AMHVoices: Think about postponing 2018 elections

Much as I dislike political horse-trading, government of national unity (GNU) and national transitional authorities (NTA), it may be necessary to postpone 2018 elections to carry out the necessary amendments.

By Justice Takesure,Our Reader

As pointed out by Veritas in a story in your Monday issue, we have too wicked and primitive laws to ensure free and fair elections in October 2019 for a new government to be sworn into office.

In the meantime, the two or three parties in Parliament may enter into a GNU or NTA, with MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai as one of the two Vice-Presidents.

That will ensure a well-deserved and nice retirement package for him, should he feel like calling it a day, at the beginning of 2020.

While we are at it, in amending laws to ensure free and fair elections, we should also constitutionally fix at affordable levels of all government institutions, abolishing some in the process.

The Legislature, for example, should be limited at 120 lawmakers in total, the Executive at 15 ministries.

Provincial ministers’ posts must be abolished while the Zimbabwe Defence Forces is pruned to a total of 17 000 men and women as the Zimbabwe Republic Police is right-sized to 20 000 officers.

In the interest of national stability, peace and economic growth, the Constitution could also be amended so that the 30-member Senate has a 10-year life-span, with only those 40 years and above, but below 75 years of age eligible for election.

The 90-member Lower House of Assembly would still enjoy a five-year life-span and requiring a minimum age of 25 years to be eligible for election.

The Presidency must be limited to a one seven-and-a-half-year term to ensure the incumbent is focused on the economy, and not politics.

There should be only one VP, who will automatically succeed the incumbent President, should he or she, for any reason relinquish office before his or her term expires.

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  1. Yowe

    Presidential term 7 and half years!

  2. Elections should go forward in 2018 then reform after that why give an unelected govt the opportunity to make changes esp permanent changes

    Who will they be representing whenot they change these laws
    Certainly not the people they will instead make changes to allow their continued hold on power

    With the current system mdc won elections in the past
    It was just oppression that they never got to form a govt
    The current system works intimidation however should stop
    Once an elected govt is in place then let major changes take place

    1. Agree with you 101%


  3. We can not afford pushing elections further bcoz the head of govt we have now is a puppet of the military not elected at all and that will scare away investors .

  4. I totally agree with you that the legislature should be pegged at 120, and the cabinet not more than 15. If at all there is need for a senate it should not be more than 25. Our population and economy cannot justify this blotted legislature and cabinet. I take my hat off to ED for trying to scale down, but the situation seriously curtailed how far he could go. On the other hand, even if you carry out a global survey, let alone a regional one, it boggles the mind how on earth we could have such a legislature, senate and executive with our population and economic performance. Maybe even the international lenders should refuse to extend any lines of credit till these issues are addresses. Let us not be this irresponsible!!!!

  5. Comment…We have the military in charge and a puppet in the statehouse. The lacoste has a upper hand and the military stopped the purging of G40

    1. It has been like this since 2008, Mugabe was ruling at the whim of the military after losing big time to Morgan and he refused to go.

  6. Zimbabweans lets be constructive in what ever we comment. The future is ours. There is no change without hard working. Lets give everyone a chance. We need to support each other.

  7. This thing of giving chance is what made us to be where we are today we had been giving zanu too many chances and now we have learnt from the past mistakes no chance to zanu any more lets try others if they too fail halle we remove them .

    1. we are sick and tired of these empty promises from zanu pf, lets vote in 2018.We just want someone who can be able to regurgitate Zimbabwe from a sinking ship where mugabe left us in.

  8. There is no need to postpone elections…is this a ploy to bring opposition parties into power through the back door? The constitutional changes you are talking about cannot be made now as some of them are too far reaching in nature. In any event you dont need a GNU to amend the electoral laws. The previous GNU failed to make any meaningful amendments and sadly joined the gravy corrupt train.Drinking tea and eating cakes at State house. It is my view that any postponement will be a mischievous move to leave the country in a perpetual election mode which is not good for the economy. An election as scheduled will also put to rest the misguided claim by others that the current government lacks legitimacy because it was not elected. Let us all go and register so we exercise our right.

  9. We should not use elections delays and or government to manage MDC T succession matrix. they have to find a way and find a way to look after their dear leader even after his retirement. the fear of unkown and uncertainty is keepin Morgan crawling with the party to the next ballot. MDC T have a self introspect and make the necessary change if you think you are better than the former prez RGM. Morgan is frail, he need rest. please just allow him that. the party should have managed his exit plan way before using the donors’ funds. alas the bitis managed to buy properties in effluent suburbs. Elections should go ahead. lets all prepare and engage the government of the day not the trumps of the world (poor Chamisa and Biti). they will remain in the terraces.

    1. you do not have a point sit down

      1. I concur with you Master Blaster.

        1. Same here!

    2. law should be enacted that divorces a president from holding party office so that he focuses on national duty


    tingasaita nyika yeGNU here veduwe kana vachigona kutonga ngavatonge kana vasingagone vosiira vanogona either zanu or mdc but it mustn’t be a GNU, woti uri builder woda basa ra nurse woti nurse chaiye ngaakuudzire marapirwo evarwere iwe uripabasa no no no at tyms panotoda kuoma musoro munhu oratidza hudofo or kusagona kwake basa if that builder has pride and is not wise.mdc may loose relevance if the zanu do the correct thing and make our nation great certain ideas and code of conducts must change voita true democracy , accountability, transparency, curb corruption and promote good corporate governance. opposition will be there only for check and balance to keep the ruling on their toes unlike that one party state scenario we had yakarambwa nana tekere mazuva aya.

