Chamisa keeps alliance partners on hold

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

OPPOSITION MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa has kept his disgruntled partners, who are demanding an urgent meeting to iron out differences relating to allocation of seats, on hold.


The alliance has been tottering on the brink of collapse, particularly in the wake of the chaos that rocked its candidate nomination process amid accusations that Chamisa’s MDC-T party grabbed most seats initially allocated to his partners.

MDC Alliance spokesperson Welshman Ncube, whose party MDC was also affected, yesterday said an indaba was, indeed, in the offing to “thrash out a lot of issues”.

“There are issues to be discussed and it is important that we meet. I have talked to all alliance partners and the need for a principals meeting is unequivocal. We should have met this week, but we could not because of a hectic schedule. We are most likely going to meet early next week,” Ncube said.

“Principals want a frank conversation to take stock of what happened that should not have happened.”

But Chamisa’s spokesperson, Nkululeko Sibanda, said his boss did not “take kindly to demands”.

“The language suggests that there is a demand for a meeting … and the president (Chamisa) would regret use of such language. President Nelson Chamisa is a consensus builder and would have used better terms,” Sibanda said.

He said Chamisa was heavily involved in campaigns “to try and win votes for all those running under the MDC Alliance ticket”.

“He is sure that leaders of alliance partners are preparing to join in the fray and help win a resounding victory for the people of Zimbabwe. The president who is the leader of the alliance is currently out of Harare and will check all his incoming correspondence and respond appropriately,” Sibanda said.

Ncube said the MDC-T’s actions had left some alliance partners with no seat either in Parliament or at local authorities’ level.

“It is important to note that some alliance partners will definitely not have representation both at Parliament and local authorities’ level after their allocated seats were grabbed by the MDC-T, in particular,” the former Industry minister, who leads the smaller MDC party, said.

“They want to know what they will get from the alliance going forward. These issues have to be thrashed out so we can focus on the campaign proper.”


  1. we said it from long ago that it doesn’t work out and we will say it again that the sooner this grand alliance splits the better for opposition politics and in any case there are not going to reap anything out of the forthcoming elections and by lucky maybe only one person who may be considered for one of those weak cyber ministerial posts is nelson and the rest will be relegated into the political dustbin

  2. Thobela Nyandezulu

    Chamisa is displaying authoritarian tendencies and this guy is a Mugabe in the making.This kind of behaviour stems from the way he manoeuvred to the ascendancy of the presidency of the party.As a result, he lacks confidence and ever feels insecure.Should he by chance ascend to the presidency of Zimbabwe,he is likely to purge those he perceives to threaten his position.This is how Mugabe wormed his way to the presidency of Zanu and throughout his political career felt ever insecure and survived through purges and divide and rule tactics.

  3. A dictator in the making here. Reading between the lines, the story suggests animosity. It seems Chamisa is not helping his case by behaviours but I would not totally blame him the people who are doing all these things are the MDC-T Acting Chair and SG who seem to be eyeing the Congress. Indeed, Chamisa seems to be set to fail both in July and at the coming Congress. He seems now unpopular bot within the Party and the Alliance and is Campaigning on his own. It is clear that the Alliance Partners are not with him in the campaign. And what will happen when he is defeated in July. Chamisa does not seem to in full control of MDC-T now. The Afrobarometer showed that Chamisa is not going to win the elections and that surveys is accepted by those people in Europe and America. And people listen to the YOUTHS we expected to vote for Chamisa, most are not registered and for those registered, they seem unimpressed by Chamisa, some are registered but seem now not ready to vote. This was Chamisa’s chance but he was set to fail by the way the ALLIANCE was designed

  4. An Alliance of Shame

    “He does not take kindly to demands….”…. dictator through and through. In this case, the demands are justified. There is need for the principals to meet and iron out their differences. What Chamisa is in essence saying is that his party is strong enough to go alone. Ironically, this was Khupe’s position that earned her the wrath of Chamisa’s faction. Of course, she being woman and Ndebele had no power in the party. For his part, Ncube sided with Chamisa when Khupe’s was beig bashed left, right and centre. He is now realising albeit too late that he has been nothing but a mop to clear Chamisa’s dirty waters. It reminds me of a famous poetry:
    There was a young lady of Riga
    Who smiled as she rode on a tiger,
    They returned from the ride
    With the lady inside,
    And the smile on the face of the tiger

  5. kana urimumuchato tarisira zvese kugara zvakanaka kana kurambwa.chamisa did it for you not to contest for presidential elections you will soon see his real colours

  6. The real challenge is that they are all in it for business to loot NOT for the people. A coalition will always have challenges focusing on negatives is a wrong tactic now.

