AMHVoices:Government must prioritise farmers


There is need to applaud the Grain Marketing Board for showing their commitment to paying farmers for their 2014/2015 produce which took them ages, resulting in a false start for most farmers this season.

By Almot Maqolo,Our Reader


Further to that, farmers have been crying foul over their overdue payment, fearing that the onset of the rainy season would just possibly pass by as they would have nothing to do for the early preparation.

Now farmers should make use of the ample time left to source for required implements and the government should chip in and supplement what the farmers have, be it financially or materially.

This is in the sense that, when the rainy season roars into full scale, every farmer will be in a position of getting started.

The nation rallies behind them in ensuring that Zimbabwe is food-sufficient and to reduce the deficit on the balance of payments instead of importing maize from surrounding countries, as we are capable of producing enough maize that can feed the whole nation.

This can only be achieved if farmers are paid on time and farming implements are availed to them at the right time.

We hope the matter of paying farmers for their produce timeously is certainly not going to be mere talk.

Albeit, with the country going through hard times, the government must prioritise our farmers’ plea as they contribute a lot in nation building.


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