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Chibhamu stands in solidarity with health front liners


After weeks of protesting for a better wages, better working conditions and improved standards of living the Zimbabwean Government having failed to offer any sustainable solution decided to evict nurses from their institution accommodation.

This unjust lack of understanding and conviction from the government which currently has the Minister of Health charged with a $60 million dollar COVID19 corruption deal is heart-breaking.

As Zimbabweans this is evident of the kind of oppressive non-negotiable government system we have, as such l have decided to stand in solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe. Although this is not a favourable position for me or most people of my influence and stature, l strongly believe its high time Zimbabweans come together and unite and say enough is enough.

The government gave the nurses three-month notice to September 30, saying the hospital was experiencing numerous emergencies and that they had not been forthcoming despite staying in the hospital accommodation.

In a letter by Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals chief executive Ernest Manyawu wrote;

“This letter serves to notify you of the termination of your lease with effect from the end of day September 30, 2020. You are hereby given notice which will commence July 1, 2020.

“You are aware that your stay in hospital accommodation was on the understanding that you avail yourself in times of emergencies that may be occasioned by disasters, stayaway, industrial action and any other such disturbances,”
“The hospital has experienced numerous emergencies and industrial actions in the last 12 months. Despite the calls for emergency cover in those situations, you have not been forthcoming in spite of the fact that you are a resident in hospital accommodation.”

To the nurses and doctors, POSB works, vendors and all those protesting for better standards of living l say don’t give up& don’t give in until your requirements have been met without compromise. It’s important to know the Children of Israel walked for 40 years and eventually arrived, it’s the 40th year children of Zimbabwe and it’s time to enter the Promised Land.

As we enter the Promised Land given to us, the resistance will be strong and firm but eventually you will make it.
Instead of attending to the doctors’ grievances, government became vindictive, firing some of the striking doctors as a way of forcing them back to work.

The possible eviction of the nurses has been viewed by the heath workers as another vindictive response from Mnangagwa’s government, but they vowed not to be cowed into submission.

Manyawu said the nurses were paying rent to the government of less than US$1,75 with no transport fares, free water and uninterrupted electricity supplies, but failed to attend to emergencies.

Edith Chibhamu is a business woman and Human Rights activist. She can be contacted on I.G @theroyalqueendee

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