Kuwait women saga exposes government


The revelations by the government that it does not have money to repatriate about 200 Zimbabwean women who are stranded in the Middle East oil-rich state of Kuwait once again confirms that Zimbabwe is better off without a government than the Zanu PF curse it is enduring. In making this case, it is important to flag out three facts.

Evelyn Masaiti,PDP Women’s Assembly Chairperson


Firstly, Section 35 (3a) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe is very clear that all Zimbabwean citizens are entitled “to the protection of the State wherever they maybe”.

In light of this provision, the moribund Zanu PF regime is, therefore, clearly in breach of the Constitution by failing to extend protection for its citizens who have been turned into sex slaves in Kuwait.

Secondly, the very reason why innocent citizens have been thrown into such desperation as to be trafficked and end up being abused as sex slaves is because of Zanu PF’s failed rule.

Unemployment is pegged at 90% while 83% of the population is living on less than a dollar per day because of Zanu PF’s ruinous economic policies and its sky-high corruption.

Therefore, the women stranded in Kuwait, most of whom are well-educated to be occupying decent jobs if there were still industries in Zimbabwe, are victims of President Robert Mugabe’s misrule.

For the perpetrators of such misrule to then put up a case that they are unable to deploy a plane to pick up their citizens is the most dastardly of actions and confirms how ruthless Mugabe’s regime is.

Even during the peak of former Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith’s racist white minority rule, there were no cases of Zimbabweans being stranded in foreign lands searching for employment opportunities. If anything, many people from across the region and beyond came to this country in search of jobs which were abundant.

Thirdly, since January 2016, Mugabe and crew have gobbled up to $20 million in overseas travel most of it to attend meaningless conferences, the most bizarre being the recent trip to India.

Mugabe took a very large delegation of over 60 individuals on his trip to some obscure cultural conference in India, which never took off and had to return with embarrassment. Simple calculations show that given Mugabe’s appetite for resources when he travels, over $5 million was blown on this meaningless trip alone.

Thus, for the government to fail to raise $60 000 to bring 32 bona fide citizens back home is the highest level of irresponsibility.This is the highest level of leadership betrayal.

Once again as the People’s Democratic Party, we call on the Mugabe-led regime to step down and give the people of Zimbabwe a chance to determine their destiny.


  1. A couple of things stand out from this state of affairs. What do those who support Mugabe have to say about this incident ? On what level can it ever be excused to not take action . Can someone from ZANU(PF) please give us an excuse why Zimbabwe government is not duty-bound to save the 200 girls stuck in Kuwait ? it is despicable for Mugabe to do nothing.

    When we watch US politicians debate, one thing stands out. American politicians just like other politicians in western countries keep coming to the theme of creating jobs for their citizens. Yet, you will not hear Mugabe say anything about creating jobs. It’s like job creation does not exist in his vocabulary. Mugabe recently spoke about $15 billion diamond money stolen, yet says nothing about what steps he is taking to recover the money.

    Now I challenge my fellow Zimbabweans, for how long are we going to put up with this shit. We all know come 2018 elections, Mugabe will steal the elections again. Therefore, let us not put faith in elections. It is time to take up arms.

    Look at Burundi. the president is facing an rebellion because he tried to overstay. The Burundians will achieve victory. We Zimbabweans like to be looked at as being peaceful and educated, but we going nowhere.

    Show me one country in the world were this is one TV channel . Maybe North Korea.

  2. @Tino actually in North Korea there is more than one channel. I was shocked the other day when i saw a perfectly done documentary on zimbabwe being aired on Zbc. funny enough I was was actually done by the Chinese. I really wonder what we did with all the donations that China gave us. Our only channel is best describes as pathetic. poor sound qualities, pictures etc

  3. Next time AirZIm’s B767-200ER plane seating capacity 203 visits the Middle East it can bring back many of those stranded

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  5. ndopaunoona munhu achi…vhotera Nhamo……kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ma zimbabweans iwayooooo ungamadiiiiii hauna ende hautorina…..came. 2018 ladies and gents open ur thinking capacity………..No (KNOW) wre to place an X

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