AMHVoices: Farmers, vote Zanu PF and remain poor

President. R. G. Mugabe

The 2016-2017 agricultural season is set to be a dismal failure like the seasons before it. The government is all talk, but no practical action on the ground. This is November and farmers in most parts of the country are still waiting for inputs.

By Pardon Maguta,Our Reader

Serious farmers are getting worried. It is time for ministries linked to the agriculture sector to wake up. Every year, the inputs are delivered late jeopardising the farmers’ work.

This has seen most farmers miss their planting dates resulting in poor harvests as plants receive less rains, especially in the drier regions in southern parts of the country.

President Robert Mugabe and his Cabinet must take farming seriously. Zimbabwe is an agro-based economy, meaning that if agriculture catches flu the whole economy sneezes.

The late delivery of inputs has seen most farmers planting non-hybrid seeds from their previous harvests resulting in diminished returns.

This year, it might be worse given the cash crisis prevailing in the country.

Apart from that, the little they get they have to buy basics for the family, since most cannot afford a single decent meal per day.

Government must not only preside over farm seizures without making sure the farms are made good use of.

If our agriculture is to benefit the nation, then Mugabe must be a practical man. Talking too much and doing nothing equals nothing. To this end, I totally blame our leadership of decimating our agriculture.

Every year, the government makes the same mistakes. Why? Is it deliberate?

No! Zimbabweans must not continue starving 16 years after the land reform programme. With these actions or lack of, it seems the Zanu PF government does not care about farmers it created.

Their only interest is in using these farming communities as voters’ wells in elections and nothing else.

The farming communities must know that as long as Zanu PF remains in power, albeit through their votes the farmers will remain poor because Zanu PF is not keen to have a wealthy block of farmers.

Poor farmers are easy to manipulate, as they have to treat the Zanu PF government as Father Christmas.

It’s high time farmers start to consider their situation and future. A Zanu PF government means more poverty for farmers.

In the coming polls farmers must cast their votes wisely or risk entrenching poverty in their lives.

Vote for the opposition and save future generations from toxic Zanu PF policies.


  1. “Serious farmers” MUST learn to prepare for each ensuing farming season.
    It is their business.
    Government MUST facilitate.

  2. Kaitiro kekuisa nzara muvanhu kanoitwa nevanhu vanoda kugara pa top. They put you in misery for you to rely on them . Ndozvimwe zvaiitwa mu Rhodesia. Vadzvanyiriri vakabva panjanga vakasiya udzvanyiri. . Vanhu ava havakudeyi asi vanoda kuti munanzve boots dzavo- bootlicking nokuuda kwetuma freebies . Mangofanana neanotorerwa humnhandara nekuda kwemagigies – masnacks ngwarai! Put you inputs ready before time and use freebies for next season period.

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