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Sermon on giving inspires Dondo’s novel

Life & Style
Kudzai Dondo told NewsDay Life & Style that the novel was based on his observations.

LOCAL author Kudzai Dondo has published his debut novel, A Dream Come True, which seeks to strike a balance between the prosperity gospel and hard work for success.

The novel traces the journey of a young struggling couple as it ventures into entrepreneurship based on the messages from their church encouraging diligence in business.

Dondo told NewsDay Life & Style that the novel was based on his observations.

“I was inspired to write this story through what I always observe... This book is all about an entrepreneurship pursuit that was stimulated from giving a sermon in a church service,” he explained.

Dondo said his goal was to demonstrate that while the subject of giving has been abused, that did not take away the relevance of the principle.

He argues that giving will remain an enduring practice, as it meets a lot of hands in the administration of a church and its public ministry.

“Some modern-day church leaders abuse that facility of giving to enrich themselves at the expense of prioritising the much relevant needs in the house of God.

So, I have written this story that enlightens people that giving in church should not be a one-way token and should not end in church. Rather than charity, taking care of the family is also very essential,” he said.

Dondo said working hard, self-development and dreaming big should be added to the mix to empower the congregants. He admits that the writing project was not always smooth sailing, as he had limited time to focus on the book.

At one time, he had a painful encounter after losing the script, which had no backup, and had to start again from scratch.

“One challenge was lack of adequate time to concentrate on this project since I am hands on at work during the day,” he said.

Dondo said his desire was to impact, inspire and motivate his readers through his writing.

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