Mnangagwa appoints cabinet, familiar faces

Here is a full list of Cabinet Ministers, Ministers of State for Provinces and Deputy Ministers:

Cabinet Ministers

Patrick Chinamasa, as the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning;

Obert Mpofu, as the Minister of Home Affairs and Culture;

Transport minister Obert Mpofu

Air Marshal Perrance Shiri, as Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement;

Dr. Lazarus Dokora, as Minister of Primary and Secondary Education;

Dr. David Parirenyatwa, as the Minister of Health and Child Care;

Kembo Mohadi, as the Minister of Defence, Security and War Veterans;

Ziyambi Ziyambi, as Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs;

Major General Sibusiso Moyo, as Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade;

Kazembe Kazembe, as Minister of Sport, Arts and Recreation;

Dr Mike Bimha, as Minister of Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development;

July Moyo, as Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing;

Sithembiso Nyoni, as Minister of Women and Youth Affairs;

Professor Amon Murwira, as Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology Development;

Supa Mandiwanzira, as Minister of Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security;

Professor Clever Nyathi, as Minister of Labour and Social Welfare;

Dr Joram Gumbo, as Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development;

Winston Chitando, as Minister of Mines and Mining Development;

Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri, as Minister of Environment, Water and Climate;

Priscah Mupfumira, as Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry;

Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo, as Minister of Energy and Power Development;

Chris Mutsvangwa, as Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services; and

Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, as Minister of State for Presidential Affairs and Monitoring Government Programmes.

Ministers of State for the Provinces

Angeline Masuku, as Minister of State for Bulawayo Metropolitan;

Miriam Rutendo Chikukwa, as Minister of State for Harare Metropolitan;

Monica Mutsvangwa, as Minister of State for Manicaland;

Martin Tafara Dinha, as Minister of State for Mashonaland Central;

Webster Shamu, as Minister of State for Mashonaland West;

David Musabayana, as Minister of State for Mashonaland East;

Ndabazekaya Giyilitshe Cain Mathema, as Minister of State for Matabeleland North;

Abednico Ncube, as Minister of State for Matabeleland South;

Josiah Dunira Hungwe, as Minister of State for Masvingo; and

Owen Ncube, as Minister of State for Midlands.

Dr. Christopher Mushohwe, as Minister of State for Government Scholarships in the President’s Office.

Deputy Ministers

Terence Mukupe, as Deputy Minister for Finance and Economic Development;

Davis Marapira, as Deputy Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement;

Professor Paul Mavima, as Deputy Minister of Primary and Secondary Education;

Victor Matemadanda; as Deputy Minister for War Veterans;

Pupurayi Togarepi, as Deputy Minister for Youth Affairs; and

Joshua Malinga, as Deputy Minister for Social Welfare.

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  1. Although better than Mugabe, Mnangagwa is just another waste of time, what is this joke?

    1. Yah people will regret and start thinking Grcewas right who was trying to bring non militaey regime now it is infested kkkkkkkk gRACE WAS VYING FOR NON MILITARY GVT but kuzoirasa kutuka ivava lost advisers Gucci.

  2. So why did you chase Mugabe for staying in office for too long yet we still have other ministers who have overstayed in office plus they are too old. MDC ure the only hope that we have, put Garwe in the corner so that he disbands ZEC and implement the much needed electoral reforms.

  3. josphat mugadzaweta

    ndomakungundengu mvere dzemombe kuwanda kukunda dzenzou.madhambitanana manangazira makumbo ezongororo. this is just mugabe’s cabinet recycled.same incompetent thieves. pamunhu mutema nhamo haiperi.

    1. Psalms 109 vs 8-9


  4. ED is childish

    1. Guys our expectations may not produce our desired results. lets this man do what he think is the best and we judge him by results

      1. I agree totally! Though a bit disappointing, let’s give him/them a chance. I think the last experience they would want to go through is for Grace to have the last laugh!! Let us pray that out of the recent shake-up they learnt a lesson or two and will have their consciences leading them. God bless them.

      2. I agree,,we are used to crying and even if we dont hv tears we still wipe ur eyes..let the man start working then we can comment basing on perfomance

  5. Really????Not what we anticipated though ….

  6. aya zvimadhara zvega zvega. iii mwari pindirai, iti ndiyo tsaona chaiyo…

  7. Reality is kicking in now and honeymoon period is over. Mnangagwa is just the civilian face of the military junta. The struggle for Zimbabwe continues and if people thought Mugabe’s fall alone was enough to effect change, then people were sadly mistaken.