  11. Please can someone inform me as to which reforms that can not have elections take place. How are reforms done? The opposition, that is, MDC and other small parties have failed dismally – even failing to form a coalition. So can people postpone election for what?

    1. maiwe kusaziva kufa ko inga wabvunza ma reforms wani.. wadi kumirira wapindurwa zvako…unoziva a word rekuti dismally iwe usingazive ma political reforms akutaurwa nezvawoo here?wakakotsira iwe….

      1. Please tauraka mareforms acho!

  12. It is a shame that someone can hallucinate here saying the opposition has failed when we all know since 1980 it is zanu that had been failing us hence we need to remove it and put another political party. .

  13. KKKKKKKK true Chimedza shows you the type of zanu supporters just shallow minded does not know who has been ruling since 1980 they even do not know the reason why we vote heeesh yaaa .With such pple in our country we can not be called educated nation never mhani .

    1. Dungas akatokotsira zvake.

      1. Dungas is very much alert indeed! Since the year 2000, the MDC has always cried and mourned about reforms, reforms,electoral and constitution ad nausea….

        Zanu P.F won in 1980 under the Rhodies constitution which was subsisting until 2013 at the ushering of a new constitution at the instance and special request of the MDC.
        The new constitution is now in place and being aligned with the existing laws. The MDC and Zanu P.F joined the gravy train in Government and forgot to make the claimed reforms in time believing that the imminent demise of ZANU P.f was coming in the 2013 plebiscite.
        By the time they were booted out of Government by the electorate under the same electoral conditions, they could only blame the “Nikuvu mirage”.
        Therefore, the opposition’s claim and demands for reforms is simply a smokescreen in the face of the imminent electoral defeat by the rejuvenated Zanu P.f.
        The so-called reforms are self serving antiques in the face of a coming electoral loss.
        In 2008, the same opposition MDC political party had won 100 parliamentary seats against Zanu P.f’s 99 seats. And, the Presidential outcome saw Tsvangirai almost winning. However, he failed short of the required 50+1% in terms of the constitution.
        The million dollar question is:How will the so-called reforms make the MDC-Alliance sexy to the electorate? Against the background were the same electorate are in perpetual trauma due to the satanic, deleterious, ruinous and racist economic sanctions imposed against our Motherland at the instigation, invitation, and advocated by the MDC,then, and the MDC -Alliance now.

  14. Vamwe vanhu vanonyora ma articles aya ngavambosiya mbanje. Who in their right mind would agree on a 7 and half term?? 4 dzakatokwana dzakadero.. You sir need a psychological appointment because mamwe mapoints aya anoitwa in a totalitarian government

  15. All very sensible, except maybe for the 7 1/2 year presidential term. Since it makes sense to shrink the size of government and the armed forces, it will never happen in Zimbabwe. Thanks all the same for writing!

  16. I admire the size of Government for Ian Smith. It was small and effective. We must one Minister of Agriculture and one minister of education.

  17. fellow zimbabwean

    I think the military helped a lot. They did a job which you politicians failed for a long time. I think they are better than you people because you only think for yourselves and not the rest of all civilians zimbabweans. now you don’t see our country’s status , no roads no proper health services no trusted crime stoppers. but you’re only thinking of going for election .and not thinking of repairing your damages to the country. The fact is you politicians are responsible for all suffering of your fellow zimbabweans. Some of you are power thirsty and others goes abroad to ask for sanctions. is that what you call makadzidza here. kurwira kutonga nyika muchisiya kuvaka nyika. I don’t think Zimbabwe will rise again with you in. we’re tired of you. You force us to vote for things you’ve never delivered .but lies.

  18. That will ensure a well-deserved and nice retirement package for him, should he feel like calling it a day, at the beginning of 2020.

    So this is your reason why Zimbabwe must go into a GNU or NTA.

  19. Comment…I put the blame on Zanu Pf killers ED ,Guvheya,Digushi

  20. Ndabazezwe Viki

    Let’s not allow the likes of “Justice Takesure Our Reader” advance the interests of the military government at the expense of civilian rule. Elections should go forward and we do not need any extension of being ruled by an illegitimate government. More over we do not need a month to align our laws to the constitution but just a week if there is good will on the part of the Junta. This time if they rig we are definitely obliged to take a leaf from Kenya by inaugurating our own president who will be chose by the people.

  21. You raised some good points but however there are some key points you failed to see. Postponement of elections isnt the way,this will give the unelected government to make changes and consolidate their position in all sectors of society. I tell you fielding a young Coalition Candidate Presidential candidate like Chamisa will sent shivers down Zanu pf spine. A mere 40 yr old contesting against a 76 yr old incumbent, imagine. The opposition Coalitions is the way to go without it i see another presidential run-off.

  22. ehhhh vhotai apa musatisemese netupfungwa twenguruve dzinongoda kudya chete . We can not be tied by this puppet government which is in day light pursuing a whitemans agenda at the expense of the oppressed black majority tipeiwo mukana tipedzise basa rekutora ivhu tichiendesa kuvatema mozotanga textbook economics dzenyu minda takabata nyangwe mukaita huori at least nzara haizoyibati

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