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Samuel Wadzai

Samuel Wadzai

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Glen View Area 8 fires: Time for viable, sustainable solutions!

On September 8 2022, the informal economy fraternity woke up to the devastating news of yet another fire outbreak at the Glen View Area 8 Complex in Harare
By Samuel Wadzai Sep. 30, 2022

New perspectives: Towards a more democratic informal economy governance

The government is realising the need to tap into the benefits of informal economy through taxes.
By Samuel Wadzai Nov. 6, 2022

Reforming the Regional, Town and Country Planning Act

The aim is to make the legal and policy framework user-friendly and receptive to the integration of the informal economy
By Samuel Wadzai Nov. 11, 2022

Part Two: Towards a more democratic informal economy governance

Drawing of master plans affects informal economy workers on all spheres and there is, therefore, need to ensure that there is adequate representation.
By Samuel Wadzai Jan. 8, 2023

Opinion: Comparative regional case studies and best practices

Most governments have come to the realisation that, with policy and legislative support, the informal economy can become a vital cog in the development of their national economies.
By Samuel Wadzai Feb. 3, 2023

Social dialogue and effectiveness of tripartism in Zimbabwe

Social dialogue at the national level —in other words, at the peak level — takes a variety of forms, mechanisms and names.
By Samuel Wadzai Feb. 12, 2023

Perspectives: Tax justice in Zim’s informal economy

An accountable and functioning state with the capacity to meet the needs of its citizens must eventually depend on its own revenues to champion the country’s development agenda.
By Samuel Wadzai Feb. 26, 2023

Tax justice in Zim’s informal economy

GLOBALLY the subject of tax justice has generated massive debate amoung academics, policymakers, politicians, human rights defenders and development partners.
By Samuel Wadzai Mar. 1, 2023

Social protection interventions: Is Zimbabwe on the right path?

UNDP notes that it is important to promote and strengthen non-contributory benefits supported by national laws as a horizontal extension
By Samuel Wadzai Apr. 14, 2023

The rise of informality, social protection deficit

The majority of informal sector businesses and workers face high risks due to conditions under which they work.
By Samuel Wadzai Apr. 28, 2023

Perspectives: Transitioning from informality to formality

A good number of states have embraced and adopted the Recommendation 204 and have begun to put in motion interventions to ensure its actualisation.
By Samuel Wadzai Jun. 18, 2023

The role of simplified trade regimes for small scale cross border traders

These limitations need to be addressed through a combination of capacity building, information sensitisation and advocacy efforts at the Sadc and Comesa regional levels.
By Samuel Wadzai Jul. 2, 2023

New Perspectives: Speedy formalisation strategy for Zim

Formalisation also leads to access to finance and market information, thereby enabling improvements in the productivity of informal units
By Samuel Wadzai Aug. 4, 2023

Towards a speedy, inclusive formalisation in Zim

Vendors are most vulnerable to forced eviction and denial of right to livelihood. This causes severe long-term hardships, impoverishment and other disadvantages including loss of dignity.
By Samuel Wadzai Aug. 9, 2023

Perspectives: Inclusive cities planning for informal economy workers

In Zimbabwe, there continues to be sharp increase and expansion in the number of people that are working in the informal economy.
By Samuel Wadzai Sep. 10, 2023

Perspectives: Social protection for informal workers: Towards sustainable financing and inclusion

In 2020, the total estimated financing gap for developing countries was about US$ 1.2 trillion.
By Samuel Wadzai Oct. 8, 2023

Perspectives: The decent work agenda: Securing growth and safe spaces for informal workers

The inference tends to be negative – that globalisation is to blame.
By Samuel Wadzai Oct. 29, 2023

Perspectives: Building local economies and creating employment opportunities

Viset has developed alternative approaches to the management of street vendors and shared the same with authorities for adoption and possible implementation.
By Samuel Wadzai Nov. 19, 2023

Financial inclusion, informality and sustainable development

More informality can also reduce financial inclusion because part of the financial resources will be used to check whether entrepreneurs are involved in informal activities.
By Samuel Wadzai Dec. 24, 2023

Perspectives: Anti-people taxes now in full swing

 Estimates note that up to 90% of Zimbabwe’s workforce is employed in the informal sector.
By Samuel Wadzai Jan. 14, 2024

Zimbabwe’s youth unemployment and the informal economy (Part 1)

It is the subject of political debate and discussions on socioeconomic and sustainable development.
By Samuel Wadzai Feb. 24, 2024

Perspectives: Zimbabwe’s youth unemployment and the informal economy (Part 2)

Youth entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe have limited access to the state of the art equipment and infrastructure to use to run their businesses.
By Samuel Wadzai Mar. 3, 2024

Perspectives: A time to support women in the informal economy

Everyone in our different spheres of influence need to stand in solidarity with women as they strive for a future where all women are empowered, respected, and can reach their full potential.
By Samuel Wadzai Mar. 17, 2024

The significance of reviewing organisational strategy

Most organisations do a strategy review once a year, typically at the end of their annual cycle.
By Samuel Wadzai May. 26, 2024