RwandAir eyes Harare route

RWANDAIR, Rwanda’s state-owned national airline RwandAir plans to fly to Harare and Cape Town, South Africa later this year as part of its expansion programme, it has emerged.

Business Reporter/Bloomberg

The airline will join the growing list of foreign airlines servicing the Harare route since the formation of the inclusive government in 2009.

The company’s chief executive officer John Mirenge said recently.
RwandAir will begin flying to the South Sudanese capital, Juba, along with the Indian Ocean island of Zanzibar and the Ghanaian capital, Accra, by May.

The carrier, based in the capital, Kigali, boosted passenger numbers by 80% to 360 000 last year and expects a further 39 % increase this year, Mirenge said.

He said that coupled with an expanding fleet and more destinations should help the company report a profit by 2015.

“To be able to privatise or send floating shares to stock markets, there is a beautification process that takes place,” Mirenge said.
“This process includes breaking even, keeping track records and engaging in a standardisation process.”

Mirenge said RwandAir may sell shares to private investors once the company returns to profit in two years.

RwandAir, which started flying in 2002, operates a fleet of two Boeing Co 737-800s, two Boeing 737-500s, two Bombardier Inc CRJ-900 NextGens and a Bombardier Dash-8 100 that serve 12 destinations, according to Mirenge.

This year the airline will take delivery of two Boeing 737-700s as it retires the 737-500s, he said.

The new aircraft will provide feeder flights that connect passengers arriving in Rwanda to destinations including Johannesburg, Lagos and Dubai, Mirenge said.

Rwanda’s government owns 99% of RwandAir.

Several airlines including Dutch KLM, Emirates and Mozambiquen Airlines have resumed flights to country taking advantage of the inactivity of Air Zimbabwe .


  1. Where’s our AirZim , gvt should just disband it and start afresh

  2. This story should make the country’s executive (or Presidium) go green with shame. They’re busy concentrating on “political survival” 33 years after assuming power whilst little Rwanda is growing in leaps and bounds. Our country is slowly dying whilst the ZPF government is bleeding the country. What do we need to do the save our beloved country? Divine Intervention? You wonder where their priorities are.

  3. And those who are always saying Zimbabwe has the best education in Africa…please pray tell us what have you to say for yourselves now? Education should translate to how you do business on the fact it is meant to train you to manage your look at ZISCO, Greenfuels, NRZ, Harare City fact the list goes on all the way to the north pole and back! SHAME.

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