Letter from America: Joe Biden has entered the twilight zone!

Biden was secluded to a basement, under the pretence that Covid-19 restrictions prevented him from exposing himself to campaign rigours.

The debate between President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump has revealed a terrible secret Democrats have been hiding from American citizens for the last three years.

 London’s University College professor Robert Howard said that Biden’s loss of memory and confusion during the debate were “key symptoms of Parkinson’s disease”.

However, Democrats being the brainy party have choreographed Biden activities for the last four years so as to keep this behaviour a secret from the American people. 

Americans call the disease Alzheimer and in its extreme form, dementia. In their scheme of things, which was supposed to create a Barak Obama third term (Obama is suspected of having been the mastermind) used Covid-19  as a cover up.

Biden was secluded to a basement, under the pretence that Covid-19 restrictions prevented him from exposing himself to campaign rigours.

Suspicions were already in the public domain that Biden was sickly and suffered from severe memory losses and confusion.

The election of 2019 November was conducted under the manufactured veil of Covid-19.

The stupid Republicans, who challenged this scenario, have been locked up, and Trump himself is facing trumped up charges that can lend him in a jailhouse for 74 years of his natural life for refusing to accept the election results.

Enter Lady McBeth

Suspicions that Biden was not altogether persisted. At the G-7 meeting in Italy in June. Dr. Jill Biden, the president’s wife, chaperoned him everywhere. But there were more than two occasions when Biden wondered off from the G-7 leaders, and was rescued by Italian prime minister, Georgia Meloni.

Meloni held Biden by hand, and with grace, kindly drew him back into the group.

“I have said it for years now. He is far beyond cogent. In fact, I think he is better than he has ever been, intellectually, analytically is the best Biden ever. Not a close second.” Scarborough added that Biden’s intellect was “light years” ahead that of any Republican.

Scarborough is reported as having said that anybody who challenged his view about Biden (he used an F—word, which I cannot repeat.) That was three months ago.

Jill Stein, added a new dimension to Biden’s supposed stamina. She is reported to have revealed that Biden is a tiger in bed though the man can hardly walk.

Dr. Jill (Biden’s wife, different from Stein) appeared on the television programme, the VIEW, and challenged anybody who thought otherwise of her husband.

“People want to see their president,” she said, emphasising that they would see a cogent and intellectually sharp person.

Dr. Jill came into Senator Biden’s life when Biden lost his wife in a car accident, leaving two boys to look after. A heroic good neighbour, then Mrs. Stevenson, she abandoned her husband, offering to comfort the widower and mother his boys.

She never returned to her home, leaving Bill Stevenson abandoned and bitter.

Legendary reporter Leonard Bernstein of Watergate fame said there were many cases where Biden has either frozen, or fell down trying to climb the stairs of Air Force One, or tried to shake hands where nobody was there, and the list goes on.

The debate, June 27, between Biden and Trump was meant to quell  suspicions that Biden was mentally in his twilight zone.

A disaster

It was an unmitigated disaster.

According to Professor Howard, his attempt to answer questions only led to greater confusion. Here is an example. “We have been making sure we are able to make every Singletary person eligible…what I have been able to do with Covid, excuse me, everything we have to do with…look, I have finally beat Medicare…”

This is Gobbledygook speech. There is more.

On immigration Biden said that: “We had significant increase in number of asylums…of significantly. By the way the Border Patrol endorsed me, endorsed my position.”

Trump showed some grace by simply stating that: “I really don’t know what (Biden) said at the end of that sentence. I don’t think he knows what he said either.”

 The Democrats are far from showing grace in their moment of exposure. They have been lying for the last three years about Biden’s health. If Biden is as bad as was revealed during the debate, the question arises. Who has been running the White House during the last three years?

Democrats circle the larger

Having been exposed, Democrats are reacting with arrogance. Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman cursed out those weak-hearted Democrats who are dragging their feet. The reader will excuse the bad words included in this story.

 Fetterman thinks the “whole thing about abandon Biden” is a Muslim trick.  “It is the dumbest shit I have ever heard.” He excoriated those Democrats who are having second thoughts as cowards, “they are wetting the bed” adding another F- word to the diatribe.

If the party says you must vote for a baboon, do as you are told.

Former speaker Nancy Pelosi says that it is Trump who has dementia. She thinks that the press has abandoned Biden who is a “great presidency” (sic). Pelosi, now 83 jumbled her words.

Who will bell the cat?

A senior correspondent, who was in touch with White House staff was told that only 20 people there had any contact with Biden. The staff felt that this was not the first time Biden had frozen or had not been altogether, body and mind.

There was also a fear, not only imagined but real, that the first person to call for Biden to drop out “will be shot”.

Lady McBeth herself showed a “temper spark” at what she considered the unthankful Judases. “The public is not aware of what Joe has done” as she went on to list the great achievements. “If they knew all that, I mean, the bridge being built in their city…who is getting the lead out of their water…”

The question is not about Biden’s past achievements. The question is whether Biden is suffering from dementia.

  • Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot. He writes from the US. He can be reached at [email protected]


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