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AMHVoices:War veterans want Mugabe out


President Robert Mugabe will never win against Zimbabwe’s war veterans and their leader Christopher Mutsvangwa come rain come thunder.



As members of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association, we will never respect Mugabe as a leader, we all think that he must quit immediately to pave way for new leadership.

He used his wife (First Lady Grace Mugabe) to divide the party Zanu PF and now he wants to divide the war veterans using tribalism and political affiliation.

As veterans of the liberation struggle, we will push Mugabe out through bhora mudondo scheme in 2018.

We will decisively deal with indiscipline in the party. The war veterans have nothing to fear because Mugabe is no longer in our plans, he can make as much noise as he wants, but we will pretend to be listening.

The Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko’s statement about Karanga people makes sad reading, though it has assisted in unmasking the level of tribal thinking within the Zanu PF leadership.

Grace should not set her foot in any part of Masvingo because of her divisive agenda.

Mugabe, his wife Grace and Mphoko remain banned from Masvingo.

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