AMHVoices:Partisan distribution of food aid deplorable

The MDC condemns, in the strongest terms, the partisan distribution of food aid by government officials across the country, particularly in rural areas where, food aid is being given to Zanu PF card-carrying members only while opposition party members are left to starve. Only a heartless and desperate government would use food as a tool to try and impose a one-party state in Zimbabwe.


To deny people food aid, meant for the entire nation in this drought period on the basis of which party they belong to is criminal and should be attended to with the greatest urgency.

Punishing opposition members through denying them food at a time when some people are now living on wild fruit and water just to keep body and soul together is disgraceful and satanic.

The hijacking of food aid as well as agricultural implements by Zanu PF should stop forthwith. The Zanu PF mickey mouse games of politics of the stomach each time elections beckon is getting old and the people of Zimbabwe are on to them.

The Constitution states clearly that every person has a right to sufficient food and the State must take measures to achieve the realisation of this right. We strongly advise government to follow the dictates of the Constitution and stop trying to starve its citizens.

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  1. Well said Chuhwayi. Its satanic. Even the Smith regime did not do that

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