Tax reviews urgent in face of inflation crisis

The Zimbabwe dollar lost value significantly between May and June as the government struggled to put brakes to the economic collapse.
By The Standard Jul. 2, 2023
Don’t bury heads in the sand
Don’t bury heads in the sand
Moti runs the African Chrome Fields (ACF), which has extensive interests in Zimbabwe’s mining industry.
By The Standard Apr. 30, 2023
Gold Mafia: Ball now in Zacc, police’s court
The four-part investigation by Al Jazeera’s Investigations Unit exposed how gold smuggling gangs help criminals launder millions of dollars in countries such as Zimbabwe.
By The Standard Apr. 16, 2023
Gold Mafia: Charamba threats uncalled for
Instead of seeking to throw his weight around and illegally threatening journalists, Charamba should have just expressed his personal opinion plainly and maybe indicate intent to sue Al Jazeera.
By The Standard Apr. 2, 2023
Chance to tackle state capture
It was produced by undercover journalists who infiltrated rival gangs that control Africa’s illicit gold industry, including Zimbabwe.
By The Standard Mar. 5, 2023
Mnangagwa must reject bill
The PVO Act itself had been deemed to limit civil liberties by the African Commission for Human and People’s Rights.
By The Standard Feb. 5, 2023
Zim does not need another disputed poll
Zimbabwe has a history of disputed elections that stretches to the early years of independence and there is need to break that vicious cycle.
By The Standard Jan. 15, 2023
Chamisa must stop dreaming
So confident is Chamisa that he declares: “It’s all over!
By The Standard Jan. 8, 2023
Political will needed to curb GBV cases
The minister must show leadership by demonstrating to the police that professionalism is needed in dealing with such cases
By The Standard Nov. 6, 2022
UZ fiasco shows govt is aloof
After the fees review, UZ students are now expected to pay as much as US$1 000 a semester.
By The Standard Sep. 18, 2022
Coventry needs to clean up Zifa mess.
Kamambo’s executive was accused of corruption and maladministration, among a litany of charges.
By Editorial Sep. 11, 2022
UN has exposed ED deception
It said many Gukurahundi victims remained traumatised.
By The Standard Sep. 4, 2022