Call for reforms in schools’ governance

The government thus premeditated on the advantages of delegating and decentralizing authority in managing schools to communities long back.
By Langton Mutoya Sep. 24, 2023
Village Rhapsody: Why govt officials must be civil in online communication
Village Rhapsody: Why govt officials must be civil in online communication
Some reckless statements by government officials on social media do not serve the best interest of Zimbabwe.
By Evans Mathanda Sep. 24, 2023
Letter to my People: Chickens are coming home to roost
 As the country’s citizens grapple with the transport crisis as a result of the cabal’s failure in the transport sector, they also now have to contend with the power outages.
By Doctor Stop It Sep. 24, 2023
Why new ministers must up their game
Since 1980, there have been frequent changes in the composition and portfolios of successive cabinets and ministerial offices.
By Makomborero Muzenda Sep. 24, 2023
Re-imaging the workplace: Chamisa, Malema: A case of flat and round characters
Nelson has been religious and so just belived that he was a God send to deliver the people of Zimbabwe without needing to shift anything about himself.
By Bhekilizwe Bernard Ndlovu Sep. 24, 2023
Zimbabwean names are still haunted by the ghosts of colonialism
Like the English language, Christianity was at the heart of colonialism in Africa, spread through missionaries.
By Tendai Mangena Sep. 24, 2023
Letter from America: Elections are over. Why are the sinners not beating drums?
A country which fails to save its own currency literally has no means of passing on its wealth to its second generation.
By Kenneth Mufuka Sep. 24, 2023
The West is intensively looking for those responsible for the failure of the counter-offensive in Ukraine
That is the structure of division into units and formations of obstacles to fighting “correctly, in the American way.”
By Own Correspondent Sep. 21, 2023
United States deceived Ukraine
The Ukrainian Armed Forces cannot break through the first line of defence in Zaporozhye and NATO members are playing with abstract categories.
By Own Correspondent Sep. 21, 2023
Mental Health: Suicide prevention, the role of the media
The media can, however, have a positive impact on suicidal behaviour and aid in suicide prevention.
By Chido Rwafa-madzvamutse Sep. 17, 2023
Village Rhapsody: Bridging digital gender gap through inclusive STEM education
This perception often leads to reduced confidence in female students and a reluctance to pursue STEM degrees and careers.
By Donald Nyandoro Sep. 17, 2023
Corruption Watch: Mnangagwa’s shadow of dictatorship
When he got into power, Mnangagwa tracked out the word “Zezuru” and replaced it with “Karanga”.
By Tawanda Majoni Sep. 17, 2023
Perspectives: Accessibility a key driver for disability inclusion
The majority of people with disabilities cannot afford assistive technology and are not benefiting.
By Deborah Tigere Sep. 17, 2023
EditorialComment: Coltart hit the right note
The outcome of the elections means that the status quo will prevail as Zanu PF has not shown any appetite to change its ways.
By The Standard Sep. 17, 2023
Letter from America: Biden is sitting on a hot potato
He is sitting on a hot potato. On September 13 Congress opened an impeachment inquiry against him.
By Kenneth Mufuka Sep. 17, 2023
Letter to my people: It’s time for Ngwena and his children to eat
The promotion of the foul mouthed Chirumanzu legislator Barbra to Tourism minister is shocking and a continued reflection of Ngwena’s atrocious lack of judgment.
By Doctor Stop It Sep. 17, 2023
Scott, Mthuli showed it can be done
Those that have something to offer go on the ground and let their actions speak for themselves and they don’t force themselves on the people. 
By Kamurai Mudzingwa Sep. 17, 2023
Editorial Comment: Selective application of the law breeds anarchy
To end the cycle of violence, police must deal with perpetrators of political violence without fear or favour.
By The Standard Sep. 10, 2023
Letter to my people: The cost of rigging elections is huge
Ngwena’s problems are not only confined to the fraudulent election, but also within his own party  with his newly elected MPs getting more votes than him in some constituencies
By Doctor Stop It Sep. 10, 2023
Village Rhapsody: Zimbabwe’s unemployment rate worrisome
People still have hopes for a better and new Zimbabwe where economic goods or political power are vested in people based on ability and talent, rather than wealth or social class.
By Evans Mathanda Sep. 10, 2023
Mental health: Your dreams matter...the importance of dreams, hopes and goals in preserving mental health and preventing suicide
Our ability to hope and set goals and pursue our dreams is an integral part of maintaining mental health and wellbeing.
By Dr Chido Rwafa-madzvamutse Sep. 10, 2023
Sales in the marketing of entrepreneurs
Marketing as a strategic pillar of our entrepreneurship should streamline the offerings we make with specifics for a niche that is prepared to pay a higher price.
By Farai Chigora Sep. 10, 2023
Re-imaging the workplace: Dear Mthuli Ncube: You were a stranger in town
You are a man who holds the bull by it’s horns and pushes and shoves. Those 10 places you identified and installed Wi-Fi at were something man.
By Bhekilizwe Bernard Ndlovu Sep. 10, 2023
Polls saga: Challenges, concerns and strategies for the future
CCC spokesperson, Promise Mkhwananzi indicated that the party  was  following “a multi-pronged approach that includes the  “legal, political, diplomatic...”,
Corruption Watch: Cheer up, Wamba!
Chamisa described the elections as a huge fraud and went crying to Sadc.
By Tawanda Majoni Sep. 10, 2023
Letter from America: Africa is being betrayed!
Before Tim Moyane was sent to head the Sars, a company called Bain Auditors had taken him under their wing and given him opportunities to understand the revenue collection system
By Kenneth Mufuka Sep. 10, 2023
Hebrew scriptures: Why pray if God knows what’s best?
What you would prefer: What you think is best for you or what God knows is best for you?
By Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt Sep. 10, 2023
Perspectives: Inclusive cities planning for informal economy workers
In Zimbabwe, there continues to be sharp increase and expansion in the number of people that are working in the informal economy.
By Samuel Wadzai Sep. 10, 2023