AMHVoices:To Grace from a Zanu PF member

Dear Madam First Lady,

I will hastily point out that you are “First Lady” today because of the the Mujurus, the Mutsvangwas, the Chinotimbas-I mean here all the war veterans and I say to them long live,comrades, we will always be in your corner.

It discomforts me and a multitude of Zimbabweans, at large, who are beneficiaries of these comrades’ gallantness when a previously unheralded and non-fighter and non-collaborator like yourself, whose only claim to fame is marrying the President albeit from a failed marriage (divorce is abominable in the eyes of the Lord), starts disrespecting these fighters. The very man you haul over the coals today, I mean Lacoste, thwarted several bombings intended for your now husband, who would be lying six feet under were it not for this gentleman’s shrewdness.

However, Madam First Lady, my writing today is intended to spur some self-introspection. I will, therefore, throw at you a few questions:

  • Why did you divorce Cde Stanley Goreraza? The answer will help in removing the stereotyping that the Zimbabweans, at large —yes, even Saviour Kasukuwere and the Professor ask them, but if they deny it, fire them for dishonesty — continually subject your person to. Hanzi heee, she is of questionable morals.


  • Why are you donating government-sourced equipment? You will understand, of course, that “First Lady” is an unofficial title. This will help clarify the purported usurping of the first person’s powers and also his mental capability in running the country.


  • Why do you denounce fellow party comrades in public (they joined Zanu PF long back, unlike you, of course)? You see, our dearly departed Her Excellency, Sally Mugabe, never admonished Robert Mugabe’s perceived enemies even during the height of the more grave Matabeleland disturbances, but advised for unity. This is very much unlike you.


  • Do you really love Robert Mugabe? Please take cognisant of his age and hitherto in relation to his strenuous schedule. Couple this with your “ndichamu pusher ne bhara ndichiuya naye kubasa.” Is this normal? His Excellency has excelled during his tenure, but you are undoubtedly messing up his legacy now. He needs to retire and may our Good Lord give him many more years to come. We need him.


  • Have you been a good mother? This is, of course, guided by the delinquency shown by your sons, “Chatunga and sometimes Russell”. ”Ivo vana vemunhu umwe havadi mitupo yakawanda” – I know you will want to deny that, but it’s a fact in our culture. How then can we be ascertained of motherly care?


  • Why did you not join the liberation war?


  • Do you honestly think the people at your rallies enjoy them? I think you are mindful that most of them are being obligated to attend.


  • How much are your rallies gobbling in terms of State resources and are they necessary? Please be honest with yourself and this is in light of our meagre resources and the poverty bedevilling our country. Are you being responsible as a mother? What is the objective of these rallies, Madam First Lady?

My questions can go on and on, but for today, I will leave you with these few to ponder. I will, of course, call again, until we are at the same wavelength.

You see, Madam First Lady, I live in South Africa like the other seven million who fled the economic meltdown presided over by your husband, but I am and have been a Zanu PF card-carrying member.

This pains us. We don’t enjoy living in foreign lands. Let’s pass the baton to someone else. If you felt I was too personal on some issues, then my apologies, but sa Amai, you have to address yourself.


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  1. Remarkable how these charlatans completely absolve Robert Mugabe of any wrongdoing. This is the reason our country is a mess today. These fools suffer from Stockholm’s Syndrome. He is the one sending Grace to do his bidding. Wake up you muppets.

    1. Same as those that are worshipping, creating a monster out of Tsvangirai.

    2. Well said

  2. Vana Anderson…is this the first time you have seen state resources being abused? At least Dr Grace is giving to the ordinary people, though vari veZANU. Your so-called vets would have taken zvinhu izvozvo for themselves. Your article is full of BS and is lacking in substance. Why did you want Dr Grace to have gone to war (only a handful did)…plus what is the significance yekurwa hondo?

    1. aahhh Goronga uri duzvi. kana usina zvekutaura nyarara. Dr grace Dr Grace kudii? akafunda kupi?

      1. Is that your problem, kuti Dr Grace. Anyway, change that to whatever you want then comment on the substance of my comment. Zvemaduzvi ndezvekumba kwako, Dr Duzvi

    2. This is the problem that we have today people go the extra mile to sing for their supper.

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    ☼☼☼☼☼ W­­W­­W.A­l­p­h­a-C­a­r­e­e­r­s.C­­O­­M

  4. All you zanu lovers, this just goes to show, you are only of use to the mugabe’s until they no longer need you, surely insulting a Vice-President in His face, not that I like Lacoste or anything, but there should be some respect for that office when addressing the incumbent..

    anyway, for us who dislike zanu and all it stands for, we’re cheering, heck we will even sponsor the guns and bullets to both sides, then take a step back and watch them kill each other, they should all just go, from the mugabes, to the lacosts, to the mujurus to the chombos the list can go on… pasi ne zanupf!

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