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AMHVoices: Mahofa has left violence legacy


IN response to Mahofa declared national heroine: The good and the bad need to be said.

By Janana wa Bikaz,Our Reader

The late Shuvai Mahofa
The late Shuvai Mahofa

I do not derive joy from the demise of others, even if we do not see eye to eye.

However, death does not rub off the bad things that a person did when they were still alive.

The late Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Shuvai Mhofa was notorious for leading groups of Zanu PF thugs to beat up and displace quite a number of people perceived to be opposition supporters. Some even lost their lives because of Mahofa.

She has left a legacy of violence, no wonder she was nicknamed the Iron Lady of Masvingo.

If the truth be told, her bad deeds outweighed her good deeds by far.

The same can be said about most Zanu PF top officials who are still alive today and awaiting their turn to be conferred with the national hero status if they “decide” to die one day.

They have presided over the abductions, deaths and maiming of innocent citizens, but for the Zanu PF’s politburo, it is not a crime against humanity, but a sure ticket to the so-called national shrine.

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