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‘Wonder Herb’ that boosts body’s immune system

One day, about three years ago, Israel Muzari, a pastor with a local Pentecostal church was relaxing in his house in Chinhoyi when an idea came into his mind.

One day, about three years ago, Israel Muzari, a pastor with a local Pentecostal church was relaxing in his house in Chinhoyi when an idea came into his mind.


Ropafadzo Mapimhidze

“This thought came in a rather mysterious and peculiar way and I thought of trying it out. It was about a plant which I somehow became convinced could be the answer to treatment of some of ailments like Cancer, Arthritis, HIV and many others that are bedeviling many people in Zimbabwe.

I was convinced that this plant was an immune booster and because HIV for example attacks the immune system, this may just bring relief to those people suffering from these chronic conditions,” said Muzari, who is a church minister based in Australia.

Muzari said the plant is a common one and although he does not suffer from HIV, he started by taking the herb and gave also to other people that had viral and bacterial infections.

“I administered this to a few people living with HIV but discontinued because in my absence there was no one to keep the patients supplied. This was because I was spending most of my time in Australia. One of the people I tried it on was my uncle’s wife who lives in Buhera. I managed to re supply her after a few months’ disruption of supplies”, Muzari said.

“This ambuya of mine’s situation is one of the reasons for my confidence today. She tested negative for HIV after undergoing tests, firstly at a New Start centre in Mutare and later at the clinic where she had always been supplied with ARVs. She had been on ARV treatment since the year 2006 and only tested negative in July 2014,” said Muzari.

Muzari added: “Because of the confidence I was getting due to the good reports of how ambuya was improving I made an effort to give supplies of the herb to three other patients as per request of their relatives and friends whom I had shared the news with. One of them is a lady in Zaka, whose cd4 count had gone as low as 163. She had also been found to be infected with TB. Her cd4 count jumped to 396 in September 2014, after taking the herb for only three months.”

He said that when he visited this woman in Zaka on January 3 this year, he was fascinated and intrigued to hear from her friends and family testimonies of how she was now able to work in the fields with the rest of her family members, feeling as healthy as ever. “Dark skin marks on her body is all that remains to show how badly sick she had been. I believe it’s a matter of time before we hear of more such another testimonies of people testing negative to HIV,” a confident Muzari said.

Muzari, who is a former banker, said that he is not claiming to have found a cure for Aids but says this herb warrants further scientific research.

“We need to pursue this with the help of people with facilities and knowledge of how to go about the processes of scientific research. I have spoken with National Aids Council about these findings but we have not finalized yet,” he said.

The herb which has been now been packaged into capsules are taken for three months without a break and Muzari says that he is confident that these bring relief to a patient and says that all people that have taken these capsules can attest to this. After the three months the herb can be continued without necessarily taking it every day.

Muzari said that at the moment he is supplying a few more people not only suffering from HIV but from other ailments like arthritis and the feedback has been encouraging.

“But like I said earlier on, for Zimbabwe to accept this, we should go through a process of scientific research, something I cannot do alone and hence I am asking for assistance,” he said.

Muzari noted that it is difficult to divulge information about this plant because he fears intellectual property theft.

Intellectual property is a legal term that refers to creations of the mind. Examples of intellectual property include music, literature, and other artistic works; discoveries and inventions; and words, phrases, symbols, and designs.

Under intellectual property laws, owners of intellectual property are granted certain exclusive rights. Some common types of intellectual property rights (IPR) are copyright, patents and industrial design rights; and the rights that protect trademarks, trade dress and in some jurisdictions trade secrets.

In a telephone interview with Ruramai Manatsa of Gaza village of Buhera said that she tested negative after taking the Wonder Herb for nearly two years.

“My husband died from HIV complications a couple years ago and I was left with the disease. It was very tough for me because I could hardly do anything and even when I was taking anti-retroviral drugs, I was constantly feeling sick. But after taking this herb, I tested negative. I went to New Start Centre where I was given The Wonder Herb capsules the negative result. I also went to a clinic in Mutare where blood samples were taken and the result was also negative,” she said.

Manatsa said she was advised to continue taking antiretroviral drugs because the medical staff could not wean her off the drug as they had never encountered such a case before.

Fifty six year old Sellen Mudzengerere also spoke about how the Wonder Herb had relieved her of the debilitating and incapacitating pain caused by arthritis.

“I could not walk unaided or using a stick and the pills I was given to stop or lessen the pain from hospitals were ineffective. But ever since I started taking this herb, all the pain has gone. I can now kneel, walk into the city centre for shopping and do all the domestic chores I no longer used to. This herb is definitely God sent and everyone in my family and neighbours are surprised because I was becoming a charity case,” a hilarious Mudzengerere said.

Another man who had a swollen stomach and feet but after taking the Wonder Herb, he vomit so much and suffered diarrhea and the swelling disappeared. This man had no money to visit a local hospital and hence resorted to the Wonder Herb.

There is yet another man whose cd4 count was 28 in June Last year but suddenly rose to 300 after taking this wonder herb for just one month.

“I just couldn’t believe this because 28 is dangerously low,” said an ecstatic Muzari.

Efforts to get hold of the Zaka woman on the telephone was unsuccessful but a few more people interviewed that have started taking the Wonder Herd have testified that they are feeling a lot better.

“With some of these results am becoming more and more confident about this herb because it does work,” said Muzari who plans to open a Facebook page to publicize it. He however noted that he needs assistance for further scientific research because he does not want people to think he has found a cure for HIV.

Whilst it may not be a cure for some of these ailments, local medical scientists need to meet with various herbalists that are knowledgeable about remedies and cures for cancer and many other ailments because there are a lot of undocumented therapies that have produced amazing healing results for incurable diseases.