  8. masvimbirisvobodo muswe wedhongi chaiwo

  9. They say when the honeymoon is over, the honey goes and only the moon remains. Then again you cannot reach the moon, it is only a pipe dream…………. Where to now Zimbos with the Khaya Moyos and the Mumbengegwis???

  10. This interim president is a joke. So the ministers must be appointed on the basis of war crediantials not competency? What Mnangagwa did with the army to force Mugabe to resign will haunt him forever. What goes around comes around. Our disadvantaged generation will fight this Zanu regime. We will hunt them one by one. Check this comment in 10 years time!!!

  11. Reality is dawning on those who expected something supernatural. kikiki It was not Mugabe who failed this nation it is these guys who are cabinet ministers for life! Lets organize political parties that will deliver in 2018.

  12. Mpofu, Mohadi ,Dofora ahh ma 1.

  13. dawn of a new zimbabwe

    wrong move …typical replacing incompetence with more incompetence

  14. I said it before and will say it again. Mnangagwa and Mugabe are the same as they were birthed by the same political ideology. This shows that in as far as ending our economic troubles, he has no clue just like the old man. Most of the appointments were for political expediency, especially to curry the favour of the Team Lecoste that catapaulted him to power. This is seen by your Hungwes, July Moyos, the Mutsvangwa dynasty kikiki, Mukupe, Pupurai Togarepi etc. A joke of a cabinet really. Its good that Ngwena said elections will be held come rain or thunder so Zimbos you should vote wisely.

    1. No new policy shall ever be promulgated in this country that hasnt been once said by ZANU PF. The missing link was implementation. Lets see Ngwena execute hi plans for the economy. we were not there when the guys planned Mugabe’s fall. let him put his minds to work. the rest we are not in government. we dont know how government operates.

      1. Hey @chitova – dont try and defend the indefensible. These people appointed are perennial failures and so how do you expect them to change when they are even older. What is the rational of appointing Shiri to agriculture, for example?

  15. Comment…Zanu pf will never embrace change, it was removing a baboon and putting a monkey more playing now

  16. Mnangagwa is a waste of time.That guy is a loser.Period!!

  17. ngoma ndiyo ndiyo tiriparwendo – circus yacho ma1

  18. Iish!Just as i had predicted,Garwe’s cabinet is just one big yawn.Retaining thieves like Obert Mpofu and incompetent people like Dokora and bringing in the military in the form of Air Marshall Perence Shiri to head the agriculture ministry is a joke that is not fun at all.Worse still roping in Major General Sibusiso Moyo as foreign affairs minister.Whatever this crocodile is trying to achieve by such a cabinet full of incompetent and re cycled ministers is everyone’s guess.Just like what the old dictator Bob used to do,Garwe is just rewarding his allies for propelling him to the presidency
    especially the army and damn their abilities and qualifications.I can sense Chiwenga being rewarded with the vice presidency.We are now under the the ruling of the military junta though indirectly.Opposition parties should seize this opportunity to campaign for elctoral reforms and encourage the rural folk to register to vote.Thats our only hope to a better and prosperous Zimbabwe.That speech by Munangagwa on his inaguration kwaingova kuvukura nekuvukura nekungohumana zvisina maturo.

    1. Kumusha ikoko Shiri irikuuya kuzoita command them to work in the fields vachirima. Hokoyo

    2. I agree with you this is the worst cabinet ever, right now ma rates atokwira. am disappointed kugurwa kunorira chaiko

  19. All you zimbabweans out there,the change that we have been crying for for a long time is totally in vain,totally in limbo and totally out of reach. Let us come together as one and take our fierce fighting to the soldiers, ED Mnangagwa and his zanu pf party because they don’t want to repent and they don’t want to develop zimbabwe totally.Mnangagwa is Mugabe,what a joke of recent events they has been,useless jokes to the zimbabwean people done by the destroyers-ZANU PF.Recycling useless epis all the times,what is exactly zanu pf up to? I have been calling for the entire change in party and government.If zimbabweans lack vision,wisdom and knowledge,then we are fighting for rotten meat.MDC you are sleeping,the transition that you have been talking about for the past weeks is water under the bridge.Rise up sons and daughters because good life always comes after a hard struggle.

  20. Very disappointed with this cabinet. At first I thought it was a joke but looks like reality. The same people who have been failing again and again are still in cabinet. To make it worse some people with no expertise whatsoever are given key ministries just because they have an army background or are war veterans or both. Matemandanda now a deputy minister! Really.