  7. Ko nhai VaMnangagwa, are you a prophet or svikiro?! I heard you in your inagural speech last November saying: By the time we get to the elections, there will be no oposition to talk about. Munorira nendimi here nhai Chibwa ndiueye kwenyu kuzoshandirwa? Munobhadharisa consultation here zvinoitwa nevamwe uye ndouya ndakabata marii?

  8. All disgruntled idiots should go and see if they were going to make any difference. Muri vana vekwamainini period

  9. Maybe Madam Khupe was right, no one agreed with her but maybe she was right. Chamisa has good support which over shadows all these people who are giving him headache, maybe he should have gone it alone. These cracks in the Alliance may have a damaging effect, something undesirable at the moment. I don’t think the rest of the Alliance members have a chance to win a single seat in parliament.

  10. viruss vigoroso

    chamisa akuda kungoitisa vanhu uyu. he calls it an alliance but the truth of the mater is that it is an extended arm of the MDC-T. power cannot be shared,,,, never. im glag ed did not split from zanu pf after he was fired because that on its on made the party stronger

  11. kutaura kwamusina kuswera kunyanya iwe elisha

  12. I always say that the MDC alliance is an Alliance of zeros

  13. isheanesu marima

    fact is, hapana chinonzi alliance when it comes to real politics. chamisa akungoititisa vanhu chete

  14. Interesting isn’t it the alliance was supposedly meant to unify the opposition but in actually truth Chamisa wanted to use the other members so as to increase his chances at becoming president

  15. I always say that MDC Alliance is an Alliance of zeros

  16. chamisa is nothing but a shit dictactor who seeks to fulfil his personal interest nekuitisa vanhu.mercy on you allience members and partners

  17. Kkkkkkkk remember when Mugabe would not meet the wat vets the days wen his wife was becmn toxic????? In this case Chamisa will not meet u all coz munomudonhedza see stage it’s kkkkkkk

  18. apana nezviripo pana chamisa apo

  19. The beauty of a choir of discorded voices is it keeps u busy focusing on the nothing’s while the top dogs cover ground…… ED opened the women’s bank yesterday apa Chamisa akungotenderera achitiza vamwe vake. ED mangwana anenge and chimwe chaanenge achiita futy muchingo dzingaidzana kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    1. Only-in-Zimbabwe

      How is opening of women bank benefit women… there are too many banks already for a shrinking economy

  20. ukaona uchivhotera burial society iyo wozya kuti uku applier for poverty

  21. Chisingapere blade

    Pandikati ZANU pf yakarongeka makati hee hee mpfanha mudiki aribho but see now

  22. Then how can i vote fo tht kind of a party.. ZANU pf is way better

  23. Comment…Chamisa very right.
    Alliance partners have unknown (weak)candidates some with no appeal at all. The goal is to come up with electable candidates, the bigger picture being for win elections and not to look for employment. In a certain ward in Murewa mdct opted for a more electable candidate who was popular but from MDC ( Ncube)… yes in Murewa ward 8. Another from NPP was chosen ahead of some from mdct. It’s about being electable and what is good for the alliance.

  24. As a die hard MDC T supporter ill always stick with MDC T, vote MDC T, breathe MDC T, no matter who is in helm. I feel sorry by those taken by Alliance Wind, anyway go try its your right. Madam Khupe take us to greener pastures Mama.

    1. Common Thulani… you can do better. SO you prefer to also die with MDC T?
      Greener pastures they will tell you, but i guess you know as much as myself that it can’t be greener even if Chamisa comes into office for 30yrs. He lacks good organization skills. Talks before he thinks and literally throws words to the wind.
      Reevaluate your life and see if this chaotic MDC T is worth it.

    2. Common Thulani… you can do better. SO you prefer to also die with MDC T?
      Greener pastures they will tell you, but i guess you know as much as myself that it can’t be greener even if Chamisa comes into office for 30yrs. He lacks good organization skills. Talks before he thinks and literally throws words to the wind.
      Reevaluate your life and see if this chaotic MDC T is worth it.

  25. Too many spooks (or a few with different false names) posting on this site

  26. Pa nyanga Ipapo

    ndezve vema burial society izvi.Isu zvedu ” ED Pfee !”

  27. his boss did not “take kindly to demands”. Wow, are we going to swap one Bob with another??

  28. MukorekoreTavara


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