AMHVoices:Council opened avenues for land barons

In response to Harare City Council set to introduce a housing scheme: In which the local authority will service and sell residential stands to home-seekers.

By Makunike,Our Reader


This hasn’t been done for the past 20 years which is one of the things council should have prioritised. Hence land barons took advantage of the situation and exploited desperate home-seekers.

Some housing co-operatives have since been doing it in a proper way and delivered serviced stands and houses to home-seeker.

That much we appreciate. The council has to prove it now that well-serviced stands equipped with sewer, water, roads and other infrastructure can be available and sold at affordable prices. Most co-operatives provided affordable housing on underdeveloped or partially serviced land with beneficiaries forced to stay in unplanned temporary structures awaiting servicing of the land.

Of course this could have been caused by lack of resources to the extent that land seekers had to finance the projects.

Councils in all cities nationwide should not forget recreation or other social amenities for residents in such newly developed areas.

In most cases the private sector would later on chip in, but their services would be a bit higher. Schools, shops, libraries and community halls are never thought of in the planning by many co-operatives.

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