Spare a thought for Katumba


Former Caps United star Carrington Katumba bade farewell to the world on Monday in rather bizarre circumstances.

Yes, there are family arguments all over, all the time and perhaps, when situations allow, solutions are found and the adage “live happily ever after” lives on.

Katumba had begun training to resurrect his football career and, as a free agent, was on the road to rejoining the team that gave him fame and a bit of fortune.

He did not make it.

There are disturbing reports that there was violence in his home and at some stage, the former Caps player was incarcerated for two weeks after the wife lodged a complaint with the police.

These could have been more serious and alarming signs that things were getting rockier by the day.

This was one unfortunate situation for the Katumba family, one which they had tried to solve for almost two years but yielded no result.

The end was this tragedy that now leaves the wife with the burden of taking care of two children.

On the social front, it shows decay in the value of the African extended family. Where were the uncles, the aunts, the brothers and sisters when the first suicide attempt took place four years ago?

They watched in silence as the marriage was torn into shreds by emotional turmoil and hoped for natural healing which never came. While we cannot cry over spilt milk, we feel sorry for the wife and the children.

More still, for the grandparents who must now play a leading role in making sure the two children are brought up properly and taught life’s values at a tender age.

What is of great concern is that Katumba was only 31 and had a lot more to offer to the beautiful game of football.

There was a chance that he was going to rejoin Caps and maybe play for the Warriors.
On retiring Katumba could have been a good coach but that is now wishful thinking.

It is a talent that has gone down the drain.
There is need for clubs to track their former players and maybe offer assistance.

Katumba’s death could have been avoided if he had good guidance and most importantly sought sanctuary in God.

There are things which are beyond human solutions but need spiritual healing. We urge his family to find solace in God.

It is not the best time for the Katumba and his wife’s relatives to quarrel but find solutions that will safeguard Katumba’s two young children.

The Zimbabwe Football Association and his former club Caps United must ensure his family is well looked after because Katumba served his club and country especially as a youth international.

Zifa must establish a trust that will cater for the needs of our soccer legends’ children.
Rest in peace, Carrington.

And to his parents, there is no other time to show your strength than this in order to make sure the children grow and grow well.