiling that Zanu PF MP for Marondera East and Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Tracy Mutinhiri had to seek police protection from a Zanu PF mob threatening to take over her farm last Saturday.

The Mutinhiri farm invasion is simply a power struggle. A campaign being waged with brutality against so called defiant Zanu PF officials.

This falls short of the notion that the land reform programme was a national programme.

In fact it now seems more of a partisan political programme.

This kind of blind politics exposes Zanu PF officials for what they are: political hyprocrites of the highest order. They do not have the national interest at heart.

Why would they want to take Mutinhiri’s land? If Mutinhiri disagrees with State Security minister Sydney Sekeramayi, as she claims, why should she be dispossessed of her farm?

If the land reform programme is a national programme meant to benefit black Zimbabweans, then why should she be hounded? What land reform are they talking about with regard to Mutinhiri?

So what are suspected war veterans and Zanu PF apparatchiks saying?

This is simply Zanu PF political intolerance against Mutinhiri. It has everything to do with party politics. It is just victimisation, in the same manner that the former ruling party has been victimising MDC parties’ supporters.

So if Zanu PF officials have the guts to hound Mutinhiri, what of those who are not even in their structures?

Zanu PF accuses Tracy Mutinhiri of having voted for Lovemore Moyo, the MDC-T candidate for the Speaker of Parliament post, earlier this year.

But, she has denied the accusations. What we know is the courageous woman is best known for views that have put her at odds with many in Zanu PF, and this time around she had to fend off the threatening mob following allegations she is too close to MDC-T leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

Has she become a victim of Zanu PF’s guided democracy?

One wonders what will happen if these marauding war veterans succeed in scaring her off her farm.

If it is true that Lawrence Katsiru, a zealous party apparatchik who once served time in jail, wants to wrest her Marondera West seat, we can only foresee that victory will be short-lived.

If there is anything that Zanu PF has done with this invasion of Mutinhiri’s farm, it is to decampaign itself by building sympathy around the poor woman who is being used as a pawn in a grand political game within Zanu PF.

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