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Farai Chigora

Farai Chigora

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Business opinion: Brand modification against rebranding of SMEs

brand modification is when we maintain the current brand name but only adjusting the characteristics of the presented offerings
By Farai Chigora Sep. 4, 2022

Destination branding by tourism operators

Where brand management is then done focusing on specific sectors of our local and global economy
By Farai Chigora Sep. 11, 2022

Business opinion: Brand mix for tourism entrepreneurs

Our role as SMEs is to develop a tourism brand that talks a place and its attractiveness.
By Farai Chigora Sep. 18, 2022

Business opinion: Social media branding for tourism

As we further look at other brand equity variables for tourism enterprising driven by social media.
By Farai Chigora Sep. 24, 2022

Business opinion: Intellectual branding in the age of artificial intelligence

Remember it is communication that pivots the evolution of humanity.
By Farai Chigora and tabani moyo Oct. 2, 2022

Business opinion: Social media branding for tourism entrepreneurship (Part 2)

Social media is therefore an influencer for both positive brand perception and lasting brand loyalty towards a vibrant tourism brand equity.
By Farai Chigora Oct. 9, 2022

Business opinion: Social media for tourism brand association

Social media has the power to overcome such hurdles too.
By Farai Chigora Oct. 16, 2022

Business opinion: Agrotourism branding for entrepreneurship

I call it sustainable tourism branding in the age of entrepreneurship.
By Farai Chigora Oct. 23, 2022

Entrepreneurial branding through conservation

Those SMEs operating in the tourism industry have even a greater role to spearhead this agenda and lead by example.
By Farai Chigora Oct. 30, 2022

Business opinion: Interface branding for entrepreneurship

The visioning of the brand was based on your own start-up conceptualisation and growth strategy so should be in brand interface management.
By Farai Chigora Nov. 6, 2022

Branding through diversity in entrepreneurship

An entrepreneurial business should be the hub of excellence through embracing diversity in all aspects. 
By Farai Chigora Nov. 27, 2022