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AMHVoices: Our leaders letting us down

ONE of Malawi’s first solar projects has attracted investment volume totalling US$67 million.

ONE of Malawi’s first solar projects has attracted investment volume totalling US$67 million.


Initial site works have begun on Nkhotakota solar project and construction of the first phase is targeted for completion by March 2020.

Once complete, the project will add 46 megawatts (MW) of clean energy to the local power supply. Developed by United Arab Emirates-based Phanes Group (PhanesGroup.com) in collaboration with responsAbility Renewable Energy Holding and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, the project was the result of the first Power Purchase Agreement signed with Malawi’s national utility in February 2019.

This was Malawi’s first competitive tender in the power sector, and the PPA is projected to last 20 years.

The Nkhotakota project is part of a push by the Malawian government to use solar power to strengthen the country’s electricity infrastructure.

Currently, only 15% of the population has access to power and the national capacity is estimated at 362MW. The project will also move Malawi away from its traditional reliance on hydropower, which currently comprises over 95% of the country’s energy mix.

Here in Zimbabwe, we had one person — Wicknell Chivayo — whose company was awarded a tender to construct the 100MW Gwanda solar project, which was supposed to feed into the national grid.

Had he bought steel frames and put a few structures, we would understand that he tried.

Nothing came out of it, except dozens of stinking shoes decorating his stupid bedroom.

National projects need people who are dedicated to improving their country.

Japan is a great country because of its dedicated people. Imagine what that country went through after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings in 1945.

But they moved on with life and now Japan is a marvel.

Go to Rwanda, war-torn until July 1994. Now Kigali is cited as a model in other countries.

Zimbabwe got her independence in 1980, and what has it achieved so far? Just war heroes and heroines rhetoric!

Nothing to show, except for our education system, which is fast going down the drain, anyway.

Our health system, once one of the best, is now a laughing stock. Our leaders are our worst detractors.

If it was possible, I would jail all politicians and throw the key into the Indian Ocean.

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