AMHVoices: It’s impossible to trust Jonathan Moyo

A FEW months ago when Jonathan Moyo was enjoying State power as a government minister, he was pompous, greedy, arrogant and cruel.

By Pardon Maguta,Our Reader

He defended every evil that the former President Robert Mugabe-led regime committed against long-abused Zimbabweans.

Rewinding time to the time he was the minister responsible for Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, many will recall how journalist Andrew Meldrum was ejected out of the country because he worked for a foreign media house.

Local journalists suffered. Moyo crafted some of the most draconian media laws. He made sure the Daily News was silenced.
Fast-forward to 2018: His boss Mugabe out of power and Moyo a fugitive and wanted man by the new regime, Moyo is now trying to lecture everyone on how bad Zanu PF and, in particular, the current Presidency, are.

No, that cannot be!

What I want Moyo to know is that the situation has always been very bad for most people. He is one of the architects of the people’s suffering.

We have never had any free and fair elections before. The government has always been illegitimate. There has never been rule of law. The government has always had military aspects even under Mugabe.

His BBC HardTalk interview was nothing, but cheap political talk from a bitter man who was overpowered, disarmed and driven off the feeding trough.

Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao, also a former Cabinet minister, cannot now turn to be champions of the Zimbabwe democratic struggle.

They were corrupt and abusive. They fought rough and lost. No crocodile tears can erase that. Moyo, as a political turncoat, thinks he can hijack the fight of the people for his personal benefit.

What all the dangerous and corrupt people like Moyo et al must know is that a true democratically-elected government will prosecute them more vigorously for the crimes they allegedly committed against the people and corruption.

It is an insult to most people for Moyo to say they miss Mugabe, as if he was a good leader. He must stop taking people for granted. He must stop thinking for the masses.

The current government has its own inefficiency and shortcomings, but no one is worried about Mugabe. It’s impossible to trust Moyo even after his horror escape from the teeth of the military.

Moyo and friends must fight their wars alone. We continue with our own wars in our own ways which he has always despised.

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  1. Moyo imh**a

    1. This is the best summary and article I have read about Moyo so far. It tells his story very well. Well done Mr Editor, I hope he gets the opportunity to read it.

  2. No one could have put it better, Pardon.

  3. like him or hate him Jonso is a an excellent politician….just like you say Moyo shld speak for himself..that statement should have reminded you to speak for your self some of us trust Moyo. He told us that a some power hungry people were planning a coup, he told the Politburo that usually leaders were betrayed by long time comrade and we have seen it happen so we ( me and other like minded people) have every reason to believe him Its okay if you mr author and other like minded people do not want to trust him…time will tell who was right…lets leave it at that

    1. Lucky mandaz mapillar

      I like him, Moyo is a think tank.Please professor do whatever you can in order to remove the coup led government.

      1. His history tells a lot, he has no friends, you like him but he doesn’t like you. You support him he takes you for a fool because you don’t know his true intentions. Clever people avoid him.

    2. Nxaaaa moyo uyu ama…ma aifunga kuti achakururirwa nagire achimuti ndakupinza pau Vice and subsequently pau Pres. Manje mese naMoyo wako ndimwi majaira. Isu maZimbo tigere naED wedu. makaura vana Moyo naana Kasukumvere here kana vere handizivi


      1. you can say that again again again again
        Moyo is a baboon.


      3. moyo is saying what he learnt during MUGABE’S ERA so dnt oppose him because he was within the government and he knows it very much.MUCHACHEMA NAYO NEW GOVERNMENT YENYU IYOYI. AS IT IS,THE ONLY PART WHICH CAN TAKE ZIM TO SOMEWHERE IS MDC kwete mahumbwe amukuita aya. INVESTORS DO NOT COME IN A COUNTRY WHERE THERE IS NO BUSINESS FORECAST OF 20YRS AND ABOVE, TAKE NOTE

        1. iyi irinani pana Moyo na Mugabe full stop.

    4. Don’t trust Mr Tsholotsho Declaration,Mr AIPA,Mr POSA..In iSiNdebele sithi ngumaluma ephozisa.

    5. He is good to you only chiwoniso, Jonathan created POSA and AIPA, where do you put excellent here? Creating the suffering of the people for his own benefit. You need a prayer chiwoniso.

    6. It is Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Zhuwawo, Ignatious Chombo, Saviour Kasukuwere and Grace Mugabe who had staged a bloodless coup, when they hijacked the President and reduced him to their spokesman, whilst they were making the decisions. When a president’s wife announces the firing of a government official before it happens, and the President then takes the cue and fires such official, it means that the President has been kidnapped, which means there is a coup. This is why the army moved in and freed Mugabe, before convincing him that if he was content with being a spokesman for the half dozen criminals, he was well past his best and should take a rest. He obliged, and resigned. There is nothing coup about the actions of the army. They acted to reverse a coup that had already taken place.

