Mnangagwa, Chamisa to face off

THE Catholic Church-run Silveira House in partnership with other churches yesterday said they were organising a multi-party gathering for all the 23 presidential candidates to inculcate a sense of political tolerance and mutual respect.
The gathering could bring President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his rival MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa face-to-face for the first time ahead of the July 30 general elections.


Respected priest Father Fredrick Chiromba, who is the secretary general for Catholic Bishops Conference, told journalists in Harare yesterday that the majority of presidential candidates had confirmed attendance, but could not be drawn to confirm whether the main contenders − Mnangagwa and Chamisa − would be available.

He said candidates would be allowed to address the gathering and outline their various manifestoes.

“The objective of the multiparty interface is to inculcate a sense of multi-party democracy and a spirit of mutual respect in a context of differing political opinions,” he said.

Chiromba denied opposition claims that the ruling Zanu PF government had deployed 5 000 soldiers to intimidate villagers and campaign for Mnangagwa in the rural areas.

“We have presence at the grassroots level, in every part of the country. Our role is to promote peace and the message to all political players is to desist from violence. We also took note of the statement by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces that they did not deploy anyone. As the church, we have not directly received reports (of military presence in rural areas), we have only heard it from the media,” the clerics said.

As regards reports of intimidation mainly in rural areas, Chiromba said: “Given our history and experience of elections in the past, there maybe pockets of resistance, people working as if they were in the old dispensation, people who are not open to differing opinions. Elections and democracy are a process and growing into a democracy takes time. Where we are now is very different from where we were. In fact, in the current environment any forms of violence would not be expected.”


  1. Chamisa please dont attend they want to side with zanupf imbavha dzese.

  2. This is a good idea. They should each of them pitch their policies for the last time to the Zimbabwe electorate. Not just going on each other’s personalities. Zimbabwe needs to move on. We’re tired of the MDC_ZANU PF news.Can’t wait for the 30th of July.

  3. Brilliant idea from the men and women of God. Let all the Presidential candidates share the same stage and sell themselves to the people to improve political tolerance among Zimbabweans. They have been preaching political tolerance, so let them walk the talk and lead by example. God bless Zimbabwe.

  4. Obviously the two main protagonist will not attend as there have already shared with us what there are offering with the main other offer from the young politician which talks through spaghetti roads and bullet trains being HOTLY disputed.

    1. You say hotly disputed when your brothers in ZANU PF have given Harare City Council a directive to facilitate the development of spaghetti roads in its Master Plan.
      Who is a fool now.Your brothers are now copying from the book of Nero

      1. its about the concept which is different and not the alarming ones preached by the young politician which were disputed by the highly developed nations as far fetched and unreal

  5. Tangai maenda ku ZEC kana muchinge mapedza ne ZEC mozodawidza ma political leaders.Imi munoti hakuna kutyisidzirwa imi nakagara henyu muma hofice uchidya mari zve dzegumi isu povo tichisafa zuro uno maiti mumwe wese kuna mai nhasi zviripi.Imi Bishop endai ku zec toita free and fair election arohwa arohwa ko iyo free and fair yacho vari kutyireiko basa kuona vanhu vachitambura kudai

  6. church daidza zec

  7. Tinoda runyararo muZimbabwe first and foremost. Zvezhowezhowe hazvina pundutso kana zvoita sei.

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