Health talk: Oedema: An emerging diagnostic dilemma

Oedema occurs when tiny blood vessels in the body (capillaries) leak fluid. The fluid builds up in surrounding tissues causing swelling.
By Johannes Marisa Nov. 27, 2022
Health talk: Menopause can cause misery in women
Health talk: Menopause can cause misery in women
Radiation therapy only affects ovarian function if radiation is directed at the ovaries.
By Johannes Marisa Sep. 25, 2022
Health talk: Zim health system grapples with corruption
Researchers estimate that about $455 billion of the $7.35 trillion dollars spent on health care annually is lost to fraud and corruption.
By Johannes Marisa Sep. 17, 2022
Health talk: Animal bites can be very fatal
Worldwide, about 5 million people are bitten by snakes every year, the majority of whom are from Africa and South-East Asia.
By Johannes Marisa Sep. 4, 2022
Health talk: Time to transform healthcare in Zimbabwe

Dr Ramathuba should understand that she should be highly ethical and professional in front of patients irrespective of age, disease or disability, creed, ethnic origin, sex, nationality, political affiliation, race, sexual orientation and social standing. 

By The Standard Aug. 28, 2022
Health talk: Be wary of measles, its a deadly disease

More than 140 000 people died of measles in 2018. The overwhelming majority of those who die of measles are from countries with low per capita incomes and weak health infrastructures. Countries that top measles outbreaks in the world include Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Liberia, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, DRC, Indonesia and Ivory Coast.

By The Standard Aug. 21, 2022
Health talk: Mandatory wearing of masks can now be scrapped

The calamitous nature of the virus was appreciated in the year 2020 when in January, the beta variant wreaked havoc.

By The Standard Aug. 7, 2022
Health talk: Antimicrobial resistance —Let us stand against it

Antimicrobial resistance occurs when microbes evolve mechanisms that protect them from the effects of antimicrobials. The term antibiotic resistance applies to bacteria that become resistant to antibiotics.

By The Standard Jul. 31, 2022
Health talk: Health sector bears brunt of power cuts

During the past two weeks the power utility company has been imposing lengthy load shedding schedules, a development which is detrimental to economic growth.

By The Standard Jul. 24, 2022
Health talk: Let us remain vigilant about monkey pox

Monkey pox virus has been shown to have two distinct modes of transmission, animal to human transmission and human to human transmission.

By The Standard Jul. 17, 2022
Men should improve health-seeking behaviour

Masvingo will open a school of medicine in August 2022, Simon Mazorodze School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Special mention goes to renowned academic, Professor Rungano Zvobgo who is the Vice Chancellor and Professor Jacob Mufunda, the Dean of Medicine at the new university.

By The Standard Jun. 19, 2022
Health Talk: Let’s be proactive to deal with public health disasters

Prominent people lost their lives including renowned doctors who tried their best to subdue the toxic effects of the virus.

By The Standard Jun. 12, 2022
Health Talk: National Health Insurance can foster better solutions

At least 60% of our citizens cannot access adequate health care, a phenomenon which is quite unfortunate. Many lives are being lost on a daily basis yet better medical services can be offered to salvage the horrendous situation.

By The Standard Jun. 12, 2022
Red Cross strengthens community disaster resilience

Zimbabwe Red Cross Society (ZRCS) has been integral in all these disasters through augmenting the country’s disaster management systems, thanks to a myriad of their volunteers dotted across the country.

By The Standard May. 29, 2022
Health TalkAfrica: can curb monkey pox virus

The United Kingdom had its index case May 6, after its citizen had returned from Nigeria on May 4. Since then, Europe has been witnessing an outbreak of the monkey pox with countries like Germany, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands, Sweden and France recording cases.

By The Standard May. 29, 2022
Monkeypox: How do you catch it and what are the risks?

The first patient in the current outbreak had returned to the United Kingdom from travels to Nigeria where monkeypox is endemic.

By The Standard May. 29, 2022
Health talk: Covid-19: Zim should brace for fifth wave

It is unfortunate that South Africa has entered the fifth wave of the pandemic, with many new cases now dominating the country.

By The Standard May. 15, 2022
Covid-19: Continuous testing is necessary

Testing should be increased in suspected hotspots so that early cases can be detected if containment is to be archived.

By The Standard Apr. 24, 2022
Let’s Talk EUP campaign ‘reactivated’

Three years ago, a campaign dubbed Let’s Talk EUP [early and unintended pregnancy] was launched in 21 countries in East and Southern Africa, Zimbabwe included, with the aim of advocating for action to eliminate EUP at both regional and national levels through to the grassroots.

By The Standard Apr. 24, 2022
Health talk: Covid-19: It is not over until it’s over

A lot of resources were used in the fight against Covid-19 and the global health order was altered significantly.

By The Standard Apr. 17, 2022
Health talk: This is the best time to re-strategise

Many people came to master medical terms and diagnoses were made quickly even by the layman. Zimbabwe lost over 5 400 people from the deadly virus and prominent people succumbed to the heinous virus within a short period of time.

By The Standard Apr. 10, 2022
Health talk: Illicit drug use grossly worrisome

Illicit drug use is directly and indirectly responsible for over 750 000 deaths per year with more than 166 000 people dying from drug overdoses.

By The Standard Apr. 3, 2022
Health talk: Vaccination drive: Positive step to mitigate against Covid-19

The country has embarked on an aggressive vaccination blitz, mainly targeting school kids who are above 12 years of age. 

By The Standard Mar. 27, 2022
Health talk: Covid-19 is still around

There were plenty of these measures which include carrying a Covid-19 certificate for travellers, routine tests at some workplaces, sanitisation at public places, social gatherings, masking up to mention just but a few.

By The Standard Mar. 20, 2022
Positive living: Importance of HIV viral load testing

Pathways is being implemented by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in partnership with Caritas Harare in Mbare, Stoneridge and Hopley Farm; with various other partners in eight other districts across Zimbabwe.

By The Standard Mar. 20, 2022
Health talk: Drug, substance abuse worrisome in Zim

Covid-19 contributed significantly to the obtaining drug scourge in Zimbabwe  and elsewhere, having been the only passtime for most youth when virtually all activities were brought to a standstill.

By The Standard Mar. 13, 2022
Health talk: Covid-19 positivity rate increasing lately

There have been at least 4 waves now from the Covid-19 of which the second and third waves were a thorn in the flesh for our country in terms of virulence if morbidity is talked about.

By The Standard Mar. 6, 2022
Health talk: Do not drop guard about Covid-19

Public health measures are being thrown into dustbins with many people snubbing vaccinations up to this day. This is calamitous and no one knows what strain will be dominant in the next wave.

By The Standard Feb. 27, 2022