Tsvangirai’s mother boycotts service

The late MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai’s mother, Lydia Zvaipa, was conspicuous by her absence at a memorial service for her son held at Mabelreign Methodist Fellowship Church in Harare yesterday, as tensions rise, following the death of the opposition leader.


Tsvangirai’s mother had declared that she did not want to see acting MDC-T president, Nelson Chamisa and the late opposition leader’s wife, Elizabeth Macheka at the funeral, threatening to commit suicide if they attended.

At yesterday’s service, the master of ceremonies called on Zvaipa to give a speech, but a family member said she was not present.

A family spokesperson, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Tsvangirai’s mother failed to turn up for the service due to logistical problems.

“The driver, who was supposed to pick her up, did not pitch up,” the relative said.

The MDC-T seemed to be in the dark on Zvaipa’s non-attendance.

“I do not know why she is not here, I left the president’s residence early and you can contact the Tsvangirai family, they will tell you,” MDC-T spokesman, Obert Gutu said.

Macheka and Chamisa attended the memorial service and this could have triggered Zvaipa’s fury.

Chamisa and his co-deputy presidents, Thokozani Khupe and Elias Mudzuri, who have also been at loggerheads, sat together near Tsvangirai’s coffin, while the MDC-T leader’s family was sat on the opposite side.

The show of unity was only temporary, as only Chamisa appeared at Harvest House to address party supporters a few hours later.

Methodist Church in Zimbabwe preacher, Jimmy Dube warned Tsvangirai’s family against washing their dirty linen in public.

“I want to warn you, Tsvangirai’s family, not talk about your affairs in public,” he admonished.

“People will talk ill of you if you wash you dirty linen in public.”

There have been reports of bad blood between Tsvangirai’s family on one hand and Macheka and Chamisa on the other.

Macheka was reportedly, at some stage, barred from visiting the stricken Tsvangirai at his bedside.

Among a slew of allegations, Macheka and Chamisa are alleged to have teamed up to launch an audacious power grab at MDC-T.

In his eulogy, the Methodist preacher said Tsvangirai showed that he loved Zimbabwe when he decided against contesting the violent 2008 presidential election run off.

“This humble man from Buhera won an election in 2008, but the election became a fiasco and after the ruling party asked for a replay, they changed goalposts and then there was diplomatic activity because of the love for the lives of people,” Dube said.

Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda described Tsvangirai as an icon of democracy.

“Tsvangirai is an icon of democracy nobody can take away this from him,” he said. “He earned the status through commitment. He was dynamic in standing for the rights for the people that is why he formed the MDC.”

After the service, MDC-T leaders then went to the party’s headquarters, Harvest House, to address party supporters, who braved rains to pay tribute to their late leader.

MDC-T secretary-general, Douglas Mwonzora was booed off the podium by the party supporters, who chanted Chamisa’s name throughout his address.

Chamisa’s efforts to stop the supporters from disrupting Mwonzora’s speech proved fruitless.

In his speech, Chamisa promised to unite the party.

“We are going to bury the body in Buhera, but we will bring his ideas back,” he said.

Tsvangirai’s body will be transported to Buhera today and Chamisa told the gathering that the government had provided a helicopter to transport to carry the corpse.

Before travelling to Buhera, the body will briefly be taken to an open square near Rainbow Towers Hotel in Harare.

Namibian opposition DTA leader, McHenry Venaani, who gave a solidarity message, said Tsvangirai was a champion of democracy in Africa and he fought for free and fair elections.

Kenyan opposition leader, Raila Odinga is expected to attend the burial.

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  1. She is not her mother, but step mother! We do not give a dime, or damn by not her attending. Famba nebhora Chamisa! Usacheuke!

  2. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Vebato rezvematongerwo enyika zivayi pamunotangira nepamunogumira parufu rweMutungamiri wenyu. Vemhuri yekwa Tsvangirai zvimwechetezvo mubato rezvematongerwo enyika. Zvimwechetezvo kumuchembere avo varikurwadziwa nekutangirwa kuenda nemukorori.
    Vanhu tose tikaziva izvi, zvichaita kuti tirakidze hunhu
    hwakanaka sevanhu. Chikuru nakare, HUNHU ndo munhu.

