Film director bemoans piracy

Norman Chiranga

FILM director Norman Chiranga has called on sponsors to consider extending financial support to the fledgling film industry.


Norman Chiranga

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style yesterday, Chiranga, who is working on a new drama series scheduled for release on October 12, also expressed concern over the cancer of piracy.
He, however, indicated that he would keep pushing despite hurdles, including the exploitative piracy.

“For as long as I am alive, I will keep delivering to my fans despite the issue of piracy, which makes us gain very little from our hard work, I urge sponsors out there to assist in keeping the Zimbabwean film industry alive,” he said.

Chiranga rose to fame with his first series Landlord Nemaroja and has worked on a number of skits such as Pictures Yalandlord, Bucket Remvura and Bvisa Bhasikoro Munzira with a local production company, Boxit Media.

Speaking on the new movie, Mbereko 3, which follows the first two productions Mbereko 1 and 2, he said it was ready for release.

“Mbereko is going to be on fire and I am excited for this project because we took our time trying to perfect this drama for our fans,” he said.

“The movie will be released online on social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube, although it was shot on a boot-strapped budget. Mbereko 3 has high picture quality that matches international standards with no excessive use of video effects.”

Chiranga said the movie, which draws inspiration from society’s problems, depicts real life as experienced on a day to day basis and secrets which are kept where the central female character, who is the sole breadwinner, hires a maid to help with child care and general domestic duties, but the unemployed husband ends up having an affair with the maid and impregnates her along the way.

The cast of Mbereko 3 includes Portia Nota, who plays the role of Mafuta and her boyfriend Blous, played by Valentine Mutimusakwa.

Boxit media has produced work for popular comedians such as Felistats “Mai Titi” Murata, Tyra “Madam Boss” Chikocho and is currently working on Tocky Vibes’ music videos, among other projects.