AMHVoices: MDC intra-party violence regrettable

THE Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) condemns the intra-party violence that has characterised the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) elective congress preparations. The congress is set for May 24 to 26.


On Saturday March 30, 2019, MDC supporters convened at councillor Magadzire’s homestead in ward 16, Unit J Chitungwiza, for a district election process to nominate candidates who would contest at the elective congress.

MDC Chitungwiza provincial youth chairperson Jabulani Mthunzi, who is also councillor for Zengeza East ward 15, clashed with Zengeza East legislator Goodrich Chimbaira on the procedure to be followed, resulting in violent skirmishes in which Mthunzi was assaulted by party youths affiliated to Chimbaira, including being hit by Chimbaira’s vehicle.

Similar clashes were also reported at MDC district meetings in Highfields, Dzivarasekwa and Warren Park. In early March, ZPP recorded violent clashes between youths affiliated to the MDC secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora and those affiliated to party leader Nelson Chamisa during ward elections in Chitungwiza.

As a result of these clashes, some ward and district elections were postponed. This violent behaviour is not new, as the party had also experienced episodes of violence during its primary elections in the run up to the 2018 harmonised elections.

ZPP is concerned by the continued violent trajectory by the MDC. The organisation condemns all forms of political violence and political intolerance which compromise sustainable peace in Zimbabwe


  1. It is common knowledge that Nelson Chamisa’s faction is a violent natured and blood-letting dangerous hoodlums masquerades as democrats.

  2. You think they have been violent ? Wait and see what will have happened when they get to the end of the congress . That is if the congress will be concluded due to violence .They have demonstrated that violence is in the MDC DNA . After fighting among themselves, they will blame Zanu PF . When they split after the congress they will blame Zanu PF . All their failures are blamed on Zanu PF .

    1. Wasting everyone time. They wined and dined with the devil. It is pay back time for the factions of MDC as well as Zanu PF sitting at home – distressing or pretending to farm. First and foremost, climate change will play havoc then they will be uprising if you are not carefully and destroy the mansions!

      Accept peace and reconciliation offered by Democracy for America, The Catholic church and various other humble people in Great Britain.

      Chinokura chinokotama musoro we gudo chave………………………….????

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  5. SEVEN officials from the Welshman Ncube-led MDC party were brutally attacked by a group of suspected Zanu PF supporters while conducting a door-to-door campaign in Chitungwiza yesterday, the party deputy spokesperson Kurauone Chihwayi has said.

  6. This was a good piece of info on The Zimbabwe Peace Project and other projects.

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