AMHVoices: Chombo’s land utterances disgusting

THE People’s Democratic Party (PDP) finds Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo’s recent utterances on land ownership disturbing,and such hallucinations cannot go unchallenged.

By Jacob Mafume,PDP Spokesperson

Chombo recently told farmers at a field day that they were not free to join a party of their choice because they own a piece of land. Such words warrant a high-level sanction. Chombo must be punished for what he said, he must at least resign and apologise thereafter.

As a matter of fact, his utterances violate section 67(2) of the supreme law of the land.

“Every Zimbabwean citizen has the right to form, to join and to participate in the activities of a political party or organisation of their choice, to campaign freely and peacefully for a political party or cause.”

Under this provision, all citizens are free to participate in peaceful political activity to influence, challenge or support the policies of the government or any political or whatever cause. The land reform programme is, therefore, not a basis to reverse such rights.

Chombo went further to claim that the party which liberated the country reserves the sole right to the land, a claim also based on false information.

While some of the people in Zanu PF were part of the liberation struggle, it is also important to note that other movements were involved in the struggle.

The masses outside the active political organisations also played a pivotal role supporting the fighters with food and information, among other things.

More importantly, the agenda of the liberation struggle included the right for citizens to make independent political choices, which right was denied by the colonial government.

The PDP is aware that Zanu PF has been unfairly using Chombo’s words to intimidate innocent citizens who work hard on the fields to earn a living and also contribute to food security as well as the productive sector of the economy.
We want to state that the land issue is a constitutional issue which Chombo cannot wake up on the wrong side of bed and suddenly wield power to reverse.

Section 289 of the Constitution states that allocation and distribution of agricultural land must be fair and equitable, having regard to gender balance and diverse community interests.

The Constitution states that the use of the land must be that of creating productivity, food security, good health, nutrition and generate employment. In that regard, Zanu PF’s personal aggrandisement and power retention agenda does not form part of the constitutional agenda on land.

More importantly, the Constitution states that “no person may be deprived arbitrarily of their right to use and occupy agricultural land”.

As we state in the Holistic Programme for Economic Transformation (HOPE), the State must put to rest the land question.

Title must be given to those who occupy land to ensure security of tenure, but we know Zanu PF resists because they intend to continuously maintain a leash on those who own land.

Beyond that, title empowers the new farmer with borrowing capacity, which is critical for productivity on the farms.

Finally, Chombo must surrender some of his multiple farms and choose one, then encourage his colleagues in Zanu PF to do the same.

Together another Zimbabwe is possible.


  1. Is there a party which is contesting elections which was there before 1980??? So everybody is former Zanu PF so they all liberated the country.

  2. It’s true that Dr. Whitehead is clearly offside, though we acknowledge that he is expressing the party position. This applies to chiefs, headmen and kraal heads who are supposed to be impartial and cater for the needs of all their residents irrespective of political affiliation, yet they support one political party in a multi-party democracy. The issue of land title especially to small holder farmers (A1 resettlement model) is becoming urgent, and therein we find a stumbling block in that the land in which they eke a living has been designated communal land with a chief as a principal lands officer capable of distributing the land. For avoidance of doubt I respect African community leadership structures, of which I am part of the royal family in the lands where I was born, however I have come to realize that we need to give value to land, and the only way to do that is to give title to land.

  3. “Chombo went further to claim that the party which liberated the country reserves the sole right to the land, a claim also based on false information” – the Claim is a pack of lies.
    Neither Zanu or Zapu “liberated the country. Mugabe was voted into power by the ordinary folk in 1980 after the Lancaster House Agreement which had been initiated by the Commonwealth countries at the Lusaka Conference in August 1979. Also the word “liberation” is the wrong word because Mugabe’s rule has made lives worse off than they were under whites.

  4. It thus follows that it is a crime to be born after the liberation struggle or to think (politically) outside Zanu PF box. Medieval arguments! Not in the 21st century.

  5. This kind of bio politics will not take ZANU PF anywhere. We are fed up with this politics of Necromancy. Mr musoro muchena must know that politics is a contestation of ideas not to gain power by controlling the material lives of the people.

  6. Old school politics. The man belongs to the dark past and must wake up to smell the coffee. A big storm is on its way in the form of the real will of the people. If Chombo and his partners in crime stand in its way, they will be blown away into oblivion. 2018 is around the corner.

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