Chitungwiza municipality ambushing motorists


This is daylight robbery by Chitungwiza municipal traffic department, as men and women dressed in civilian attire are stopping innocent motorists under the pretense of hiking to town. As soon as you stop about three of them are safely in the car and they command you to drive to their head office, accusing you for stopping at an undesinated place and obstructing the flow of traffic. You will be asked to pay a fine of $100.

Lovemore Magaso,Our Reader


Why do they stop the motorists themselves if they are enforcing the bylaws? Was the $100 approved by the responsible minister? How do we know that they are not fake if they are not in uniform or having badges to indentify themselves?

The country needs order not ambushing its citizens. It’s a known fact that the municipality has not been paying its workers, but that is not the way to collect revenue from its citizens.

When council formed the department, they employed a number of people and bought a fleet of vehicles for towing vehicles in the hope that it would be a viable cash cow from the kombis. But the kombis and motorists are adhering to the law forcing council to operate at a loss. Now they are robbing motorists in broad daylight.
You can not budget from offences.


  1. I totally agree with this article. A lot of our Locally authorities are getting away with this lawlessness. I had a similar incident in Rusape as I was vigorously flagged down by some ”civilians” only for them to suddenly declare that I was under arrest. My question is , is it lawful to break the law in order to enforce the law? This is utter madness, the relevant ministry must takeaction, this is corruption of the highest order.

  2. who ever enters my car wil drip of at my destiny.lets unite against these crooks,apana kusirikufa hama.pamberinekubatana,pasi nematsotsi.

  3. things are really desperate in our country to the extent that a full local authority has to employ thuggish methods to extort it’s ratepayers hahahaha zvonyadzisa

  4. this is total madness at its highest level…sure how can u break the law such that u can try to enforce it. Our authorities vapererwa manje and they have failed to prove their relavence in office hence deploying these thuggish moves to generate revenue………

  5. you guys were happy when kombi operators were alone in this now that u have joined —- u see its bad chirohwaiwo mari

  6. Zimbabwe iya yoenda kumawere, vanhu veKanzuru ndinzwei ndapota, muchaguma mave kurohwa uye kudamburwa zvigunwe if you carry on using these dubious means of collecting money from us. Seriously, stop me andyou will surely drop off at my final destination. ngatisajaidzei vanhu ava amana, ngativasote size inokwana

  7. Ministry ipi inotsiura vanhu ava ivo mapurisa acho achiitawo zvimwechete.Inonzi donga-watonga iyi nyika yavaChibode.kkkkkk.Izvezvi every road in town you see mapurisa achimisa mota pane bold continous lines and you have to cross these lines into another lane and in the process you are breaking the law.Nyika yafa iyi.Izvezvi pane mapurisa ari kumira pacorner just before Melfort on way to Marondera,nzvimbo iyeyi yakaipa chaizvo zvokuti hauoni mota inobva mberi asi ndipo panomiswa motokari ipapo zvekuti dzisina kumiswa dziya dzino crossa double continous lines facing oncoming traffic which you can not see because the corner is sharp.

  8. Magweta maenda kupi? Zvinobvumidzwa here izvi zvataurwa nemunyori? Tipeiwo mazano? One thing for sure is that violence begets violence. What cannot be foreseen is the level.

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