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AMHVoices: Mugabe to launch Zaac campaign, how ironic


President Robert Mugabe is the chief protector of corrupt individuals in high offices and should not speak about corruption
To prove this without dwelling too much into history because we will take forever citing cases where Mugabe did not take action, but for reasons best known to himself, chose to turn a blind eye.

By T Gutu,Our Reader

We will just look at cases taken up by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc), as mandated by the Constitution.
The first case was when Zacc officials raided the offices of Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere and his Home Affairs counterpart Ignatius Chombo.

Instead of being commended for such action because evidence was and is still there for the prosecution of the two, what followed was shocking: Zacc officials were arrested for investigating the two.

Not only did the case die a natural death, but the two were promoted to very influential ministries.

Chombo and Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri have on numerous occasions defied court orders, but nothing has happened to them.

But those in the wrong basket like former Prosecutor-General Johannes Tomana, a tribunal was quickly set up to determine his suitability to hold office mainly on the basis of defying a court order.

More recently, we have seen Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo being protected or exonerated by the First Family publicly at rallies in a matter that is before the courts, which can be interpreted as a way of trying to unduly influence the decision of the courts.

This could also explain why the matter has taken so long to be concluded when other matters that came after it have long been concluded.

In short, the President is the wrong man to be presiding over this very important case. Instead, Zacc, the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission and civil society should petition Mugabe to protect and allow such bodies to operate independently as directed by the Constitution. If not, disband them altogether.

If not allowed to operate independently, they become a waste of resources as they do not serve the purpose they were set up for.

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