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We are a country, not a nation: That must change

Most of the people defending this useless and rogue statement by Charumbira are, unfortunately, also Karanga.
By Brian Sedze Mar. 24, 2023

Which dictatorship do you prefer, CCC or Zanu PF?

The electorate is forced to choose only between Zanu PF and Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC); this must be resisted by those who love democracy.
By Trevor Ncube Mar. 23, 2023

Letter: Chiefs must be apolitical

Hats off to Chief Mathema and many other who uphold the values of chieftainship
By AMH Voices Mar. 20, 2023

‘It started with a side chick’

The wedding, beamed live on the national broadcaster ZBC-TV resembled royalty.
By Problem Masau Mar. 11, 2023

History repeats itself

It is a misnomer that the main airport and some roads in every city are named after him.
By Cyprian M Ndawana Mar. 8, 2023

Less diplomacy, more rage: Why Britain needs a tough foreign policy on Zim

It is no wonder that Zimbabweans responded with questions rather than excitement at what the Zanu PF government propagandised as rapprochement.
By Simukai Tinhu Mar. 8, 2023

Letters: Struggle was not about individuals

Forty-two years after independence, Zimbabwe has lost everything it inherited from an equally repressive Rhodesian white settler regime.
By AMH Voices Mar. 3, 2023

Dearth of statecraft blights new dispensation

Despite attending the famed investment conferences in Davos, Switzerland, your efforts have failed miserably to make the day for investors.
By Cyprian M Ndawana Mar. 1, 2023

Muckracker: It’s all about the youth

Some said these people were being paid to sit all day, much like those pointless security guards at government offices whose job it is to write names in a big book that goes nowhere all year round.
By Muckracker Feb. 24, 2023