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MDC-T celebrates 11 years


MDC-T will celebrate its 11th anniversary at Gokwe Centre on Saturday under the theme “Our promise for real change,” and the launch the party’s album entitled Timu Hombe.

MDC-T spokesperson Nelson Chamisa said in an interview yesterday the party would also launch its New Zimbabwe Charter and commemorate the death of about 300 party activists and supporters killed since the party’s formation in 1999.

“The theme demonstrates our commitment to achieve the change that Zimbabweans want,” Chamisa said.

“We are in government but we are in government in half a manner. It’s a half-donkey, half-horse situation which is not necessarily what should be.

“Real change is yet to be attained. The change that is there is palliative change. It’s cosmetic change. We should not mistake the half-time oranges for the trophy.”

Chamisa said MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai would deliver the key note address in which he is expected to inform party supporters on progress in the inclusive government, constitution-making process and elections among other things.

He said the party would launch the New Zimbabwe Charter, which covered the party’s core principles.

According to the principles, the party stands for justice, rule of law and security of all citizens; human rights, democracy and freedom; equality and equity; social justice, prosperity and dignity as well as hope and solidarity with the people.

“There will be special poems, special messages and solidarity messages to remember about 300 of our members who were killed since 1999,” Chamisa said.
“We will also have testimonies from survivors.”

The congress will be attended by the party’s leadership, parliamentarians, councillors and party stakeholders such as students, youths, trade unions, church groups, women’s groups and members of the civil society.

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