AMHVoices: ZimRights condemn police crackdown on unions

THE Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) condemns the recent human rights abuses by the police.


The human rights violations were perpetrated in a bid to stop plans by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) to demonstrate against tax hikes, increases in the prices of basic goods and the economic meltdown.

Police arrested and detained scores of members and leaders of the ZCTU in Harare, Mutare and Masvingo, including the Congress’ president, Peter Mutasa and secretary-general, Japhet Moyo, who were picked up from their offices by heavily armed riot police on Thursday, October 11, 2018.

The arrests, assaults and detentions follow the police’s announcement and enforcement of an illegal ban against demonstrations in violation of Section 59 of the Constitution, ostensibly to prevent the spread of cholera.

Police details have been combing the streets of major towns, especially Harare, rounding up, arresting and assaulting suspected activists.

ZimRights urges the police to stop the human rights violations against citizens and respect the people’s right to freely express themselves in peaceful ways, including demonstrations. ads Ads

The deterioration in the human rights situation also follows the recent final report by the European Union Observer Mission which condemned the manner in which the Zimbabwean elections were conducted in July 2018.

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  1. It may be time for voices like ZimRights to look at the other side of the story-Raise your voices in teaching the citizens the best practices in expressing themselves.Rights and responsibility are two sides of the same coin.In my view, the reason why ZRP has reappeared on the streets is to minimise the propensity to indecorus behaviour, looting,damage to property and infrastructure, theft and abuse of women, among others, by the so-called peaceful demonstrators. ZRP could be in an unfortunate Catch 22 situation-upholding its constitutional duties of maintaining law and order and protecting life and property on the one hand, and getting condemned for allegedly violating the people’s right to these freedoms. ZimRights should play its part on educating the people on their responsibilities, especially the de-politicisation of genuine grievances.Otherwise we remain in a messy and cagey situation.

    1. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

      Well said Simbi. This ZimRights seem to condemn anything done by Government no matter how good the action is, but appear not to see anything wrong done by individuals and groups of people no matter how bad it is to majority. If this so called ZimRights is true to its mandate they should be impartial and stop being a certain political party pressure group.

      1. This Video that goes viral in Social Media and ending in Sky News …the beating of the by these rogue police officers happened in the Year 2016….the Zimrights just blame everything at Mnangagwa Government without an investigations to the probe…

    2. Mbekezeli Ndukwana

      you cannot say people should be taught how to demonstrate Simbi.With all due respect have you ever taken time to analyse the reasons leading to these demonstrations?Like the government you are failing to address the key issue here.The key issue is why are there demonstrations in the first place not how people should demonstrate.If you you answer the question why are there demonstrations?

    3. Mbekezeli Ndukwana

      like the government you are failing to address the key issue Simbi.the key issue is why are these protests taking place in the first place? not the ways in which people should protest.If you answer the question why are there protests..

  2. We no longer aford to pay our children schoolfees on this economic hardship lead by Mnangagwa,nw we don’t know why God has created Zimbabwe ,for citizens to suffer sure,God it’s now yo time to raise an shout satan an show yo power to this corupt leaders.

  3. Police have sometimes violated the rights of citizens. But please also release pictures of civilians beating up police officers, so that the world knows that the rights of police officers are also violated by civilians. Officers have been killed on duty by demonstrators and kombi crews. Are police officers not also humans? Do they not have rights?

  4. ndozvamakavhotera izvi kaurai stereki police rovai vanhu ivava stereki

  5. Well kkkk the issue of the police beating up people on the streets for demonstrations makes the pipo revolt against them since the pipo are trying to be heard by the gvt and the qstn we ask is …”are the police comfortable with the current situation in the country where money is noe valued “per minute”.

  6. Your Name (required):Special Black

    Whilst you exercise your rights you should not infringe other people’s rights also. Zimrights, ZCTU and other MDCA alliance sympathisers are always against the gvt. We saw you giving soliderity msgs. The Law enforcement agencies know very well whats good for progressive Zimbabweans. The 2c is not an issue but you wanted to block gvt from getting money to pay debts so that mozoti onai vakonewa like what others say ‘ndozvamakada’. Now we dont listen to rights of individuals with hidden agenda.

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