  21. so we have Ziyambi Ziyambi and Kazembe Kazembe as ministers. Murape Murape is coming as VP

    1. Gracelands Madeath Mugabe

      Kazembe Kazembe huya pano

      1. kkk waituka tuka kasukuere stop it he is not going anywhere

    2. josphat mugadzaweta

      chirikure chirikure as speaker of parliament


  23. Hapanahapana kune vangavofarisa vachitukuirira opposition, think again. I said it, they are all a bunch of thieves, they all get in the same busket, why not giving these positions to young individuals with new ideas and energy to run around. “wait and see NO” this is nonsense. I will go for opposition maybe I can see real change.

  24. Remember its not about same people but about our policies.If we can have the best macro-economic policies which can attract investors globally which I believe the new administration of Mr ED Mnangagwa has already put in place with the same ministers interesting times full of bliss for Dzimbaremabwe are ahead.

    1. Hope you wake up from your dream soon. What will Obert Mpofu, Patrick Chinamasa, Kembo Mohadi, Lazarus Dokora, David Parirenyatwa, Mike Bimha, July Moyo, Sithembiso Nyoni, Supa Mandiwanzira, Joram Gumbo, Oppah Muchinguri, and Simbarashe Mumbengegwi has to offer in this generation even with good policy? Let alone the new guys…oooh please give us a break.

    2. Comment…that’s True, lest see what they will do, after a while we will comment…. it’s too early to judge now

    3. you are weight sir, policies matters most and their establishment…
      it’s early, some people were working to please masters. I believe it’s gonna be great

    4. the issue is time is running out for us. we can’t afford to experiment again with people who have long proved that they are nothing but a bunch of cowards and thieves. from a layman’s point of view it was clear that ED was just supposed to deal with the issue of national healing by depolarising the already scattered zimbos, bringing new blood into the system and changing the way we view gvt matters i.e it has nothing to do with being a comrade or a politician, instead focus should be on the capacity and competence.

    5. cde kurima ne tractor pavhu risina chikafu it doesn’t make any big difference, cabinet yamudhara was far much better

  25. Pana DOKORA wandigwadzisa MUNANGAGWA, we ARTUZ waida kuratidzira last week wachiti Dokora ngaasiye chigaro mukavavhara muchiti haapo pa new cabinet nhasi amuka avapo. Ndagwadziwa. Itaiwo zvido zvevanhu kani chii chinonetsa ipapo,the fomula is, kana munhu asisiri popular neruzhinji rweZimbabwe mukamanikidzira kuti ave ipapo makutogwa nezvido zvevanhu.MUSADARO!

  26. ED now showing his true colours – a Mugabe apologist and an army puppet. Put the best people into portfolios and not just faction members and army people. What does he expect Dokora to do better this time? What has the likes of Supa achieved and Mpofu is hanging in there too. Not good enough is my honest verdict.

  27. Ed has been captured by the army! What a big let down. No wonder why he took so long to name the cabinet.He was trying to please those who helped him steal power. A command cabinet! No matter what hairstyle you may have-the head is still a zanu head!! The man cannot get out Bob’s shadow! And who are our vice presidents-another army man (chiwenka)

  28. now we have army personel being given ministries.
    at least i have registered to vote

  29. Hang on a bit guys. You never seem to understand politics hence misplaced optimism/pessimism. ED still needs support from his cronies to secure his party and state presidency and to be seen to be rewarding loyalists as well. The cabinet after elections will incrementally drop some of these faces, but he knows that drastic and wholesale changes at this point as at any other time can and will backfire on him. Politics is unfortunately about yourself as well as the people. The art lays in the balance of these competing interests. You can only truly make drastic changes after securing your final term of office. At that point, there is nothing to lose in gambling.

  30. Same old failures we are going nowhere .We are using the same formula day in day out expecting difeerent results -Foolish

  31. AK. you will see the same sick man Tsvangirai at the helm of the opposition
    Good luck.

    1. Better to see a popularly elected (democracy at work) than imposed failures (dictatorship) and expecting progress. Have you never been sick yourself?
      I am one of those who was skeptical from the word go, I’m not shocked or surprised by the so-called cabinet. It’s the never-ending primary school optimism of Zimbabweans which never ceases to amaze me. There we score a global A.

  32. Promise heaven, deliver hell! The forest has changed but the monkeys are still the same, our plea to ED to seek technocrats notwithstanding. Zanu PF, it appears, is a thorn in everyone’s foot to keep itching as a reminder that the war is far from over. It goes without saying that you can’t put lipstick on a pig.


  34. Nyika yedu yave maravhuza hapana shanduko apa. Thieves back again to loot the last riches of our motherland.

  35. Lets register to vote out this nonsense party and rebuild our country ourselves. ED you have made your 1st big blunder, youve in the process lost pleanty of sympathy. Better pray for an improved economy otherwise your reign as president will be only eight months.

