AMHVoices:Zifa must not hide behind finger


As perceived, a new broom is always expected to sweep clean, so the new Zifa leadership is not exceptional in making all rooms as clean as the soccer fraternity would rightfully demand. When the broom skips other portions, whether intentionally or erroneously, the handler is blamed.

By Christopher Chisango,Our Reader


I would gladly put my head on the block in defiance of Zifa’s detrimental decision to put coach Kalisto Pasuwa’s tenure under what I perceive preconceived scrutiny. Pointing fingers after a defeat will not rescue a situation. What if Pasuwa points at them for failing to secure friendlies that were loudly trumpeted, but never materialised?

How can a national team, well moulded by Pasuwa as they are, travel for a continental showpiece without having played significant friendly games against other nations, not Harare City?

The Phillip Chiyangwa-led administration should not show us signs of what we expect of their system to come, the same tactics used by the fallen giant of soccer destruction Cuthbert Dube.

Please spare this humble, but gallant rare breed of coach, who has defied all odds by restoring pride and confidence in the Warriors camp by excelling where we least expect. Zifa should simply swallow their pride and admit they erred in failing to secure competitively vigorous friendlies.Where does Pasuwa fall in? There is nothing wrong to write home about in the team that did duty in Rwanda except some “extra-sensory” attacking system that should have been polished had they played against powerful nations.

Maybe they won all the theoretical matches arranged by Zifa they played in the newspapers. Let’s not take away anything away from Pasuwa — he is a good coach, who just needs to be given the greenlight to choose stiffer sides to play with during the rundown to a major tournament or match.

Pointing fingers is a primitive way of escaping the wrath of judgment in any sphere.