AMHVoices:War veterans want Mugabe out

President Robert Mugabe will never win against Zimbabwe’s war veterans and their leader Christopher Mutsvangwa come rain come thunder.



As members of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association, we will never respect Mugabe as a leader, we all think that he must quit immediately to pave way for new leadership.

He used his wife (First Lady Grace Mugabe) to divide the party Zanu PF and now he wants to divide the war veterans using tribalism and political affiliation.

As veterans of the liberation struggle, we will push Mugabe out through bhora mudondo scheme in 2018.

We will decisively deal with indiscipline in the party. The war veterans have nothing to fear because Mugabe is no longer in our plans, he can make as much noise as he wants, but we will pretend to be listening.

The Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko’s statement about Karanga people makes sad reading, though it has assisted in unmasking the level of tribal thinking within the Zanu PF leadership.

Grace should not set her foot in any part of Masvingo because of her divisive agenda.

Mugabe, his wife Grace and Mphoko remain banned from Masvingo.

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  1. Nhai News Day where do u get those photos. Hauitiwo se Herald here rinotipawo ari nane…. Just concerned

    1. Ari nane kudiiko? ko haisi yake here photo yacho?

      1. Alheit-nemoyowese

        Tsvangy looks good akabata musoro and newsmen continue kisa iyoyo zvamunoita vaMugabe

  2. photo iyo yakora

  3. Threats from a dwindling bunch of old men and women who cannot add an iota of influence to the country’s security factors. They are echoing the agenda of one who has serious interests in the presidency; a prize that the individual concerned sees within grasp. The nation is witnessing the final stages of the Z party’s capitulation into the abyss. Freedom is coming!!

  4. People of Masvingo please boo for us Zimbabweans these tribalists: Mphoko, Grace, Kasukuwere, Jonathan Moyo . Musatombo rega please because they should know who we are. Ko iwo masticker akanzi munhu wese kunamai anombowanikwepiko. I want to buy one then after one hour ndonotsvaga pana Grace ndokwatura ndomunyanisa ndoisa mubin achiona.

  5. Toda mapicture anobudisa zviri current kwete a1980. Munhu achembera uyu zvokuti kana akabva pauPresident vana vake vanogona kumu disowner. Chavari kungoda imari chete.

  6. kuparara ndinokuziva ini. mmmmmmm

  7. kkkkkkkk thank you news day for the real picture of our president i was reading sunday news yestarday i i saw about six pages with congradulatory messages hey the pictures were superb but mr editor were did you get this one? is it recent ?

  8. guys as for me i respect my president and the first family also i hate people who use media to utter rubbish against his excellency i want to encourage people to follow the example of that pastor who moved with a placard saying Mugabe must go .to warvets am sorry for what happened to you but you deserved it you silly ideots how can you organise a meeting without notfying the security honestly guys i dont like Mutsvangwa he should be fired and be banned like jabulani sibanda

  9. zvakunakidza manje, chisingaperi chinoshura ndazozviona

  10. chinobhururuka chinomhara

    1. Chinofamba nomudenga chinodzokawo pasi. Mukanya akadaro

  11. nehanda Nyakasikana

    correct and accurate headline should be ‘Zimbabweans want Mugabe out’. just last week daily news had the headline ‘lacoste wants Mugabe out’. everyone wants him out including you at newsday that’s why you put that funny picture of him hameno kuti maivhomora pai. .there’s no need to beat around their bush imimi muchiri kumuda here mukuru kana muchiisa picture yakadaro in your editorial knowing full well that with technology today it goes viral globally.

  12. ashleymorgan0001

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  13. Mugabe hausi Zimbabwe hausi ZANU pf .zvekuisa mukadzi wako pachigaro chenyika hazviite .ahaingaitonge hazviite .handei tione

  14. By the way who said these words and were? No one is quoted in the story.

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  17. Amama ngaabude

  18. Nyaya haina musoro, newsday makutimakisa as journalists, haina kana ref, yambobva kunani

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