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Villagers call for strict TV, movie censorship


People attending a Copac outreach meeting in Mashonaland East in Murehwa have demanded strict censorship of television programmes and movies to discourage homosexuality and loose moral behavior.

The contributions came out during a constitution-making outreach meeting held at Pakati Secondary School, in one of the remotest areas of Murehwa, which is an MDC-T stronghold.

The meeting attracted 89 people – 26 men, 33 women, 30 youths and one person with special needs. It was held in a peaceful and free environment where participants openly spoke their minds.

“Films on television should be censored because some of them are not good for the youths and the people of Zimbabwe. Some of these films are
pornographic and promote certain western cultures like homosexuality,” said one old man.

“We want the constitution to demand that women should dress appropriately,” said a female contributor although she did not suggest how women should dress.

On how public finances should be managed, most of the participants said Zimbabwe needed foreign funding.

“We should get funding even from the international community, and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe should stick to its job and not do duties that are outside its mandate,” said a man whose point was supported by several other participants.

“Money from our minerals like diamonds and gold and other natural resources should go to the country’s coffers,” demanded another man.

Villagers said the Minister of Finance should be responsible for working out the country’s budget.

On transitional mechanisms, they said when the Head of State died, a period of four months should not elapse before a replacement was made.

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