  3. That old guard of thoko and elias is tired and should retire, we have seen mugabe clinging to power in his twilight, that old pair will never cede power to chamisa, so chamisa bhora mberi, kachembere ako ndezvako, let her hang and see if MDC will perish.
    Elizabeth stood by tsvangs in his down days so she deserves respect from that arrogant vamwene, its a disgrace to all the vamwnes in the country, at her advanced age she should play role model and respect tsvangs, the moarners, mdc and the rest of zimbabweans.


  5. She has a problem, vanyadzisa ambuya avo havanyari.

  6. if the driver forgot to pick her up the question then is ,is she relevant in this whole drama and where was Collins and the other relatives ,i smell a fat rat.

  7. Chamisa power greedy and Elizabeth kunyepa kutiza achisiya murume muchipatara kuti azoudza chamisa kuti morgan avapadhuze nokufa so huya tironge plan yekuti uve acting president so that it will be easy to grab power. Big question still remains which form of communication was used by Morgan Tsvangirayi to nominate Chamisa as Acting President

    1. Uri shure kwenyaya Kilo. While he may have Tsvangirai may have blessed Chamisa, what you are seeing now is the people’s decision.We want Chamisa to take over.We continue to have great respect for Mudzuri, Khupe and all leaders but they must also respect our choice just as Morgan would do.

      1. We, the people, do not want Chamisa!

    2. urikurota
      maroto haarambidzwe asi ako anoshoresa ndimi vanhu vano nyengerwa mukadzi mumba mako iwe wakarara nehope

  8. Comment…chamisa panyanga as for the family havatiisire munhu vavanoda ivo tsvangirai angaari wemunhu wese

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  10. Mhuri yekwaTsvangirai irikusanganisa nyaya. Ko kunyarara munhu avigwe mozotaurirana zvichemo pavapaya. Ye, vanogona kunge vakatadzirwa “maybe” but this is not certainly the way to go about it. What will then happen in the aftermath is that the party on one side and Elizabeth on the other will not want to do anything with this family, at whose loss, vosara varipamhenhe voda kuzotora zvinhu nechisimba and the long arm of the law will take its course, dzazovembavha. Ko kunyarara mozochema zvose zvapera? Amai avo vanyadzisa anaamai naanaamwene vose, havana hunhu kana kuzvibata semunhu mukuru. MDC-T act with maturity, we need you to be a meaningful opposition to keep my beloved ZANU in check for the benefit of the people of Zimbabwe.

  11. tell that magogo kuti vadzikame.that’s nonsense..Kana vachida respect ngavasiyane nekusoropodza …after all havazi mai va Tsvangirai..Go hang gogo

  12. MDC-T must just unite and the issue of who takes over from Tsvangirai be decided by elections. It is so simple really. Whoever is elected deserves the support of everybody else in that party. Being advocates of Western Style democracy they should learn from the Republican and Democrat parties of the USA. Hilary’s opponents and Trump’s opponents rallied round the two after they won the votes to stand for their respective parties.

  13. MDC haisi yekwaTsvangirai ndeyevanhu, irimuvanhu. Ngakanozvisunga kachembere ako tione kuti MDC yacho inoparara here.
    Kachembere kanonyadzisa kudaro!!!!

  14. Shaolin Kung fu master

    zvakaipa kusevenzesa chembere to gain political mileage nxaaaa-a!

  15. Chimbuya chine mamhepo , garayi pasi mbuya

  16. Mr Reporter, Why are you addressing Mrs Tsvangirai as “Machack”?

  17. The Tsvangirai family needs to be advised that Morgan was a leader of a people’s organisation. He helped to found and lead it. That is greatly appreciated. He did not own the organisation, though. Therefore, The members of the organisation have the right to choose a successor.

  18. Ko ngavaziurayeka ambuya ava. Just want to minipulate people. She thinks MDC is a family business nxaa. Kusafunda kwakaipa veduwe.

