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AMHVoices: Feedback from our readers


IN response to Jonathan Moyo throws weight behind Kasukuwere, Sagittar says: Jonathan Moyo is a chameleon who can be both vile and arrogant at the same time. I’m no fan of Zanu PF, its policies or anyone in it, around it, being supported by it or supporting it. It is the host of the majority of the problems this nation faces and no one inside or around it has the guts to resolve these. This has been the case for 37 years. The quality of whatever is defined as “leadership” in Zanu PF is rapidly unfolding — it is nothing to be proud of.

Compiled by Tinotenda Samukange

Zanu PF national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere
Zanu PF national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere

Vembuya says: Jonathan Moyo is trying to curry favour with First Lady Grace Mugabe, hence, I quote: Added Moyo: “Putting aside the understandable issues raised by the party’s women’s league regarding specific issues that have been addressed, nobody has said exactly what mistakes, if any, Cde Kasukuwere has made.” But the petition by the women’s league also mentioned setting up of parallel structures and trying to overthrow the boss, so why trying to butter the women’s league?

Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo
Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo

In response to MDC-T ‘exposes’ 2018 election rigging plot, Man Kenya says:Not yet celebration! Once again, I wish to demystify the political misconception that the BVR kits are the “silver bullet” to the electoral fix. They have their pitfalls, whether wittingly or otherwise, which does not translate to 100% rig-proof elections. Whereas this is a great electoral step, the kits have failed spectacularly in several African countries, among them Kenya, my motherland. Most of them ran out of battery midway and we resorted to the manual system. Far-flung rural areas also lacked internet bandwidth. To this end, you should not relent in all reforms, among them an independent Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and unbiased voter registration countrywide. Do not be hoodwinked by mere BVR procurement — which is still prone to corruption— and fail to capitalise in the numerous loopholes that lay bare open. Good luck!

Members of the ZRP are seen at the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission offices after chairperson Rita Makarau walked out of the political dialogue platform meeting in Harare
Members of the ZRP are seen at the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission offices after chairperson Rita Makarau walked out of the political dialogue platform meeting in Harare

In response to ‘Evicted people with disabilities refused help’, Prophet Profit says: Six persons remained; and this number grew to the current 25 who were evicted last week. Key to this issue are the following questions: What does Leonard Cheshire Disability Zimbabwe Trust plan to do with the flat? Why was the matter not referred to the Department of Social Services which is in charge of disability issues in government? What skills were imparted to these people which would enable them to live independent lives?

In response to Cash crisis exposes Mugabe’s incompetence: Tsvangirai, Mudhara says: There is leadership crisis in Zanu PF, they don’t care about the people anymore. We have learnt a lesson the hard way — voting or allowing President Robert Mugabe to rig the election is allowing more suffering. MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai is always being blamed for Mugabe’s failures. Let’s go and register to vote for 2018 . The Government of National Unity brought life and change, but after Mugabe stole the 2013 election we are seeing the effects, you cannot rig the economy.

Yewuono says: President Robert Mugabe is more concerned about preserving his position. He is not concerned about the economic issues at all because he knows his response to that is the rigging machine and violence to extend his stay in power.

In response to Grace blocks Kasukuwere probe, Mabikasimbi says: They are surprised that police with guns, dogs and teargas were present at the meeting. Have they forgotten that they unleash the riot cops on the opposition when they want to hold their rallies? Have they forgotten that they unleash the cops on civilians whenever they want to protest against the government? Now they tell us that you can pay school fees using goats. Are these thugs paying school fees for their children studying in Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Canada, the United States, South Africa and China using goats?

Moyo says: The national cake is getting smaller and everyone is fighting for a seat on the table, but unfortunately both the table and the cake are getting smaller! Instead of fighting for opportunities to loot national resources, please create a business-friendly environment for all and the country will prosper for all.

In response to Govt refuses to name Chiredzi plots beneficiaries, Mabikasimbi says: They are afraid to release the information because they know how they shared the cake. They are almost everywhere — mining, agriculture, conservancies, clothing industry, hotels, road transport (they deliberately killed the National Railways of Zimbabwe), aviation, forestry, poultry, etc. You will not get the list of beneficiaries so long as they are still in power. Whoever is spearheading this request must watch out. Very soon you will hear that he/she has been involved in a road accident or has committed suicide.

In response to Chiyangwa, Kasukuwere in ugly fight, Zwjackal says: Both of them seem to be telling the truth about the other, but Zanu PF commissar and Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere has more to lose because of his positions in government and the party. Also, he is not immune to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission. Issa Hayatou went via the way of votes, which leaves Kasukuwere open to less democratic means of ouster if he doesn’t want to go that way. By the way, where is Jonathan Moyo in all this? I thought we would have had at least a footnote about him by now.

Cosafa president Philip Chiyangwa
Cosafa president Philip Chiyangwa

Nyandimaxez says: Zimbabweans are right, this economy has been destroyed by land barons, who also fund Zanu PF factions. These greedy people realised that the easiest way to make money was through selling land. Most of us have invested thousands of dollars to Zanu PF land barons, money, which has never been put to development of any stand, but to building of mansions and sponsoring Gamatox, G40 faction, etc. If this money we have lost was invested in the development of industry, we would be somewhere else as a country. Yes, let them expose each other. We want all names of land barons published and the “donations” they have given politicians.

In response to Chinese dribble govt on blanket imports, Tendai Chaminuka says: Zimbabwe Textile Manufacturers’ Association secretary-general, Raymond Huni why is it that some of your partners are refusing to accept plastic money but only cash in their dealings? Is this not tantamount to hoarding of cash? I hope the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe looks at their daily bankings. An example is one operator located close to Sunningdale. Before we investigate others, why not look at our dealings first. The greatest challenge we have at the present moment is cash shortage. So let’s concentrate our efforts on easing this critical issue. A revolution is not a kitchen party and there should be no sacred cows. Let’s all conform to the dictates of the fundamentals put in place in order to improve our situation


Mukaranga says: We are in this mess because of the dealings of our friends from the East, who under-declare imports, and smuggle the cash out of the country. Let’s deal with both these foreigners and our own kinsmen.

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