AMHVoices:PF not cleansed of Zanu PF demons

There is a behavioural phraseology which asserts that, “ignoring reality is like putting lipstick on a frog, yes it can change appearance, but it will remain a frog”. Honestly speaking, “the people first” branded lipstick that the Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) and its leadership are trying to over-apply is a direct psychological torture to any rational-thinking Zimbabwean whose memory has not been corrupted by a “forgetting” virus.



Firstly, the People First and its leadership, unlike any meaningful opposition party, has been formed by people who were chased from Zanu PF. It should be kept on clear record that, these people did not leave Zanu PF out of their own choice, but they were expelled not so long ago. If it was not so, they would have been enjoying and gallivanting across the world when the masses are being roasted in a pan of abject poverty, poor health services and hunger.

Maybe it was better for the dignity of the party name, if they had chosen to leave back in 2007 and 2008 when many people died of cholera, hunger and political victimisation, and not be expelled from Zanu PF in 2014. It is in 2008 that schools got closed, hospitals became death traps, shops became empty, and people fed on treated maize seed, hacha and masekesa when these persons were comfortable in their positions and vowed that any demonstration for demanding service delivery would be faced by the riot police baton. They are the very people who attained indescribable wealth during their 34-year tenure in the apex offices at the expense of the ordinary sons of the soil.

We cannot forget that they were were some of the most cruel gangsters who could do anything at their disposal to cling to their powerful positions. In fact, the most dreaded June 27 2008 election re-run which saw MDC-T losing many lives occurred at a time when these “ People First “ were on the throne.

Chingwizi people still have fresh memories of how some individuals in ZPF ill-treated them. It was a surprise that certain individuals in ZPF wanted to gain public sympathy by declaring the Zimbabwean economic heat as being unbearable just days after their expulsion.

The ZPF has erroneously borrowed a cosmetic trick used by modern girls of bleaching their faces. Alas, people are not blind, they can to see that “ZPF” have a “Fanta” face with “Coke” legs. There is no separation between Zanu PF and ZPF other than the removal of “anu” in ZPF; there is just a disguise which needs a postmortem before it can enjoy an overdose of such media coverage which it honestly does not deserve.They still have the Zanu PF DNA of thinking with muscles and force whenever the brains run out of ideas. ZPF seems to be a party that was formed out of anger and frustration of being chased from the feeding lots of Zanu PF and given their mode and method of party leadership, it is just a carbon copy of Zanu PF. What, other than ruling, and not leading, does the PF want? If they were not power-hungry, surely ZPF representatives would have joined any existing opposition party if they had the people first in their manifesto.

So far, there is nothing that ZPF can display to show that they have been exorcised of the demons of Zanu PF. Above all, there is nothing newsworthy about ZPF, otherwise people are not toys neither are they docile. Can these bogus politicians give us our respect as Zimbabwean citizens?

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  1. Absolutely TRUE Mwanawemusoja!!


  2. Zimbabwe does not need piecemeal reforms and i dont know why these chased Zanoids are making a lot of noise.

  3. Kana ndiri seni I would rather lose with MRT than win with Joice!!! Never!!!

    1. MRT is always a losing horse why waste time with 15 year losing horse open your eyes see the light

  4. sure

  5. I totally concur with the writer. These “born again crusaders” of justice are squarely to blame for the suffering that Zimbabweans are enduring and the death of others who succumbed simply for requesting their rights. They are rushing to the opposition for convinience purposes but not out of conviction. What can they convince the people after plundering public resources and denying the public their democratic and social-economic amenities for 34 years only to close the floor recently because of conflicting interests with their master? The best they are seeking is security of their ill-gotten wealth. They are now seeking to destabilise the opposition by splitting their supporters, not to mention their previous activities to frustrate opposition efforts to lay their foundation during their (PF) hey days. The best they can do is to confess their previous deeds and be subjected to srutiny before seeking justice and reconciliation. Anything else will start from that point.

  6. Wazosiya hako kutiudza kuti vakadzingirwa chii.. maybe zvaitibatsira to decide.. bt so far its just yo opinion.. whch is understood..
    Otherwise vekuenda mberi vakutoenda

  7. Egos will derail the coalition,without a united opposition we go nowhere and Mugabe is actually dying in office as we speak.

  8. Mgobhozi Wezintaben

    What is this panicking all about? You are correct Joe, these armchair critics are just bombarding the readers with the darker side of Joice but they are not telling readers the reasons for the expulsion of this lady.Just mentioning 2007&8 the people of Matabeland bore the brunt and brutality of Zanu pf in the early 80s whilst some of the people were enjoying Zanu pf rule.Politics has no formula.Remember Zanu broke away from Zapu and it ended up the ruling party.The generality of the people of Zimbabwe would be the final arbitrators in this political scenario.May be the reasons that led to Joice’s expulsion were that she advocated for reforms whilst still within but this couldn’t get well with non reformists.The country needs to move forward.That the people were enjoying during those last 3 decades is neither here nor there, if anybody with a constructive frame of mind has seen the futility of clinging in retrogressive policies,that’s fine let people support her.

    1. admire taguma musingarabwi

      Joice Mujuru was fired from Zanu pf because of sponsoring the bhora musango mantra of 2008 which led Mugabe to lose the Presidential vote in constituencies that Zanu pf had won. It was pay back time for not towing the party-line. It wasn’t in the interest of the party to fire them in 2008 when the party was at its weakest, once it recovered in 2013, it was a case of leveling scores. Politics and Political interests at play here.

  9. Its easy for some MDC supporters to say whatever they want abt Joice, but this is the real deal. People are tired of the fumbling Tsvangirai. Even his chief sponsors have abandoned him.

  10. Mai Mujuru is utter rubbish….expelled for corruption and extortion…the character can not make a good leader….Voters do not be fooled this is nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.One of the most corrupt politicians that Zimbabwe has ever known….pas navo

  11. yes they were part of Zanu pf but they wanted to change things and bring democracy that is the reason why were removed ,we should consider that.

  12. old wine in new wine skins. They were part of the system for a very long time Tekere aitova nane. Mugabe personalized the party ndokuvadzinga achida kupa Grace saka isu tinopinda papi kuZanu kwavo? They failed to calculate kusvika vadzingwa and they never learn from history they are today failing to calculate the political terrain idzi ipolitics dzeopposition mukadefender Mugabe sezvamuri kuita imi muri kuopposition ah bvunzai Mutambara.

  13. Fumurai Mugabe sezvakakuitai there is no smart politics in Zimbabwe mukashandisa chikristo ah pamagandaga its like expecting honey from flies

  14. I will go with Mai Mujuru at least she is making sense on the economy. we need practical solutions to our problems.She is my pick from the plate in front of me.

  15. i think we are getting a little bit emotional and thinking with our muscles just to borrow from the writer

  16. The writer i am sure is smiling all the way to the bank after being paid by the mdc. He wrote rubbish. Which other opposition party is Mai Mujuru worth joining? MDC T? I know she is not willing to spend another two decades in opposition politics because Tsvangirai has no winning strategy. Its good that Mai Mujuru initiated her own project which is the hope for those that have lost faith in politics because of Tsvangirai. My Choice, my Joice, my President. Go Joice Mujuru Go.

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