Guavas have health benefits too

Whenever I see guavas, I remember the Christmas of 1986 when we went to Mutoko for the holidays. This was our first and sadly only Christmas in the rural areas and we were elated. There were many guava trees at my grandfather’s homestead and with my cousins Winnet and Emma, we could hardly contain ourselves. […]

By The Standard Jul. 17, 2016
O’Hagans bounces back with a bang
By The Standard Jan. 24, 2016
Restaurant Review: Thai food treat at Chang Tai
Restaurant Review: Thai food treat at Chang Tai

Thai food must be one of the world’s most popular culinary styles, as testified by the huge number of Thai food outlets around the world. Even in Harare, we have a choice in this regard

By The Standard Jan. 20, 2016
The Centurion: Hive of activity at Harare Sports Club

It was buzz and excitement all the way at The Centurion restaurant in Harare when we had lunch there on December 31, with people setting up a stage and other amenities for the new year’s event celebration later that day. As we dined, there was movement and activity aplenty, and it looked as though this […]

By The Standard Jan. 12, 2016
Restaurant Review:Dining with ‘the old lady of Victoria Falls’

Elegance is a word that never strays far from the mind during a stay at The Victoria Falls Hotel, and this is true for the design style and layout of the hotel as for the component parts that make it one of Africa’s genuine hospitality gems

By The Standard Dec. 20, 2015
Hospitality operators head east to socialise, strategise

When Zimbabwe’s hospitality operators meet for their congress each year, they head for a leading tourist destination and try to make sure the benefits of a gathering of 100 or more people are felt by as many different local hotels as possible.

By The Standard Dec. 2, 2015
Hats off to 2015 Cape Wine Show

The Cape Wine Show, dubbed the “most successful international wine show in the southern hemisphere”, is a captivating triennial event to showcase over 350 years of wine-making in South Africa. The first Cape Wine Show was held in 2000. Hosted over three days by Wines of South Africa (Wosa), from September 15 to 17, Wosa’s […]

By The Standard Sep. 27, 2015
Indian cuisine experience at The Spice Lounge

AMONG the most popular restaurants right across the world are dining venues where the cuisine of the Indian subcontinent is available, often described simply — but erroneously — as “Indian food,”

By The Standard Sep. 15, 2015
Wine, braai:Truly Zim experience

Travel experiences make you appreciate what otherwise you’ve viewed as the simple pleasures of every day life. Our great outdoors, in all respects and our traditional Zimbabwean braai summed up my afternoon.

By The Standard Aug. 30, 2015
Back to basics with cheese and wine – a timeless pairing.

From as far back as I can remember, the culture and tradition of cheese and wine graced our everyday lives.

By The Standard Jun. 29, 2015
Blaauwklippen’s 333rd magical celebration with Latilla Wines

Quoted by Rolf Zeitvogel, Blaauwklippen’s Cellar Master and Managing Director as one of his favourite quotes, it is indubitably a magnificent summary for this rare celebration of 333 years of wine existence.

By The Standard Jun. 22, 2015
Meikles Hotel gets Certificate of Exellence

Harare’s five-star Meikles Hotel has been awarded a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, in recognition of ‘consistently great reviews from TripAdvisor followers.’

By The Standard Jun. 22, 2015
Coffee in the guti at Mukuvisi!

We had 11 consecutive awful dreary, grey, grim, guti days in late April here in Harare, which is very unusual.

By The Standard Apr. 27, 2014
Bamboo Inn bounces back!

When I heard that the chef from the “old” Bamboo Inn, in the CBD was cooking at the “new” Bamboo Inn in College Road, New Alexandra Park, my eyebrows flew up!

By The Standard Apr. 13, 2014
Red wine at the White Horse Inn!

The Meikles Hotel Grapevine wine tour of The Vumba district continued with supper and a red wine tasting at the homely White Horse Inn, about half-way up the mountain.

By The Standard Apr. 6, 2014
Willow Bean: After the deluge!

Mrs Gil Harrison, who owns the Willow Bean Restaurant/Café at Willowmead Junction in Rolf Valley, is one of Zimbabwe’s consummate caterers and event management specialists.

By The Standard Mar. 30, 2014
Traditional meals popular

Back in the days, for one to get a hearty traditional meal, they needed to part with quite a large sum of money.

By The Standard Mar. 10, 2014
La Fontaine’s new buffet

Restaurants come… and go and some others remain firmly in business, but change professional tack, often considerably and sometimes frequently.

By The Standard Mar. 2, 2014
Nush Organik’s serves mostly organic food!

Café Nush Organik’s has operated at Chisipite 10 months, but I made a debut call this week.

By The Standard Feb. 23, 2014
Bonzer breakfast at the Bronte

For the first time in ages the sun was shining when I drowsily opened the curtains of my cottage at dawn on Wednesday.

By The Standard Feb. 16, 2014
Thorn Tree: Luxury ‘country’ lodge 20 minutes from town

I was asked if I’d like to sample the St Valentine’s Day menu at Thorn Tree Lodge, Glen Lorne at supper last Wednesday.

By The Standard Feb. 9, 2014
Natalias at Long Cheng Plaza

The last time I drove west down Samora Machel Avenue for lunch was to the much-missed and long-lamented Cellar Restaurant.

By The Standard Jan. 26, 2014
‘Chattering’ about food at Cresta Lodge

I was very impressed with Cresta Sprayview (long ago Peter’s Motel) at Victoria Falls, even more so with Cresta Mowani, an hour away at Kasane in Botswana.

By The Standard Jan. 12, 2014
Viva Victoria Falls Hotel!

What can I write about the magnificent Victoria Falls Hotel which isn’t repeating the words of other travellers and travel writers during the Grand Old Lady of the Zambezi?

By The Standard Jan. 5, 2014
Raise your Muggs!

When I was a little lad, M&B was a wonder drug, invented by May and Baker which reputedly saved British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s life from pneumonia at a time when he was most needed at the height of World War II and had also dragged Nero, the Royal Circus lion, back from the jaws of death!

By The Standard Nov. 10, 2013
A very pleasant task : Komba Hari Grill Room

A pleasant task given me recently was to invite five people who know their way around a menu and wine list to lunch to check out proposed new dishes at the Komba Hari Grill Room at Rainbow Towers Hotel.

By The Standard Nov. 3, 2013
Eating out: What a maestro!

Having tried out the brand new Highlands restaurant, Maestro, on readers’ behalf, I was about to write: “third time lucky?” in reviewing it.

By The Standard Oct. 27, 2013
A very unique Antique Rose

I often think to myself, and remark to others, what a thoroughly nice place to eat lunch, brunch, breakfast or afternoon tea is Antique Rose…

By The Standard Oct. 6, 2013
Behind the Great Wall!

Why did you go to such-and-such a restaurant precisely when you did? is a question I’m often asked by people who seem to like to interrogate restaurant reviewers.

By The Standard Sep. 29, 2013