      1. You do explain it, very well!!!

      2. True, what the people dont realize is the fact that these guys where abusing our old man for their selfish gains. I salute the military. Mai Mujuru vakaita zvokutamba vanozorwa nevanhu ava. Vanoda kukangwana chazuro nehope sei. Mugabe is gone and vakada kubatana naye nemarujata vanoruza support yavanayo. Nobody wants Mugabe anymore.

    7. tsekee author is right you and moyo go hang with bob as well

    8. The coup had already taken place when Jonathan Moyo and Grace had begun to dominate the President. There was nothing wrong with the army reclaiming the President from Moyo’s capture, followed by discussions with the President that if (Mugabe) could be dominated by Moyo and Grace, then he was past his best and could perhaps take a rest. Mugabe remains the victim, Moyo and Grace the villains and the army the heroes.

  4. Moyo is a a big snake always ready to bite

  5. They say Cde. Mugabe was not forced to quit. Moyo says he was forced to quit! We all know Moyo is correct in saying so. One funny observation is that Mugabe did not change clothes, the shirt, tie and suit the day before the graduation, the day of the graduation, as if he was under detention. They were never protecting him as they profess, but he was held under duress and this was indeed a coup. There is even no proof that Mugabe resigned as tat letter could have simply be forged. Call it what you may, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating! Rinamanyanga hariputirwi!

    1. So what? do you want him back? He is gone! He stole the election from Chematama in 2008. Asi haugari muZim kanhi. He got the tatse of his own bitter bitter bitter meds!


    2. we actually wanted them to force him to quit remember. we felt the military was just being too linient and soft with him. no wonder we marched. moyo idiot

    3. so what asi unomuda here Mugabe wacho? enda kumba kwake mundogara mese. newe uri utsotsi saye. maidya mese nekunwa ropa revanhu. Nxaaaaaa sh**t yomunhu.

    4. mugabe removed ndabaningi sithole through mugagao declaration,only to be removed by the restore legacy declaration. mugabe skipped into moza and only returned to become leader of the country. munangagwa skipped into mozambique and came back to become leader of the country. all that we see happening now is just a repeat of history and remember that munangagwa could have been dead by now if God had not decreed that he remains alive to be where he is now.
      As for jonathan, it has been proven that no matter how intelligent he can appear to be, he will never be wise. An intelligent person may be gifted enough to know what a volcano is and what happens inside the belly of the earth before it erupts but as long as all that knowledge doesnt inspire you to evacuate to safety when you hear its rumbling – then you are not wise and that is one element that stalks jonathan. also just for good measure, lets check how many times jonathan has lost big time = 3 times. 1). he was out-foxed by the opposition when he was spearheading the yes vote during the constitutional referendum process, 2)his tsholotsho declaration project was scuttled to zero after he had invested a lot of his energy into it, 3). his G40 project came crumbling down like a deck of cards when he thought he had everything in place to harvest the glory of his professorship. therefore, whatever jonathan invests his intelligence in, it comes down to zero because it lacks the foundation of credible foresight and wisdom

  6. @Rockford.How many more years were you expecting the dictator to rule alongside stupid wife and an ignorant Professor.We warned,the political landscape was fast changing,mazuva ekuridzirwa mhururu munhu asati ane chaataura akapfuura.Whether it was a soft coup or not,we are only happy it brought us a change.Zvekusageza nekuchinja mbatya zvine basa rei uye nani?

  7. Who cares, we are happy he is gone weather he resigned or not. If it was forged, the person behind this is our hero.

    1. @chatunga. well said. we actually did not like the linience and room to manouvre that the army was giving rgm. we wanted him to be forced to quit

  8. Kupenga uko all what we wanted was to remove Mugabe. It was not easy for a civilian to remove the dictator.

  9. Tete Viola GWENA dont be quiete .here you killed JOHNSO .why not forgive him and get him to contribute to country if he is willing to apologise.He has the brains tete.

    1. ‘Jonathan akaoma musoro’, said RGM in the mid-2000s.He does not admit to making a mistake, and he does not apologise. He is very intelligent but lacks wisdom, empathy,kindness, and foresight.

  10. Gentleman debating whether Bob was right or wrong will steal our precious time in regrouping under one common cause. We should continue to scrutinize the current regime and make sure we wont repeat the same mistake of letting them overstay.


  11. Jonso is a veteran turncoat. but I feel we still need him to a certain extent. He is naturally manipulative but he as well may provide the much needed political ammunition when everyone else seems to have an empty magazine.