  36. Mnangagwa should amalgamate ministries that play similar roles e.g, ministry of primary and that of ministry of higher education. Some ministries need to be get rid of becoz, they dont play any meaningful roles.
    Some deputy ministers need to be replaced by permanent secretaries.

    1. Dont be surprised @nacido – because they are stockholders, they are the ones in control. This the new look GNU between Zanu PF, war vets and the army.

  37. takapembedza ngozi tichiti mudzimu here we go again…………

  38. Comment…only mdc gvt can make us happy not this zanu pf killers and thieves useless mnagagwa,obert,simba,kembo lazurus

  39. SIYANA naTsvangirai,atadzei nhy.

  40. i mean Love Joe siyana natsvangirai atadzei nhy?

    president mnangagwa must make a national press statement to clarify on his new appointments.Its a disgrace.

  41. Regai ndinoregister chopaz, izvi hazviite izvi. Pasi nemhanduuuuuuu

  42. Ha, pana Dokora apo president makanya. Hamufe makaenderera mberi nemunhu uyu.

  43. pose panofa munhu hapashaikwe muroyi.dambudziko redu ndere kusvora,takangofanana nama judah akaimbira jesu achipinda mu guta re jerusarema pasina mazuva vakanga vavakuti ngaarovererwe pamuchinjikwa,zuro ndizuro mai imba kuti rasvika gamba kutonga kwaro.nhasi mava kupopota munoda kuti atonge zvamunoda here.chimbomupai 100days mozo popota.musakasike.dzorai speed.vanhu vaasarudza ndivo vaanoda kushanda navo.he trusts them period


    What a waste of opportunity! This is one the most useless cabinet since independence. The old corrupt and incompetent guys are back. Forget about any progress. Owen Mudha Ncube, a very close ally of ED and an illiterate god father of Al Shabab militias in Mbizo, Kwekwe is now the provincial minister in Midlands? My foot! He he cannot even write down or spell his own name. Very sorry Zimbabwe!.

  45. Comment…mazezuru muri mbwa dzevanhu grace anga achabvisika uyu haachabvisiki imilitary iyi yatatova nayo nxaaa …. same same next year vanhu vakurohwa nemasoja paelections chiwenga in three years ED anenge amuuraya achapihwa huVP kungomufadza nxaa kuita kwemazezuru ikoko

  46. Love Joe,don’t join this conversation because yesterday and tomorrow zimbabwe will remain a junk state,is that what you want and you keep on aiding your useles epies when we know that they will and will never deliver?

  47. same old shit….where is change apa???????

    1. very disappointed..

      Recycled since 1980…

  48. I propose not to judge too early. In the main, what matters are the policies these people will implement and not the faces.Besides, choices are limited as the cabinet is mainly drawn from a parliament which unfortunately is made up of too many illiterate people. Ngwena chose the best of the worst, so no need to blame him at this point.

    1. primary school optimism is very elastic!!

  49. Though quite disappointing, let’s give him/them a chance. I think the last experience they would want to go through is for Grace to have the last laugh!! Let us pray that out of the recent shake-up they learnt a lesson or two and will have their consciences leading them. God bless them.

  50. Though quite disappointing, let’s give him/them a chance. I think the last experience they would want to go through is for Grace and Jonathan to have the last laugh!! Let us pray that out of the recent shake-up they learnt a lesson or two and will have their consciences leading them. God bless them.

  51. Well change is not yet Zimbabweans?????????????

  52. Heard its called the BLUE ROOF CABINET

  53. I bet my last dollar this is the worst cabinet ever. Toita sei manje vakomana?

  54. The enemy of your enemy is your friend (at least for a while as you all work together to defeat the enemy). After that its back to the drawing board as you try to fight the new enemy, just like the old famous ROYAL RUMBLE WRESTLING. On Tuesday the 21st of November we won the battle, and this gave us (for the first time) a chance to win the war. You can never talk of wining a war if you cant win the ‘in the mean time battles’. So, don’t be discouraged be rejuvenated, be strong, register to vote, go and vote and boot out the infamous Zanu PF thieves. We are talking of a heavily injured beast (Zanu PF) still licking its wounds, hence this is a golden opportunity for all Zimbabweans to work together as we hammer in the last nail and remove unrepentant looters. We are wiser now, we no more and better now (thanks to them). BEHOLD 2018 NEARS.

