Facebook exposes 'gay' gospel artistes


Popular gospel musician Sebastian Magacha is in a same-sex relationship, according to his own Facebook profile.

Last week on February 25 at 12:28pm his status recorded that he had entered into a relationship with another male gospel singer, Gordern Taurai Nzira.

Gordern, who is also a gospel musician well known for his track titled Seiko, had his Facebook status also recording having entered into a relationship with Sebastian on the same date.

“This is a mistake, somebody must have hacked into my account because the day before I had not logged out of the account,” said Sebastian.

Although both of them have since edited their profiles, removing each other’s names from the relationship status, most of their friends had apparently already seen the Facebook profile and read the shocking “revelation”.

They expressed shock at the public declaration of the two men’s love relationship.

One of Sebastian’s friends, Nyari Kamukombe responded to the post saying: “Ah ko wat is this mumwe wangu!?!? Munhu wamwari wats up?!?”

“I only got to know about it when a friend of mine from UK phoned me concerning the issue and I don’t think Godern even knows about it,” he said.

Gospel musicians are known for proclaiming the Christian word of God in their lyrics, propagating Bible teachings that consider homosexuality an abomination.

Another comment coming from one Judy Nyasha stated: “Yohwe iwe SABA ka we need to tok, ndipe ma serious knk.”

These and other comments indicated the shock that the two have caused to their own Facebook friends.

Ever since this revelation, comments about their unusual relationship have come so heavy from many of their Facebook connections that the two curious friends have had to edit their profiles, removing each other’s names.

“I have a girlfriend who’s currently studying in Kenya and we are planning to get married, I definitely am not gay, I will conquer this by God’s grace,” said Magacha.

But even after they changed their status, another friend, Patricia Tendai Pasi commented: “Ya vavhunzwa! Sure people r really anxious, batai hana vanhu.”

“I am going to make a public statement to dismiss this incorrect story for the sake of my fans.

“These hackers destroy people’s lives and I think police should investigate and arrest these lawbreakers,” said Magacha.