  12. Freedom of speech is allowed. Let Jonso express himself like Dr Stop it. That shows the type of leader he is. Bitter, angry and a amanipulative person. Kasukuwere Ari zii zvake pondering on the next chapter in a foreign country. Chisingapere chinoshura.

  13. Nzungu nyoro pano.

  14. Moyo is just a selfish man and he is out of touch with reality.He and his fellow G40s cronies were living in a World different from us yet in the same country.These are just the last barks of a dying dog.Moyo is finished forever,he will not resurrect politically.

  15. It is decadent to advertise Jonono as a “think tank” for what do we owe to his efforts as a think tank?? An escalated in-house self destruction agenda. It appears those who support him have one way or the other benefited from his efforts and probably wined and dinned with him and who knows what else they did with him.
    this man was simply a political accessory for his principal who wanted to introduce a one party state policy, a man who believed in corrupt rewards, a man who destroyed a once potentially viable economy, a man who believed in violence, a man who failed to keep his anger under check and fought with just about every one including the international community, a traveller, a man who silenced the masses through intimidation, dare I continue… So lets not create hero’s out of villains, lets encourage virtuous attributes. Lets not focus our energy on hero worshipping and focus on what we can do for our country…. All Jonono’s friends hugely contributed to the destruction of our country, the likes of Kasukuwere and even this dread locked mfana, I forget his name… aaah yes Zhuwawo. So, if you like Jonono some of us can only assume it is in your personal capacity and we can live with that but pls dont force him down our throats, given his negative contributions to national development, NOP, sorry we can not like his page…
    “Think Tank” my foot, stuck in a jam tin……..

  16. Facts are usually bitter to swallow. It appears to me like the only time voters expressed themselves relatively freely was in 1980. I doubt that any election after that was as free and fair as that. This makes the case that Zim is a fictionally democratic country but run as a de facto one party state.

    All the previous and current players were part of this system whose destruction will take a long time to sort out.
    I find it very difficult to believe any of them today, same as I never believed them before. They are a self-centred, dishonest, opportunistic and arrogant lot and most of them should never be allowed near any leadership role – they cannot lead. Zimbabwe has many better people outside this small subset who can make things work. My two-cents worth…..

    1. Ko kan ma Mozmbicans and ma Zambians akauya kuzovoter in 1980 to make sure that people win and war stop, how do you know.
      Ma elections e 1985 to day are the most credible ones in that people voted per voter register. The only problem with 2000 2001 2005 2008 and 2013 elections is that Zanu P.F has been competing with pressure grops and such groups can not win elections.
      They have been competing with Children cry babies. Tswaru akadana tivu. Muromo chete kuwawata chete nekuita ma hooligans mu parliament. Ndiyani akati kwesere anga vothera such a party. Look at ZANu how they dealt with Mugabe, no blood shed but used brains. Even the army yacho well disciplined and very strategically. Who can resist such a charm. I am for E.D

  17. So u feel pity for somebody who held us in more duress more than 3 decades.The military shuld have done more than just detention,they should have put him in a tank full of mud till he release the whereabouts of Dzamara

  18. I agree Jonso muroyi, umthakathi oloya emini. He convinced the MDC that he was on their side and the actually campaigned for him and also withdrew their candidate. This was after he had been fired by Mugabe following the Tsholotsho debacle.Back then, he complained about the manner his firing was done, a fax to the hotel and his mobile phone was disconnected immediately. Now he tells us Mugabe is a saint. Mtaka Mlevu wadlani sibili. I suspect he was born in circumstances of unfaithfulness and harbors some bitterness against his late father, killed by gukurahundi, which outfit had been sent by Mugabe during a time of madness.Jonso openly rejoiced at the bombing of Daily News. Do we really need this turncoat masquerading as a great thinker. I think not

  19. Chen Chimutengwende

    Dai nyika ini yangogara isina President. Yatopera iyi

  20. Jonathan Moyo is more than a DEVIL. If he was fair, why did he create POSA and AIPA? That guy is a think tank to stupid people only. Why do you think he is a think tank when he only think of nagging the masses even in the privacy of their bedrooms. He is the one who was working to put Grace in power at the expense of the continuously suffering masses. Jonathan Moyo is the mastermind behind Media muzzle and closures. So to hell with him and his family. They must just rot in suffering as they were enjoying our suffering. They are now tasting their own medicine they made.

    1. Is it even worth it for us to bruise each other for this devil? Frankly I do not think so. Remember there are always two sides, even in heaven and hell.So it follows that Jonathan being the creation of the devil that he is, is a think-tank for that side, the very reason why those thoughts of his have backfired on him.This man caused damage,he fled and is seeking attention and sadly we are all just giving it to him.This one deserves to be written off as not even dead (because we remember our departed and continue to celebrate their lives even after they are gone)but as never having existed.The fool,witch,isidlova,ubhinya,injandini mpthuu siyamkhafula. We do not even need to know where he is.If possible remove him from all things that have to do with life and Zimbabwe.

