Credible elections beyond reach

Oftentimes throughout the progression of humanity, the harbinger duty was assigned to public debaters.
By Cyprian Muketiwa Ndawana Aug. 23, 2023
For safety and reliability, utilities must shift focus to distributed energy resources
For safety and reliability, utilities must shift focus to distributed energy resources
We have already forgotten that Texas went through a similar winter storm event a decade earlier, in 2011.
By Rao Konidena Jan. 21, 2023
Buy Crypto in December 2022 - the Best Pick
financial situation of the well-known FTX exchange.
By Theindependent Dec. 12, 2022
HDF, EIB partner to implement Namibia’s first green hydrogen power plant
The European Investment Bank works with leading partners to support clean energy investment across Africa.
By The Standard Nov. 13, 2022
Africa energy outlook 2022
the technology spillovers of these changes and attract increasing flows of climate finance
By The Standard Sep. 18, 2022
Use of family trusts for asset protection in Zimbabwe
Death has always required much more planning but it seems that it is the last thing that we really have time to deal with.
By Alex Majachani Sep. 11, 2022
Environmental sustainability key to brand Zim
The key success factors for this noble brand repositioning initiative remain centred on its sustainability, inclusivity, and persuasion.
By Mike Eric Juru Sep. 11, 2022
New perspectives: What Zimbabwe needs to achieve work for all
Does the media, in its various forms be it mainstream, alternative or in the case of this article, social media affect election outcomes?
By Fay Chung Sep. 11, 2022
Village Rhapsody: Rising suicide cases among men worrying
Zimbabwe must do more to address the high rate of suicides.
By Evans Mathanda Sep. 10, 2022
Citizen participation in devolution: Are ward development committees the answer?
On the coattails of this system is an opportunity for citizen participation.
By Alois Madhekeni and Lloyd Sachikonye Sep. 10, 2022
Western weapons are not helping Ukraine army
Rows of tanks, rocket launchers and armored vehicles stretched for hundreds of metres.
By Correspondent Sep. 9, 2022
The Battle for Africa: the US is blackmailing the continent
The battle for Africa has begun.
By Admin Sep. 9, 2022
Re-imagining the workplace: The engineer who became a fitter, turner and philosopher
He lectures on Positive Intelligence at Stanford University
By Bhekilizwe Bernard Ndlovu Sep. 5, 2022
Village Rhapsody: Reforms a must before 2023 elections
A contentious general election campaign began in the second quarter of 2000 when the draft was rejected.
By Evans Mathanda Sep. 4, 2022
Corruption watch: Our problem is bad leadership
The kwacha is way up the ladder now.
By Tawanda Majoni Sep. 4, 2022
Letter to my people: Criminals are hiding in plain sight
ZRP then threatened to name and shame the alleged criminals.
By Doctor Stop It Sep. 4, 2022
Understanding meaning of civil partnership in new Marriages Act
This article deals with civil partnerships as introduced in the new Act.
By Alex Majachani Sep. 4, 2022
The dichotomy of manufacturing consent, building resistance
Social media certainly has a role to equip the citizen. The voter. 
By Nigel Nyamutumbu Sep. 4, 2022
Letter from America: Zimbabwe's economic model is based on looting
The bigger problem is that Zimbabwe has no national sovereignty economic policy that guides all economic activity.
By Kenneth Mufuka Sep. 4, 2022
New perspectives: Moderating parallel market exchange rates
Changes in economic frameworks have gone alongside, equally failing currency reform measures.
By Zvikomborero Sibanda Sep. 4, 2022
Zim's green buildings revolution in motion
In Zimbabwe, we have reason to celebrate the pacesetters of this rewarding global revolution
By Mike Eric Juru Sep. 4, 2022
Business opinion: Brand modification against rebranding of SMEs
brand modification is when we maintain the current brand name but only adjusting the characteristics of the presented offerings
By Farai Chigora Sep. 4, 2022