AMHVoices:NRZ rehabilitation better option than dualisation


IN response to Highway dualisation costs balloon to $2,4bn: It is likely that the initial $833 million estimation in 2003 was grossly off the mark and the $2,4 billion might be understated given the ingrained corruption in the construction industry.



If costs for the Harare Airport road are anything to go by, the $3 billion estimation could turn out to be conservative. For such a project, Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who has been given the task of adjudicating the tender, should rope in experts from the World Bank, Development Bank of Southern Africa and the South African equivalent of Zinara, for a review of the tender/bid documents, the case or logic for the dualisation, and the technical and financial adjudication criteria.

The same organisations, Zinara included, should provide experts for the one or two adjudication panels. It is important for the nation to get the right bidders and to ensure costs do not balloon further during the project. $3 billion is, however, a lot of money, and common sense suggests National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) recapitalisation and rehabilitation could be a far better investment, while the highway might just need widening, resurfacing, proper markings, a few more road shoulders and some limited dualisation, say, for a total of up to 200km to cater for black spots and areas of high traffic density. A functioning NRZ will take a massive load off the highway with considerable savings for all, and far fewer lives lost in accidents, as a bonus.


  1. Why ask such a question who still uses rail in this era wokwira train $20 kuenda ku byo wosvika kuswera mangwana when you can go by road wosvika same day

  2. iwe bee train inoita mari negoods (freight )not ma passenger .it is far cheaper to get freight patrain than zvima truck kana vakabata zvikati of wc I doubt

  3. Wakadhakwa bee. Rail is the cheapest mode of transport, so this will help to transport goods and that will reduce transport costs and of coz the final product price!?

  4. kkkkk maMinisters dont own trains saka mari inenge yakuenda kuNRZ instead saka hapana hapana…… i think rehabilitating NRZ is the way to go…. look at the metro sysems implemtented in the US, Europe and China etc

  5. True ineed Bee wakaDhakwa iwe. Usafunge only about the local NRZ tichireva Train tirikuti tarira GauTrain, Japanese, Chinese Bullet trains , French TGV, Metrorail systems in EUROPE, Unoziva here kuti pakati pe France ne UK PAsi peNYANZA pane Train inofambapo inoMhanya around 350km/hr kwana. dzedu muno ndedzekare thats what the article says!!! We need a proper rail system shuwa!!

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