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AMHVoices: Grace has captured Mugabe to capture the State


State capture is described as a type of systemic political corruption in which private interests significantly influence a State’s decision-making processes to their advantage.

By Gheorghe,Our Reader

Allegations of State capture have rocked South African President Jacob Zuma’s administration following the release of the then public protector, Thuli Madonsela’s report, in which the Gupta family has been alleged to having huge influence in the running of the government.

In Zimbabwe, State capture is slowly being entrenched with the main player being First Lady Grace Mugabe. Following the Zanu PF women’s league decision to handpick her as its leader, whirlwind rallies commenced.

During the rallies, Grace would take a dig at unnamed people, but this changed suddenly, as the then Vice-President Joice Mujuru was attacked left, right and centre.

Eventually, Mujuru and other senior members were hounded out of the party.

It baffles the mind then that a VP is denounced willy-nilly by all and sundry while the appointer remains silent.

Fast-forward to 2017: The presidential youth interface rallies have presented yet another platform for continued exhibition of State capture antics. The Zanu PF secretary for women’s affairs has been making unruly statements that go against protocol.

Senior ministers and civil servants have been publicly vilified.

Zanu PF youth leaders have also taken after Grace, as they publicly dress down seniors, who are as old as their fathers.

The last youth rally in Bindura saw the First Lady intensifying her attacks on Mnangagwa.

Furthermore, the First Lady exonerated Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo of any wrongdoing despite the fact that Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission officers were investigating allegations of abuse of State funds against him.

The First Lady has usurped the powers of the her husband, President Robert Mugabe

She has become the de facto prime minister of Zimbabwe albeit with the blessing of her husband. For instance, during her meet-the-people tours, most ministers would ditch their duties just to be present at her rallies.

Furthermore, her admonishing of senior government officials and civil servants means she is overstepping her bounds and, of course, vilifying the VP, who holds a senior post in the party definitely proves that she has captured the President.

Most founding Presidents of our neighbouring countries had wives, who were noble and stayed out of controversy.

Just like Zuma, Mugabe is a willing player and participant in this game of capture. The difference is that South Africans have been voicing their dissent about the State capture and demanding that action be taken, whereas here in Zimbabwe it is taboo to even say so.

This is the appalling state of our country today as a few individuals are manipulating the State system to suit their interests at the expense of millions.

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