  55. Isu veG40 TICHIZVIONA neZimbabwe yes ichizviona chimarcher ika tione kushandiswa nemasoja ed was n will never be elected always appointed

  56. Early this year Mugabe said non of his deputies Mpoko and Mnangagwa can run the country bcoz they were all dander heads now we all see what he meant . Mnangagwa was given a dummy by the army to run the country and he does not know how to do that bcoz naturally he is not smart upstairs . Yes is very cruel everyone knows that but very swallow minded and no ways we can have a president like that .Mutasa Mdidimus recently warned us that we must stop the habit of electing fools to lead us Come next year we finish off this nonsense

    1. Can i quote you on the dander heads bit its awesome stuff by our exPresident, and it has now been laid bare by the choice of Cabinet.

  57. Comment..matakanana chaiwo. Akatishandisa. Mumusoro hamuna chinhu haafunge. Bangosungawo chombo what about obert Mpofu waarikudya naye, he is not serious. Who is he fooling. Tatopedza naye. Give him 6 months he will be history

  58. People celebrated the fall of Mugabe not the appointment of Mnangagwa as president bcoz for 37 years he has been stealing and destroying this country with Mugabe so any very normal person can never expect him to bring change and lets stop this thing of saying lets give him chance because that is how it started with zanu we kept giving them chances till the country was run down . Now we have no chance left it was all missed by zanu Mnangagwa included .No time for mediocre Next year Mnangagwa and zanu must fall .

  59. president makanya pana dokora bvisai please we want to win election 2018
    Dokora habatsiri uyu imhanduuuuuu pasi naye


  61. This guy is a faction leader not a leader of the country. I have never seen a person so dump as not to see the national spirit that is sweeping this land. It is a clear spirit that says we are tired of fruitless politics that is being peddled by these leaders for their selfish gains. Mnangagwa is a clear corrupt and evil person judging from his past. People have been willing to forgive him as long as he gives the country a fresh breath of life and depart from the rowdy politics of force and cohesion as done in the past. Clearly he did not read the mood correctly. This cabinet of dead wood is not going to be easy to demand performance from . Better technocrats that he can easily read the riot act and demand performance without fear of comradeship being infringed. Can he ask Perence Shiri to deliver? In one day Lacoste has spent all the goodwill people gave him . Is this guy intelligent or another Brute. The cabinet reflects the handy work of a faction leader. Mugabe was right, non of his vice presidents were fit to run Zimbabwe. but we hated Mugabe so much we could not take anything from him as true. Whither Zimbabwe.

  62. The majority of stakeholders in the education sector openly expressed their genuine displeasure on Dokora’s policies for your ear Mr President but dissappointingly your peoples’ pleas fell into deaf ears. Who do we cry to now. We are not against his long thick beard or his personality but his policies have destroyed our education system especially on these time wasting stupid tasks and socalled projects for secondary school pupils. We cant start on a bad footing especially in this sensitive sector like education. U destroy our children Mr Dokora you have destroyed their future and the future of our country.

  63. Lets give these guys the first 100 days. Lets not be pessimistic. We should pray for these men so that they perfom their roles perfectly.

  64. Zimbabwe yakazara mabharanz vakomana iyo maministers yo chero chaati aita hapana zvakutonz wat a waste of tym kare.Wanga uchda kut pasarudzwe baba vako hre???

  65. As for me am not that much disappointed. I know that Mnangagwa is a politician who still needs a political vote at the Zanu PF congress which is due in weeks. To expect him to make drastic changes is as good as to expect him to dig his own political grave. However, if he wins in 2018 a full term and give us such a dummy cabinet then we are justified to be angry with him. I think we need to at least recognise his effort to cut cabinet and also the fact that bringing many new faces means more resources being pumped out to go towards packs of the new ministers just for 9 or 10 months towards elections. Its better to keep those old madalas for a while than to create another challenge of wanting to finance the new cabinet.


  67. Hey Dokora again.

  68. Why do La coste think a puppet of soldiers unelected president can change things celebrating the down fall of Mugabe did not mean people want Mnangagwa to be their president The people : s president will be voted into office next year and now people are much wiser they will not vote for someone who has been in govt since 80s no mhani . We want complete change without zanu in power that is change every sane person is looking forward to.Please people watch out do not be be hoodwinked by la coste who lie that Mnangagwa will change things HE IS NOT COMPETENT AND WE MUST NOT MAKE MISTAKE NEXT YEAR ZANU MUST FALL.

  69. ED has failed us big time. Failures with proven record at the steering wheel again? Luckily the tenure of this govt is short-lived. What a hoax?

  70. As this is a democratic nation where evryone has a ryt to vote for a presidential candidate of his own choosing im going to vote for Zanu Pf come 2018

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