  21. moyo good bye

  22. shut up moyo you are not human but the devil’s agent of human destruction and demise your best place is hell, heaven will find you and put you in your rightful place– hell nxaaaa. if dare come out and walk on zimbabwean soil you see that noboby likes you. even a school child would want revenge


  24. Comment…It is probably fair to measure the DEPTH of one’s intellectual attainment from soundness of ones inferential skills. I find the professor’s inferential skills nothing to write home about.

  25. Hey guys mukungoti jonathan moyo is intelligent, intelligent papi pacho. Dai matoti he is big mouthed pamwe tabvumirana. He has no brains at all. Ask true journalists of what they think about his intelligence. He cant shut his mouth.

  26. ahh moyo siyanai naye uyu aah! true he is part and parcel of the problems bedeviling the nation at higher education a hameno zvaingoita ahh his ideas are far from reality he lives mune kamwewo kaisland kake ega

  27. I dare say most of the comments here are from people who have been staunch zanupf supporters for years so to crap on jonso is being turncoats themselves. Jonso did accuse Ed of causing grievious bodily arm to one former news reader who now uses a wheel chair as a result. This accusation has not been denied or disproved! Zanu is no good .even now.

  28. Lieutenant Colonel Sbhamu

    Comment…Unfortunately there is no saint in ZANU PF, name just one. Jonso with his draconian laws, ED Sekeramayi Gukurahundi, Maminza Chiwenga 15b, not even one can skip the gun. kuyafana konke Prof thanks for removing Bob. hate Jonso but ignore him at your own peril,

  29. Dindingwe rinonaka richakweva rimwe, kana rave kudhonzwa roti handei kulawn!

  30. Yes Moyo is a menemene but he was the cleverest man in zanu he was chief in stealing elections that is why Mugabe liked him .In 2008 he was not in zanu and zanu was thrashed by MDC T in 2013 was back and zanu stole elections now he is out of zanu and it is almost certain that zanu will bite the dust in the coming elections .


  32. You can say whatever you want but fact remains jonso is a genius par excellent while EDiot is just what he is. Muchaona zvaachaitwa nenjunta kkk. Jonso akazviona kare zvaida kuitwa nenjunta akazvitaura and the stupid old RGM ignored the advice. Ask yourself hw he managed to escape

  33. Absenior Kasimu

    Comment… Mdc, the people’s party, our only hope.

  34. Well jonso yes was cruel if u remember rambAi makashinga song.he divided the Nation.He was fired but ED pleaded for him to come back.they gave thing in common vese vanehutsinye.they heled each other kick out Joyce.No one talks about how unfair she was treated.However jonso is smarter than ED.he used Grace to get ED out that’s thinking after ED akundwa,hE used the gun lying kuti it was targetting criminals ko Obert mpofu .well vese it’s ZanuPf and have benefited from the evil.Mugabe accepted defeat in 2008 and killed MDC supporters if Mugabe had accepted defeat.Now vatanga attacked Joyce.murderers

  35. Madoda Jonathan`s intelligence mmmm???? is scary watch out, if he advises the MDC. Lacoste is made up of very old people who always sleep and always rely on history. He will knock them down one by one. Remember hes the one who rescued ZANU yange yakarakashwa ne MDC liyakhohlwa he is a thinktank of all times.

  36. Sometime in November 2017

    Jona, Kasukuwere, Robbie… are all uzeless. It iz surprising to hear a true Zimbo supporting those shit pipo. Only foolz can support such.

  37. Joseph Chinotimba

    Saka zvamurikungotaura kuti Jona heee hee hee Jona Moyo, ko iye mambomubvunzawo kuti arikuti kudii nezvenyaya yacho. Chimbonyararai tinzwe zvaanotaura. Mupei nguva azvipindurirewozve nhai.

  38. Ehhhh I have said this before and I will say it again, to hell with butternut shaped head Satan. Noone will sympathize with him considering what he has done to us. Shuwa shuwa ku banner progress? What kind of leaders do that. Banning Joy TV, coca cola on the beat and many programs just so they can feed us with propaganda. To hell

  39. Ladies and gentlemen stop being cowards pointing fingers at people who are now powerless.YES JONATHAN MOYO IS CRUEL SO IS THE NEW GOVERNMENT.Where is the 15 billion,Itai Dzamara etc .Because someone is now the president he is a saint and anyone iwho is out of the country is to blame for the problems in Zim.As long we don’t change our way of doing things we shall remain slaves in our on country.

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