  19. Darlington mkonda

    Comment…Chamisa usacheuke muridzo famba tiende Moses afa ndiwe Joshua now lead us to th promised land

  20. Comment…kachembere ako ngakamire zvekupenga izvo.

  21. GO Nelson Go

  22. Tsvangirai’s mother has a big problem in thinking.

  23. Comment…ko mazanu kana makataurisa.ko musika makamuita sei?aida kuvigirwa paside pemukadzi wake asi makamukanda pachikomo chenyu hama dzake makadzishaisa mufaro

  24. Comment…enda unofa muchembisa who cares
    chamisa is our new president chembere isinganyare

  25. Comment…kachembere kekumusha kwa Tsvangirai hakana network kkkkk mukasiye kasina sugar kaone zvapera kambwa,

  26. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Ndiyani anoziva kuti Bumbiro remutemo
    rebato iri rinoti kana paitika chiitiko chakadayi? Chamisa ndiye mumwe wavaivapo pakanyorwa Bumbiro iri. Ndiyani akamboriverenga?

  27. Comment…stepmother or what she is relevant to proceedings, something went wrong. that is not an excuse for coup by the Chamisa camp. Despite Chamisa’s charm, Khupe and Mwonzora’s insistence to follow the constitution is noble and most democratic

  28. I know that everyone is so emotional and mourning our beloved Morgan (R.I.P . save), but i think we need to look at the following and not to get side swayed as this will give advanatage to Zanu PF in the elections:

    1.What does the costitution say about a case like this
    2.Who will organise the great Indaba for the great party to map the way forward and stop barring other members of the executive from attending the meeting

    Lets also refrain from family politics (Tsvangirai Family). Lets give them their privacy and time and keep these politics away from the party politics. Macheka and family, that is Family Politics, nothing to do with MDC. do not link the two. No Tsvangirai family member can annoint anyone or influence and decision in the party as the party is not a family business but a national issue.

    For Gogo, i think she needs a good advisor to help her understand that she is at a national funeral different from a village funeral.She cannot be making such sentimemts in public. I rest my case

  29. Tochirakasha zvino chi party chekudaidzira ma sanctions. zvakanaka kuti paiyita Jonso mune this party. Chamisa and Jonathan Moyo same same, draw chaiyo

  30. chamisa my president…my hero..hande mberi nebhora

    1. i think you also fancy you hero taking over morgans wife if circumstances permit

  31. PKC the clearest statement yet. Bravo.
    Mama should simply attend the final service at home. No need to attend all the public gatherings.
    Elizabeth as wife should also attend final service, she was his wife whether the family likes it or not!
    Elizabeth should also stay away from Chamisa and avoid being compared to Grace – only after power!!

  32. Comment…gogo avo kwakukura avadekutevedzerwa bhora mberi chamisa

  33. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Pane vabvunza, kusanganisira iniwo. BUMBIRO REMUTEMO rebato reMDC-T rinotiyi. Nekuti bato rikatanga kutyora mutemo risati ravaHurumende, kuzoti rava Hurumende. Veduwe,
    ngatimbomira zvekutuka nekupopota. Ndiyani weMDC-T pano, ane ruzivo nezvinotaura BUMBIRO.
    Ndozvinopedza mhirizhonga chete.

  34. Is this mother really Morgen’s mother? If she is the really biological mother,then she must hate Mugabe and zanu pf because what killed Morgen came from zanu pf when he was imprisoned and bitten.She must not hate the wrong people when she knows that Morgen’s most enemy was Mugabe and his zanu pf.

  35. i think people shld stop pointing fingers at morgans mother based on where she comes from.comment about her not insulting people of buhera

  36. I like the way you are scolding Tsvangirai’s mother.It show stupidity.Ndiye saka maka uraya tumbuya twenyu

  37. Surely speaking vacho vari kuzviita vakadzidza kuita shishi kutuka muchembere akadaro if chamisa is choosen by God munozvinetserei ndanzwa mumwe achiti kusadzidza kwakaipa achireva muchembere iyeyu akamuendesa kuchikoro havana kumbosiyana namai kana mbuya vako zvinowanikwa mumhuri dzose izvi

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