No horse-trading prior to elections


I like Coalition for Democrats (Code)’s approach where they have separated party/coalition leadership (Dumiso Dabengwa) from the presidential candidate (Elton Mangoma).

By Justice Takesure,Our Reader

I also like their idea that coalition candidates for parliamentary elections will be the most popular person in the constituency from the coalition regardless of which party in the coalition he hails from.

This calls for open primary elections. That is highly democratic and progressive.

That is also the way the coalition’s (Code) leader and presidential candidate should be selected: No to horse-trading.

I hope, therefore, the acting leader and presidential candidate aspirant will both seek the necessary mandates.
They must offer their posts for contestation in internal elections for coalition leadership positions and open primary elections for the presidential candidate.

The potential fatal flaw of avoiding the people needs correction.

Until that is done, we reserve our congratulations, but good luck to them.


  1. This is political madness at its highest level. Who is Mangoma? Dabengwa? or Matibenga? Are they really serious about booting out ZANU?

  2. Opposition political fellows, you amaze us: You are busy constituting coalition alliances instead of mobilizing voters. What do you think you are going to get out of that trifle? ZANU PF IS BUSY MOBILIZING THE VOTERS, WHILE YOU MOBILIZE EACH OTHER. WAKE-UP TO REALITY, FELLOWS.

  3. Code is nothing but a way to split the vote do these guys hope to come with a presidential winner. Its like attempting A LEVEL with one 0 Level. These break away specialist should give us a break. the country has suffered enough.Remember how the Mavambo project derailed the people`s aspirations.I think if there are donors bankrolling these guys they must be told to stop and insist on a united front rather than a fragmented and opportunistic approach.

  4. I believe Dumiso is still an active member of the secret service he once led. Mango ma is just a power hungry buffoon with nothing to offer besides donor funding he is anticipating.

  5. This is a coalition of nonentities, jokers, dreamers etc they should just shut up and forget it. Our country is a mockery, our people are very foolish, 60 opposition parties which have a tendency of surfacing when elections are around the corner. Laughing stock of the world. We cant even learn from our neighbors, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana etc

  6. in the first place no one elected mangoma and dabengwa on those posts. The truth is that primary elections will divide that coalition. These parties are too small. they have never held a single rally. Dabengwa has alwalys being saying he is the one who prevented zimbabweans from defeating znpf in 2008 together with mavambo. So he is still furthering his intention of wanting us to remain suffering under znpf. History will judge you dabengwa

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